Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year...More New Arrivals at LOFT Plus 20% Off

Hi Everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous week and are looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead. In case your weekend plans include shopping either online or in the store, retailers have once again added more New Arrivals for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. ;) 

Let's take a look at some *pretty picks* from LOFT, which is offering 20% off your Full-Price Purchase both in store (with the coupon below) and online (with code SPRING20 at checkout). This offer is valid through 1.31.10, and you can also receive FREE SHIPPING if you make a purchase of $125+.

Now for the *pretty picks*, many of which are reminiscent of pieces from another retailer we all know and love, only at a much friendlier price point. ;) Yes, there are a lot of them...LOFT continues to step up their game AND offer great promotions, as well, so be sure to take a look. :)

So what do you think about this round of New Arrivals from LOFT? Do you see anything you're interested in? Have you already made a purchase there? Please feel free to comment. :)


  1. I'm loving their new spring collection. I have the tiered top in pink and its so comfortable and the material is so soft and durable. I also have the dot corsage tee and cardigan- love these too. I've seen the scarf in store and it's a great combination of colors. The animal print tiered shell and the rose aplique tee are on my wishlist.

  2. I was wondering if you would do another Loft post! Since you have such great taste it is always fun to see your choices so I love these posts. Please share which items you have bought for yourself! It will be fun to see how you style them!

    P.S. Any new Talbots picks? They have a new catalogue out - lots of pinks!


  3. Hi FFM!
    I hope you had a wonderful trip to the midwest! My family is from Illinois and I always *love* going 'home' to the farm for a visit! There's just something about the Midwest . . .

    While I bought a few things at the JCrew rollout I just can't justify any Spring purchases right now. I spent a lot on Final Sale items over the last few weeks that were such a great buy with the extra discounts and wardrobe staples. I will probably start looking seriously at warmer weather clothing when I put my winter things away and take a good look at what is in my spring/summer wardrobe already. I honestly don't purchase a lot of anything at FP; even with supposed 'inventory control' I am finding things that were on my wishlist at substantial discounts.

    I'd love to see you do a topic on whether JCrew's current practice of selling their previous season's designs at their outlets affect buying habits. It makes me ill that I spent $250 on the berry trim astrid only to have it appear in the outlet this past season. And the green/pink fresco print is plastered all over the outlet. I can't tell you how many women I see in the Astrid berry now; it really makes it less special for me :(

  4. This is Anon @ 12:22 continued: I purchased the basket weave plaid scarf and I may return it since I don't love it (I feel that jcrew has prettier spring scarves out right now). I would also like to add that I like this top (what do you ladies think of it?):

  5. Hi Anon@12:22! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the LOFT new arrivals and for telling us about your picked some gorgeous pieces! As for the Floral Ruched Neck Shell, I personally love it...not only the design, but also the colors. :)

  6. Hi Betsy! I'm so glad you're enjoying these posts. :) I have several retailers I plan on posting about again, but will make Talbots my next one, either later on today or first thing tomorrow morning. :)

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  8. Hi McShoppy! Thank you so much! My trip was wonderful! My mom, sister, and I all flew to Indiana for my Grandmother's 90th birthday. We did a little shopping, lots of eating out, visiting with relatives, and had plenty of girl time...very fun. :)

    I love your idea for a post about the Factory stores. I am also pretty much annoyed that the Berry Trim Astrids have been there. I have the original and have seen/felt the Factory version and it really isn't the same quality. I was hoping the originals would become more of a *limited edition* piece, but that just isn't the case now that the Factory stores are making the reproductions. :(

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by and comment! Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)

  9. Ooh! Last time I looked online I didn't see some of these pieces, like the tiered tops. The animal print tiered shell was already on my list.

    Anon @ 12:22- I also have the basketweave scarf but am not sure if I should keep it. And that link of that top- love it! I want it now!

    It now seems another trip to Loft is in order. Must bring the mom so I can get her discount!

  10. Hey FFM,
    Thank you for let us know about the 20% off.
    What are you thoughts of the new JCrew rollout?

  11. I would be very easy to make the pinwheel tank. Just get any inexpensive tank and light stitch the pinwheels on or even a light coating of OK to WASH it fabric glue. The pinwheels can be bought already made in many color choices or if you are really good at sewing they are easy to make. In fact, I have some ivory/neutral pinwheels in my craft tote in the basement. May try to make one with a JCrew tank this weekend.

  12. Nicole, Outfit of the Day, and Genny: Thank you all for stopping by! :)

    Outfit of the Day: I am going to have a post on my J.Crew picks soon. :)

    Genny: Great idea on the pinwheel tank! Let me know if you end up making one...I'd love to know how it turns out. :)

  13. Thanks for letting us know about the 20% off! I used it on the lean boyfriend jeans. They're nice -- kind of like the J.Crew busted matchstick jeans, but without actual holes. Not quite as soft, though. They are shorter by a good 2" than the J.Crews and run about an inch large, so their 25 fit me like J.Crew's 26.

    The painted boatneck t was still in the store in both navy and grey, but it's not that nice IRL. . . kinda cheap looking for a boat tee. Not that much else was appealing. . . too polyester-y!