Friday, January 8, 2010

We Love Handbags and IRL pics of the Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag

This post was promised a long time ago, and I apologize for just now getting to it. I was asked to list some of my favorite handbags (that I personally own), as well as give some of my favorite picks, so here goes:

I am a *big handbag* kind of girl...I love large handbags, and I love real leather. I do own a few *faux* leather and fabric bags but rarely carry them. I have found that it is personally better for me to save up and invest in a leather bag that I *love* and carry all the time, than to repeatedly spend money on bags I only *like* and don't carry. I have also been asked several times if I actually change out my bag to coordinate with my outfit and the answer is yes.definitely yes. It really doesn't take that much time to do and can make all the difference in your overall look.

Here are several handbags that I own, love, and carry on a regular basis:

This is the COACH Large Ergo Handbag in British Tan Vachetta Leather. I absolutely love the color of this bag, and it's actually a bit darker IRL than in this pic. When I was in the Coach store a couple months ago I was carrying my black version of this handbag, and the SA told me that this particular style of Ergo bag is one of the most requested and popular styles that Coach has ever made. I can see why because it is roomy, but not overly large, comfortable to carry on your shoulder or hold in your hand, and it's not a heavy bag when empty.

 Here is the black version:

The leather on the black bag is so butter. The Vachetta leather is a bit more stiff, but I still love it. I have seen these bags sold on Ebay but they haven't been in the stores for a long time now.

Next up is the J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo in Pale Gold. I was able to get this bag during one of the extra % off promotions and it has turned out to be one of my *go to* bags. The metallic on this one is subtle, but the bag still makes a statement, especially when worn with a simple, understated outfit.

My latest edition is actually not a large bag at all. I was fortunate to catch the J.Crew Metallic Tweed Charmed Mini Bag as a popback last week and have to say that I am in LOVE. It is absolutely beautiful IRL...much more so than the online picture, and actually has more room than I was expecting it to. The grey, black, and cream tweed has gold thread running through it, which looks so very pretty with the gold chain and hardware on the bag. I am definitely pleased with it. :)

Here are some pics I took of my bag:

Here's a close up of the charms: :)

The handbags I own are sold out now, but here are a few of my current picks:

Cole Haan *Phoebe* Large Triple Zip Satchel in Ivory Pebble Leather. I love the color, pleating, and is definitely to the larger side, but may not appear as big once it's filled with all the things we women tend to carry. ;)

Cole Haan Village Soft N/S Ruched Satchel.

Coach Patent Large Spotlight. I like the size, shape, and that it has silver hardware instead of brass...a nice change.

Coach Peyton Leather Large Carryall. Love it in this Camel/Brass combination:

Talbots has the Pebble Leather Satchel on sale for $65.99 right now (originally $149).

If you're looking for a clutch, Ann Taylor has a pretty little one in Lipstick Red: Satin Bow Clutch. It's at a sale price of $49.99 with an extra 25% off if you use code Extra25 at checkout.

I realize that most of these bags are *up there* in price, but it IS possible to get a great deal on them if you keep an eye out for promos or sales.

What are you *go to* handbags? What size of handbag do you prefer? Please feel free to comment. :) 


  1. Nothing but eye candy there...I do love purses. I just got a fab pink leather tote from Banana Republic - marked down to $50. Must have been some kind of crazy return, but I love it and can't wait to pull it out this spring!

  2. Having worked for Coach (corporate), I can confirm that as well. The Ergo line is one of the most popular because of its weight and comfort.

  3. Great Post!
    I totally agree that its best to save up and get the best you can afford and spring for real leather.

    I carry a pretty large bag - I have a few zippered pouches with kid necessities, makeup, and one with pens n such, in addition to a planner/wallet - it really adds up!

    I have found some great bags at TJMaxx. The bag I'm currently carrying is Kate Spade which I found there last year and (with hubby's approval) snatched up as a birthday present for myself. I love, love, love everything Kate Spade! It is a dark brown tote style, has plenty of room and has held up perfectly.

    I tend to change my bags with the season and the one I got last summer is a nude/taupe/pinkish color one from BR. It has held up well also but I would like to clean it, especially the handles - do you have any recommendations for cleaning leather bags?

    Fun! I can't wait to read the other ladies responses!

  4. My newest go to bag is my Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag in black. I got it for Christmas and I LOVE IT! I'm surprised at how much I like it, since I tend to prefer leather bags... it's lightweight, holds a lot, and folds up into a neat pouch for travel. I think I may become addicted to Longchamp... :o)

  5. I wish you had written this a little earlier in the day! The tweed bag was a popback and I had it in my basket and then passed due to the shipping cost. I am kicking myself now!

    I have a version of your Ergo, black with a brass buckle across the front. I love it! My favorite coach though was a white Ergo tote that I had a few summers ago. I used it every day, but white bags do not last too long and I couldn't clean it after a while.

    I have stopped buying a lot of coach products because they seem to be making less bags in the leather and the ones they do are priced incredibly high compared to the past. I am not a signature print girl!

  6. I totally agree with your comment as well--I like to invest in a bag that is real leather that I love (and is still in my budget). Cole Haan ones are great as well as Marc by Marc Jacob designs (so worth it especially on sale!). I LOVE that tweed charmed mini bag. ADORABLE :)

  7. Hi Heidi! Congratulations on your new bag...whata fantastic deal! :)

    Anon@3:41pm: Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on the Ergo bags. I truly appreciate it! :)

  8. Love this post FFM. I do love bags and lust after the high end designer bags, but never push the button. Kids in college and all that =)

    There are so many other bags that are affordable, like Jcrew, BR, Coach (on sale) and others that will do the job and make me feel good I didn't pour money into something that holds my lipstick.

  9. Thanks Stacie! It's great to see you! :) Congratulations on your Kate Spade sounds gorgeous!

    I have been told that Saddle Soap works really well for cleaning leather handbags, but have never personally tried it.

  10. Hi Julie! Your Longchamp bag sounds fantastic and such a great Christmas gift, too! Congratulations! :)

    Kathy: I'm so sorry! Trust me, I was trying to get it posted earlier but my little ones were having a rather *needy* day, so it took much longer than I had anticipated. I know the mini bag has popped back on the website at least 2 times this week, so maybe you still have a chance.

    I have seen the Ergo you own and it is beautiful. :) Like you, I am not one for the signature bags and really prefer the buttery leather bags.

  11. Hi anon@7:21! Thank you so much for stopping by! I think so many of the Marc by Marc Jacobs are's great to hear that they are really worth the price. Thank you for the information! :)

  12. Thanks cdp! Maybe one day when we are like 75 or something we can afford a true high-end designer bag (if we even want one at that point). ;) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. Oh wow...that charmed mini bag is gorgeous. AND...I am a big fan of Coach's leather bags and Cole Haan's leather satchels. Both certainly worth the investment!

  14. Hi FFM - great topic! I love your blog and am trying to organize my life so that I can participate on the blogs I love rather than lurk - I've taken the plunge on Polyvore and now need to work on my blogging . . .

    I did snag the mini bag on popback yesterday; I was greedy and got both the tweed and the shimmerveil. I *know* I am keeping the tweed but wanted to see the gold. They were not marked FS ;) The tweed looks so fab in your pics!

    I also got the Campo in Black Plum and adore it. I am a big bag girl and love the room. I also like a more structured bag so this was perfect!

    I am dying that I didn't get the metallic hobo - you are so right that it's a great bag! What do you think of the Parlour Hobo that is its replacement? I'm thinking the pale gold is the same, just wondering if it might be 'slouchy'. I'm waiting for it to take another markdown but need some encouragement to make a decision . . .

  15. Your new tweed mini bag is just lovely FFM! Thanks for sharing the detailed pictures. Now I'm so tempted to give it try if I can come across a popback. ;)

    Your gold hobo has always been one of my favs in your PV sets too. It just seems to work well with so many outfits.

    Mr. ABC surprised me with a large Michael Kors Fulton tote in black python for Xmas. It's a bit flashy but beautifully made and still lightweight, which is a bonus as nost of my large JC bags are heavy before I put anything in them.

  16. Thanks Coley! :)

    McShoppy: Thanks and welcome to the blog! I'm thrilled that you're going to start commenting now! Congrats on getting both of the mini-bags! Please let me know what you think of the gold one IRL...I like it, too. :)

    I think the Parlour Hobo is gorgeous, but I'm not sure how close the color is to the Gallery Hobo. I'm thinking it's more like the Georgie metallic gold satchel which is a bit less *subtle* than the gallery. It is still pretty and good as a neutral *go to* bag, too. I think it has the potential to be slouchy unless carried by the handle. Wasn't the model in the Martha Stewart/Jenna Lyons segment carrying a Parlour Hobo in a different color? It was the model in the Heather Carbon Cascading Ruffles jacket with the little boy. Here is the link: Click Here . Let me know what you think. :)

  17. Thank you ABC!!! Congratulations on your new MK is gorgeous! I always stop at the Michael Kors section when I'm at Macy's, because I love his bags, too. One of his stores actually opened at Millenia Mall but I haven't had the chance to go in since the boys have been with me every time I've been there lately. Hopefully soon though. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you all so much for stopping by to comment!

  18. oh wow! thank you for the link to the video - I totally missed that! I loved seeing the bag - I think I am going to order it for 'inspection' before it goes to FS and can't be returned. I compared the two golds side by side on the computer and you're right - the gallery is a little more subtle. Have you ever seen it come back on popback lately? My Mom said she'd get me a Coach bag for my birthday and guess what? I haven't seen a Coach bag in leather that I really adore for awhile. I do like the Peyton that you had pictured and I need to get to the Coach store to check it out!

  19. Hi McShoppy! Let me know what you think of the Parlour bag once you get it. I'm really interested to know what it's like IRL. :) The Gallery hobo popped back up a couple weeks ago, but I haven't seen it since then. It's always worth checking for though, because with just never know. ;)