Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Year...More New Arrivals at Talbots

Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! This time last week I was in Indiana (with my mom and sister) for my Grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. We had an absolutely wonderful time, but I must say it is so nice to be back home with my husband and boys, whom I missed terribly. :)

So, here is what I wore on 1.21.10 for my early morning flight to Indiana, late lunch with fellow JCA cdp at Cheesecake Factory, followed by some shopping, and then dinner at Olive Garden with some of my mom's  friends that she went to college with many years ago.

1.21.10 by FFM featuring J Crew

The Outfit:

Now...on to the actual topic of the post. Since I started my *New Year...New Arrivals* series, I have been receiving requests for my continued *pretty picks* from the retailers I have been showcasing, as they release the New Arrivals for their lines/stores. Yesterday was my post on LOFT, which you can see here, if you happened to have missed it. :)

This morning will be a look at my *pretty picks* for Talbots. Just like my picks for LOFT yesterday, there are a lot of them...Talbots is definitely doing things right these days, from all the beautiful prints and colors, right down to the fresh, clean look of all their gorgeous models. 

Here we go (be sure to look at the alternative views of the items on their page if they are available):
So what do you think about this round of New Arrivals at Talbots? Do you see anything you're interested in? Have you already made a purchase there? Please feel free to comment. :)


  1. Nice picks! I love the canvas jacket and the sweater that is a Kelly look-a-like! The ruffled shirt reminds me of the Elizabeth from JCrew; I think I like the Elizabeth better. I haven't been in a Talbots for years; I always cruise right by when I'm in the area; I think their clothing always had that 'mom jean' feel to me - beautiful but boring, no youthful 'twist'; maybe it's time to take a closer look ;)

  2. The cotton silk textured sheath is speaking to me!!!!

  3. How is Talbot's shirt and dress sizing compared to JCrew's? I'm very interested in some of the pieces; thx for this post!! : )

  4. I like the applique trim cardigan and the dahlia one too (although I'm not sure if the print is too big for me to pull it off). I like some of their shoes as well--anyone know how their flats run in size and how they are comfort-wise? Thanks FFM for posting these--I've never checked out Talbots before.

  5. I love the scarves. I just bought some of the sale ones from Talboats. Have yet to open the package. UPS came very late last night.

  6. OK. I just opened up my 3 silk sale scarves from Talbots. Gorgeous. So impressed with the quality AND I got the neatest little booklet/flyer set called talbot-ology and shows all these different ways to wear scarves--15 or so with pictures and directions. It is the neatest freebie and so handy!

    Originally I had about 7 scarves in my shopping cart but proudly narrowed it down to the 3 I most wanted.

  7. You know, I never shop at Talbots, mostly because the sizing and style just never fully agrees with me.

    However, my mom got a Talbots catalog in the mail yesterday and I doggie-earred like 15 pages with items that I liked! I was kind of surprised! Like Ann Taylor in the last year, Talbots is definitely stepping up the fashion-factor these days!

    Thanks for the post.... I agree with all your comments on the items!

  8. McShoppy, Desert Flower, kendra, Anon@12:48, Genny, and Lindsey B: Thank you all SO much for stopping by to comment! I definitely think Talbots is worth a look lately...there are so many pretty prints, colors, and styles they are offering, not to mention that the price points are actually lower than most at J.Crew right now.

    kendra: the sizing is about the same as J.Crew, maybe a tad larger. I've tried on a couple of jackets, cardigans, and a sweater shell there. I actually took a petite size in the shell and cardigan because the smallest in the regular size was too large for me. I take a 0 or 2 in the jackets, which is what I wear at J.Crew. I would suggest going into the store to try some things on if you have one near you. :)

    Genny: Congratulations on your scarves...they sound beautiful! :)

  9. The origami ruffled shirt and the textured sheath are the two items I'm hoping show up in my store so I can try them. I haven't bought much Talbots but I agree with FFM, the sizing is a little on the big side. The great thing about Talbots, for me, is that the skirts and dresses are long enough. I'm tall and the "falls above knee" that I see on J. Crew frequently means it's way too short for me.

  10. Wow, I'm really interested in a lot of the Talbots pieces - they have much more of the classic feel that I'm looking for, and I love that "Meadow" kelly green color that JC seems to almost never have. :)

    I also think that the models look gorgeous, and the clothes/colors flatter them. On the other hand, I think that a lot of JC's online models over the last year just look unhappy and (dare I say) unattractive - the colors of the clothes seem all wrong for their pale skin/eyes/hair. In my browsing of other stores, I've found that a lot of the JC models I liked in the past are now there (BR, AT, M+O, LE) and I think that how they look is quite influential in my feelings about the clothes. I mean, if a MODEL can't look pretty in a piece, how could I? ;)

  11. Thanks for the Talbots post! I especially like the origami shell. I like a lot of the other pieces but find most seem too dressy for my everyday wear. Since I had my 2nd child -10 years ago - with budget constraints and some weight gain I don't think I have any style! I am trying to look put together without looking like I am trying! If that makes any sense. I have been following your blog since the spring - and am wondering if you have done any "wardrobe essentials" posts?

    Love your blog and your style! Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Thanks for posting in Talbots FFM. I am dying to know hiw you (and others) fit into Talbots! I am usually a S/4 and I have not found a Talbots size that fits me. Regular S is huge, petite petite is ok but doesn't hang right as I'm not really petite (5'6"). I did get one pencil skirt to work in P4, but other than that, nothing. Any advice? Thanks! :)

  13. Hi mommydearest! I agree that so far Talbots sizing seems to be tricky. I was able to fit into a PP and a PS in a cardigan and shell, but the regular size 0 jacket I tried on that same day was too large. However, there was a different style jacket that fit me a regular size Small. I think it's a brand that you definitely have to try on. Maybe since they are updating their designs and styles, they will update the sizing, as well. Fingers crossed that they do, because I see a lot of pieces I am really interested in. :)

  14. I should add that I think the size/fit all depends on the style of the garment. For example, the 2 jackets I tried on recently in the same size: one fit while the other one was too large, but they were both different styles/shapes. HTH!!