Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Perhaps here at J.Crew?

Now you remind me of the currently sold out Crystal Constellation Cardigan from J.Crew:

and her less expensive sister seen here.

I think I may just have to have this MICHAEL Michael Kors Cardigan since it looks very similar to the J.Crew Chiffon Pleated Cardigan that I love and blogged about here with *IRL* pics.

A quick note: The *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?* post will become a recurring feature....hope you like it. :)


  1. Love this idea. As usual, creative person (you) has creative ideas, inspires others (me and a whole universe). Thanks FFM!!

  2. Very fun! Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  3. Love this idea...hate that retailers are guilty of this. ;)

  4. FFM: Good finds! I was VERY tempted by the cardi (I have the black constellation and am looking for a lighter version)...but then I read the last review which said "This sweater looks so cool on the web page, but in person, the sequins are not very secure and when you put in on, you have to be very careful to not catch the loose threads holding them on. I returned it." Yeah, I know me too well, I would snag it.

    Maybe one day I can get my hands on the "real" one but on the exchange for a reasonable price. ;)

  5. YES!!!! Please continue!!!! I love to read your suggestions about the great alternatives and deals that you find! That is SO kind of you to share this helpful information with others, like ME!! I watch your information daily. I can't tell you how many purchases I have made from your wonderful tips! (Target boots (black and brown), scarves, jewelry, Kohls leather jacket, Ann Taylor (and Loft) sale items, ON outerwear and smart picks, and much more!) Then, you show ways to wear it all ~ I love all the help! I just ordered the Halogen sequined cardi from Nordstrom....ended up being $38 ! I used a $20 Nordstrom Reward Note I had. This is a FUN item to dress up or down and the price is certainly RIGHT, even with the chance of a "snag") ~ Your new way of identifying your outfit pieces and giving "alternatives" really helps me and I hope you will continue! Thanks for taking the time, FFM. I am able to find many basics & fun items/accessories without spending high full prices. You have a kind heart ~ bless you!

  6. Yes - continue! Great idea. You have a great eye. Saw the crewlet version of the Chiffon pleated cardigan last week as a resort piece.

    Thanks for all of your great posts! Very inspiring!v

  7. I love the idea too.

  8. Yes! Keep it up! I like this kind of post.
    Happy New Year!


  9. Thank you so much anon@9:24...I really appreciate your kind words! :)

    Julie: Thanks!! We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. How was yours?

    Thanks Roxy and thank you for stopping by! :)

    Hi Dina and thank you! I hope you end up with the *real deal* one day since that's the one you really want. Have you considered posting on the looking to find thread on JCA? You never know...maybe someone is ready to part with theirs. :)

  10. Magic: You have really made my day! I so truly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and let me know that I've helped you...THANK YOU! :)

    Thank you so much anon@1:49! I appreciate your kind words and the information about the crewlet. :)

    casual-crew and Beth: Thank you! I will definitely continue!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  11. The Nordy constellation-style cardi is perfect & so is the price.

  12. I blogged about the Halogen sweater back in October ... the price is fantastic! I heard that some people were disappointed in the quality though; I would love to see some reviews.