Sunday, January 3, 2010

1.2.10: The Outfit

What I Wore
1.2.10 by FFM featuring J Crew

The Outfit:
  • Old Navy Women's 3/4-Sleeve Sateen Blazers, similar here and here (save 30% on the one from New York and Company with code 1252 at checkout).
  • Old Navy Weekend Jeans in Weathered wash. Try them.try them.try them.seriously, TRY them.
  • Madison Brand *Billy* Short booties purchased at Belk (no longer available online), similar here and here.
  • J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo in Pale Gold, similar here and here.
  • Monet Medium/Large Gold Hoop Earrings purchased at Macy's (not available online), similar here and here.
  • Banana Republic Beaded Oval Bangles, similar here.

More to come later sure to stop back by. :)


  1. LOVE your outfit! I have the paisley perfect shirt, too - beautiful! Always love your outfits! THANKS!

  2. Love that blazer and your boots! I have that blazer and wear it all the time. Also, that Ann Taylor necklace look alike is cute too :) Thanks for posting your outfits--very inspirational =D

  3. this is a great outfit!! How distressed are the weekend jeans -- do they hold up well for washing,etc?
    thanks -- amy

  4. FFM: ON has a distressed pair of chinos in their Resort rollout, I am not sure if they are cropped or not. They look nice and comfortable.

  5. Thank you anon@12:42! The ON blazer is really great and I wear mine quite a bit, too. :)

    Hi Amy! I think the Weathered wash seem to be less distressed than the Drew wash are. So far mine are holding up well in the wash, too. I would love to see the weekend jeans made in a non-distressed version...then they would be perfect. :)

    casual-crew: Thanks for the info on the ON chinos. I just linked them in my new post. They look great, btw! :)

  6. I love the outfit! I am actually going to re-create it myself this week. (Isn't the Paisley Perfect Shirt just perfect!) Thank you!!! :)

  7. Thanks Alexis! I do love the Paisley perfect shirt. I think it is actually one of my all time faves. :)