Saturday, January 16, 2010

1.11.10: The Outfit

What I wore this past Monday: I had to make a trip to Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa (with my boys and a good friend) to pick up my 4 year-old's leg brace. (He has Cerebral Palsy and wears a brace on the affected leg). Afterward we went out for lunch and then visited the International Plaza Mall, which also has a J.Crew (yay). :)
1.11.10 by FFM featuring J Crew
The Outfit:
  • Gap Navy Blue Boyfriend Blazer, similar here and here.
  • J.Crew Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt, similar here and here.
  • J.Crew Trouser Cords from Fall'09, similar here in Bisque. 
  • Madison Brand *Billy* Short booties purchased at Belk (no longer available online), similar here (in chestnut), here, and here (in sandstone). 
  • J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo in Pale Gold, similar here and here.
  • Monet Medium/Large Gold Hoop Earrings purchased at Macy's (not available online), similar here and here.
  • J.Crew Clustered Pearl Necklace, similar here.
  • J.Crew Pearl Ring, similar here and here.
  • Gold Bangles, similar here and here
    *Remember that GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic still have the GET MORE, SAVE MORE promotion going on through Monday, 1.18.10. Click Here for my previous post and picks for all 3 stores.

    *Also, LOFT still has the BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF promotion in effect. Click Here and here for my previous posts with *pretty picks*.

    Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)


  1. Great "polished" outfit, as always! Hope the new leg brace is a blessing to your little boy. My nephew also has CP and receives his leg braces and other services from Shriner's in St. Louis - Shriner's is truly a blessing to lots of children!

  2. I love this look!

    Your Coco quote is perfect! I was just saying something similar to someone the other day - how we should always look nice because we never know who we will bump into!

  3. Lovely outfit as usual! Shriner's does amazing things...I work at a nonprofit that supports individuals with disabilities so I hear plenty about their services!

    Hope your little man is doing well :)

  4. I am LOVING the J. Crew Chambray Popover but the price--not so much!
    the f-21 one looks pretty good--thanks for pointing that one out!

  5. Classy outfit! i saw that Banana republic ring in store and thought of this site and how your sets incorporate that Jcrew version often. =D

  6. are darling! So glad that I found your fabulous blog. I am a new yet now loyal follower! Thank you for the afternoon full of entertainment!

  7. Good Morning Elizabeth, Suburban Princess, Coley, yogagirl, Anon@2:26, and The Hayden Family! Thank you so much for stopping by...I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

    Elizabeth and Coley: Thank you for the kind wishes and thoughts for my son. Shriners is truly an amazing place and such a blessing to us. :)

    Suburban Princess and Anon@2:26: Thank you! :)

    yogagirl: You're welcome. :)

    The Hayden Family: Welcome! I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog and my posts! :)