Wednesday, January 6, 2010

INC *International Concepts*

There is a new promo for Free Shipping on the INC *International Concepts* line at Macy's. It is for orders of $75+ with code INC75 at checkout and expires 1.7.10.

I find the INC line at Macy's quite intriguing. I will admit that I am not a frequent Macy's shopper, but anytime I do go in the store and pass by the INC area, there are always numerous pieces that seem to catch my eye. Not all of them are my particular personal style, but there are usually one or two items that could work well with my wardrobe, and the prices are usually pretty reasonable. To top it off, Macy's seems to constantly have sales and also drops prices pretty quickly so that you can always get a good deal.

As of right now, the only INC item I have ever purchased is the short version of this cardigan. It is currently not available online, but could possibly still be in stores. I chose the short version because it has a very *Chanel-inspired* look to it, and I felt it would have more longevity than the longer one. Also, it has silver metallic in the fringe and on the buttons whereas the long version has gold metallic...I prefer the look of the silver on this particular sweater. The sweater is made well and the quality is good...I am pleased with the item overall.

I thought that since the Free Shipping promo is being offered, I would post some of the INC pieces that look promising, so here are the picks:

This looks similar to the Always Cardigan at J.Crew, but from the description it appears to be a more substantial piece that can be worn for more than *lounging*.

How cute with a pair of jeans and black ankle booties or black leggings (for those of you who wear them) and knee boots.

A pretty, feminine twist on the button down shirt.

The Beaded Bib Tank that I blogged about in this post yesterday.

I really like the print and the belt...just not so sure about the fabric. The review says the dress is a nice jersey and much nicer IRL. I'd like to see it in person.

The INC skirt reminds me of this one at J.Crew.

The colors/sizes are limited online, but are more than likely available in Macy's stores. This one also comes in Petite sizes, and the color/size availability are good on them.

What do you think of the INC *International Concepts* line at Macy's? Do you own any INC pieces? Are you interested in any of them? Please feel free to share your comments. :)


  1. I've been very happy with the INC line! I've never ordered online, but there happens to be a Macy's within walking distance of my office, and I when I go at lunchtime I head straight for INC. I've purchased boho-style patterned dresses (both in gorgeous jersey and silk fabrics), tops, blazers and most recently their military long jacket (which is a beautiful pique fabric). Their fabrics and quality are excellent. Recommend! :)

  2. That yellow ruffle jacket is stunning! I, like you, don't shop at Macy's that often, but the INC brand has some very cute pieces. Love that fringe sweater--wish I grabbed it when I saw it!

  3. FFM ~ OK! I ordered the long sleeve black/white blouse and the cute belted shirtdress and saved $19.00 shipping. Love that! I have a Macy's very close so I can return anything that doesn't work. Certainly worth a try! Thanks for the suggestions. As always, you suggest such smart selections in terms of fashion and prices. I'll let you know how my items work out and thank you, FFM!

  4. oooooo! I love that yellow ruffle jacket! I will have to check in store!

  5. I used to ALWAYS stop by the INC display when I went to Macy's and have ordered from them online from time to time. I find their style very unique. Probably 50% of their stuff is not for me -- too young looking or small fitting (!) but every once and a while I would find a really fun, very interesting, different piece that I would snatch up. This includes a darling faux fur jacket I bought several years ago and adore! For those reading, check INC out if you are ever wandering Macys!

  6. I have a few INC pieces...they come in petite too and have some great fitting pants, but some seasons their stuff is too weird for me...

  7. I love the beaded tunic sweater! Reminds me of one Sandra Bullock wore in "The Blind Side." If you haven't seen it, check it out. Not only a great feel-good movie but she had a fabulous wardrobe as well.

  8. Hi Ladies! Thank you all so much for stopping by and for all the great information about INC...I really appreciate it!

    Margie: Please let me know what you think of the shirt and dress once you get them.

    Chasing Davies: If you get the chance to see the Yellow Ruffle Jacket IRL please let us know what you think. :)

    Cherie: That movie is actually on my *must see* list. I'm glad to hear it doesn't disappoint. :)

  9. I loved that cream long cardi/coat they had over the winter season! It sold out so quickly though that I missed out on it :(

    I did want to let you know that there is an award waiting for you over at my blog :)

  10. Gosh, I have loved the way INC clothes LOOK, ever since Macy's took over Burdines, and brought in the line. But have not always been as pleased with the longevity of the clothing, and sometimes the fabric choices are questionable. I'd recommend checking the stuff out in person, or having a Macy's nearby to make returns if you decide to buy several pieces.

    The good items are winners big time, but the bad ones are super stinkers. This is best evidenced by those super clearance racks Macy's has end of season, that have all the "leftover" Inc stuff.

    Good Luck - I hope you find some winners!! :-)