Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lands' End: The Canvas Line

Lands' End recently launched a new line called Canvas. The line is about *Authentic Inspiration, Modern Interpretation, and making clothes that are real and relevant for how you live today*. Click here for the entire story.

I purchased this cardigan in the Gray Heather a couple of months ago when they were running a promotion, and I'm very pleased with it. I got it in the XSmall (same size I wear in the Jackie Cardigan at J.Crew) and it fits well. The fabric is supersoft, the weight is substantial, and the color I have is not see-through at all. I am pleased with my purchase and overall shopping experience at Canvas. I definitely plan on purchasing from them again in the future. (If you didn't already know, many Land's End products are available in Sears stores. Try using this Sears promotional code to save money.)

This is from their website regarding their merchandise:

  • Guaranteed. Period.®
  • Our return policy is so simple it’s just two words long: Guaranteed. Period.®
  • It means you can return anything at anytime for any reason for a full refund of its purchase price.
  • We care about the quality of our products and your satisfaction with them. Today, tomorrow, forever.

*An added bonus is that if you need to make a return you can do so at any Sears store that sells Lands' End clothing.

You can access the website to view the entire collection at

To see video of the some of the clothing on the models go to
My Canvas and explore.

What are your thoughts on the Canvas line? Do you have any of their clothing? Are you considering a purchase? Please feel free to comment. :)

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 Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)


  1. Wow! Land's End?! Great find...this line looks very modern and wearable... Kind of J Crew meets AT peaked my interest!

  2. Just received my first order and LOVE all my purchases! the cargo pant...cotton lawn shirt...and shirt dress
    Thanks for the review on the cardigan!

  3. Thanks for writing about your experience - I've been contemplating an order with them since they seem to be well-made classics, but was unsure if this would carry-over to IRL.

  4. Thanks for the post!! I love the look online, and good to know that you have been happy with your purchases! Also, it's so nice that you can return in-person at Sears.

  5. I have to order from the Canvas line, I am liking their items and their price point.

  6. I ordered the boyfriend tee (love it!) and the jeans (had to return - they were too low in the back - I was hoping they'd work because of the lower price point than my J.Crew vintage slims - which I love). I do plan to try the poplin shirtdress (if it's not too short) and maybe the cargo pants and heritage cardigan. I do love Lands' End quality, return policy, price point and I'm excited to see this new CANVAS line! Thanks for the post, FFM!

  7. Great post. I really love the cardigan. Lots of beautiful colors.

  8. Great topic again! My family has been Lands' End customers from way back. My husband grew up sailing and skiing and the Lands' End squall jackets were a staple in his household. When we were married and had our family (and the boat and the ski trips) we lived in the squall jackets and skiwear. The kids stuff wore like iron. As the kids grew older and the company was purchased by Sears, I stopped purchasing from LE. I actually haven't looked at a catalog in over 10 years. I had no idea they had re-vamped the line. The Canvas branding looks great - kind of re-positioning themselves as a cross between Eddie Bauer and Abercrombie. They are definitely back on my radar and I will be checking them out. I wonder if the Canvas line is in the Sears stores.

    Just a sidebar - their guarantee is awesome! They will take anything back, anytime. Period. I knew mothers that would pass a jacket down through 3 kids, then turn it in and claim it didn't 'wear the way they expected'. Shameful, but LE evidently never blinked. I think it is amazing they still that kind of guarantee!

  9. Hi FFM! I have ordered a couple of items from LE Canvas: the Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater in Mushroom (ordered my usual LE size and had to reorder one size smaller--I think it runs a bit big), and the Heritage Poor Boy Turtleneck Sweater. I'm really happy with both pieces and am interested in a number of other ones, too. (I've been really enjoying your recent posts, by the way!)

  10. Thanks Coley! I think Canvas has so many cute pieces and the prices are great, too. :)

    Jill: Congratulations on all your new purchases and thank you for sharing your experience...I really appreciate it! :)

    Amanda: You're welcome! Thank you for stopping by. :)

    Mikaela: I really like that returns can be made to Sears, too. Being able to return to the store is important to me and really makes a difference when I'm contemplating a purchase. I consider it a *no-risk* purchase if I don't have to pay for return shipping (especially since I usually find codes for free shipping to begin with). :)

  11. You and me both casual-crew! :)

    Elizabeth: Thank you for sharing your Canvas experience! It's great to hear such positive things about them. :)

    Thanks Gigi!

    McShoppy: I love their guarantee, too! It personally makes me think that the quality must be really good, and also makes me feel as if I can make *worry free* orders. I do plan on ordering from them again, but have been waiting for another great promo like they had a little while ago. :)

    Thanks Ann! I love both of your purchases and have been contemplating the Poor Boy Turtleneck myself. Did you size down in it, too?

  12. The shirtdress is adorable. Great finds FFM!

  13. I love LE, but I wish they would have the canvas line in petites. I am a big fan of their regular line which has petites. Maybe we can petition them to start carrying petites sizing in their canvas line?

  14. Re: the turtleneck sweater: I did not size down in that one because I found it to be a more fitted style than the shawl collar sweater. The one I have is just a touch roomy but this allows some room for possible shrinkage when it is washed.

    I would say that if someone is between sizes or wants the turtleneck to have a very fitted look, it would definitely be better to size down. hth!

  15. I haven't purchased anything from the Canvas line yet. I've always been happy with the quality and price of Land's End basics but until recently had found their fits to be loose and frumpy. They've really upped their game. The Audrey cords are nicer and better fitting IMO than the JC matchsticks, for example. I look forward to seeing more items from this line.

  16. Hmm, I have not ordered from this line but the Poplin Dress looks very intriguing. Great to hear such positive experiences from everyone. I love how you highlighted their guarantee, FFM. It's a great differentiator.

  17. Anon@9:17pm: It's worth a try! Perhaps if they were to receive enough emails they would start carrying petites. :)

    Ann: THANK YOU!!!

    Hexicon: I have you to thank for the great deal on my cardigan from Canvas. Thank you and thanks for the info on the Audrey cords. :)

    Roxy: You're welcome and thanks for stopping by! :)

  18. I received an email for Free Shipping if anyone is interested:

    Enter the Promotion Code CANVASFREE and the PIN 00007142 in the space provided at checkout. :)

  19. Thank you for bringing the Canvas line to our attention! I have not ordered much from LE in recent years as it seemed too "old" for me ...although I like their cashmere tees as much as JC! This line is very cute! I am thinking of ordering a couple of scarves, the yellow "peacoat" and a lawn floral shirt to "try them out" . Seems pretty risk free. I might try a pair of the jeans, too. Great find!

  20. You're welcome txmom! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  21. I love it! After reading about the line on one of my favorite blogs I purchased a few items and was very happy with all of them. I'm hoping they do well and expand the line some. Would love to see some more designs.