Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I Wore

12.06.09 A.M.: What I wore to church last Sunday morning.
12.06.09 A.M.
12.06.09 A.M. by FFM featuring J Crew

12.06.09 P.M.: What I wore last Sunday afternoon/evening.
12.06.09 P.M.
12.06.09 P.M. by FFM featuring Old Navy

12.09.09: My father had surgery on Wednesday to remove cancer. The operation was a success and he is doing well. This is what I wore to spend the day at the hospital.

12.09.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

12.10.09: Wearing Today: My take on one of my favorite J.Crew looks but with colors more flattering to my skin tone. My shirt is the grey stripe in-store version of the captain tee with the thicker stripes like the navy one in the pic of the mannequin. My scarf is actually the ombre' scarf in a similar color as the one in the set. I think it must have been in-store only as well. My chinos are rolled just above the top of my boots, and they are a similar style that my mom found at Belk for a fabulous price. I love the way they *go* with the grey stripes but are also a great contrast to the colors of belt and scarf.
12.10.09 by FFM featuring J Crew

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  1. What lovely outfits FFM :) I adore that stripey Sunday afternoon look! And sorry to hear about your father, but best wishes to him, and hope everything goes well.