Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year....New Arrivals: Talbots

Yes...Talbots. :) Let's take a look at some pretty picks:

From the online pic, this shirt appears as if it could be a really great substitute for those who missed out on the Paisley Perfect Shirt from J.Crew.

Argyle Cardigan available in 4 colors.

Cabled Bateau Sweater available in 6 colors.

This sweater would look really nice with the Stripe Cotton Popover from J.Crew.

Metallic Leather Ballet Flats. Sizes are limited online, but the Talbots stores also carry shoes, as well as handbags.

Talbots is also currently offering Free Shipping on orders of $175+ for a limited time.

*Take a minute to view the Talbots Spring Look many pretty things.

So, have you checked out Talbots recently? Do you plan to? Have you already made a purchase there?


  1. You have been tossing out a couple curve balls lately (first Eddie Bauer and now Talbots)! Good finds - thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE the Postcard printed canvas tote!!!! Super cute.

  3. Ooh..I somehow missed the paisley shirtdress when I last looked at the site. Me want!

    I'm also in the process of sending an email to you- it's not something I wanted to post on here, so be on the lookout!

  4. I bought a few Talbots items from this past fall (including some fabulous jewelry at lower price points that J.Crew) - great quality and some items are becoming a bit more "hip" (not to matronly as in the past). If you go to their website - check out their "Look Book" - it features an on-line catalog of sorts with upcoming spring fashions - they have some beautiful things to come - including great jewelry. Check it out! Thanks for the post!

  5. The look book is amazing! Very Crewish in many of the outfits. But did you notice the price points? A lot of is at a price that is the typical J. Crew sale price. I may be spending some of my money there this spring. I love all the pencil skirts. As long as it isn't a bunch of acrylic and polyester once I read the content labels!

  6. You're welcome Lake Nokomis! I thought it would be nice to showcase some retailers outside of the J.Crew bubble and show some of the other great pieces out there. :)

    Me too, Anne! It looks as if there may be a skir in the postcard print or very similar coming out in Spring. It's in the lookbook that Elizabeth mentioned.

    Nicole: I want the Paisley dress, very, very pretty. :) I emailed you back. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Elizabeth: Thank you for mentioning the lookbook. I put a link to it on the post just now. :) I agree that Talbots quality is excellent and they have really become less matronly. The lookbook has SO many things I want in it and it reminds me of J.Crew for *grown up girls*. ;)

    Desert Flower: I think I will be shopping at Talbots this Spring, too. :)

  8. *skir* should be *skirt* in my comment above...hate it when that happens. :)

  9. I'm so glad to see you posting these, partly because I love several of these, but partly because I'm a big talbots shopper -- I think they're much more hip these days and (most importantly) I can access a store. No JCrew near me, and I often do better with trying things irl -- and the petite selection is great at Talbots. Please keep an eye on Talbots for me. :)

  10. Thanks Amy! I'll definitely be watching and continuing to post about Talbots. You are so right about the Petites section. At the Talbots in my local mall the Petites get half of the store...definitely a great selection. Thank you so much for posting! :)

  11. Thanks for the post on Talbots FFM! I have been a Talbot's shopper since the late 1970's...even when others were dismissing (or dissing?) that the look was "matronly". They have a classic style and excellent quality that you can rely on year after year. I've actually now posted a Talbot's "collection" on my Polyvore site...unfortunately, it's only their accessories and shoes that clip well for sets, or I would be featuring more of them (having purchased 5 boyfriend cardis, silk shirts, etc. this past year). The CEO (Trudy Sullivan)has a prior affiliation with J.Crew, so no surprise they are trying to stay current (not to be catty though - Trudy is no Jenna!). Any questions about the brand (fit, color, etc.), please feel free to ask - happy to help.

  12. I wanted to mention too that Talbots has a "rewards" card that you can accumulate points on to earn gift certificates (I have their CC that does this as well, along with a percent off coupon during your birthday month, etc) - but you can get the rewards card without getting their credit card. Also - they often have great promos/discounts AND like someone else mentioned - Talbots is more accessible to me than J.Crew (nearest Crew is 2 hours away, I have a Talbots here in my town) AND the SA's at my Talbots are super-nice and provide outstanding service!!! I purchased a few things for my MIL for Christmas - the SA helped me select, wrapped everything up for me and I was out-the-door! You can also order in-store through their "red phone" for free shipping. Their spring line also shows a super-cute dark denim trench and a denim/chambray ruffle-front shirt that looks cute!

  13. Thank you so much for all the insight and information itztru and Elizabeth! :)

  14. Hey, Elizabeth! I was eyeing that denim trench and I really like the new spring peacoats -- I have been thinking that a lavender peacoat might be just the thing to battle the february blahs. The ruffle chambray shirt seems very much like a crew offering.
    By the way, I'm planning to check out the totes tomorrow. There's a green paisley one and a postcard one on hold for me to decide between.
    ;) amy