Monday, February 1, 2010

Inspiration: *Make Each Day of Your Life Happier*

Every Day ...

1. Share a kind word with a friend.

2. Give away a smile.

3. Tell one secret.

4. Listen to what someone has to say.

5. Listen with your heart, to what someone cannot say.

6. Try one new thing.

7. Forgive one person who has hurt you.

8. Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

9. Realize your imperfections.

10. Discover your possibilities.

11. Make a new friend.

12. Accept responsibility for everything you do.

13. Refuse responsibility for anyone else's actions.

14. Dream one dream.

15. Watch the sunset.

16. Cherish what you have.

17. Cherish who you are.

18. Love your life.

~~ Author Unknown ~~


  1. Thank you for the inspiration!
    I just noticed that we have a very similar picture on the blog, both are carrying the mini tweed bag with black vest/jacket. Don't you love it??

  2. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very nice thoughts to begin a new week! Thank you!