Tuesday, February 23, 2010

J.Crew March 2010 Entire Catalog Preview

J.Crew March 2010 Catalog Preview:

Yesterday afternoon I made a trip to my local J.Crew to see the new arrivals. I picked up the new catalog and posted the majority of it last night. However, with the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to get it scanned in it's entirety with much clearer pics, so I'm reposting it this morning. Enjoy! :)
(After you click on the Play button...click in the bottom right corner on the 4 arrows to enlarge the slideshow screen)

What do you think of the new items in the catalog? Do you see anything you're interested in? Have you had the chance to visit your J.Crew B and M? Did you purchase anything? Please feel free to comment. :)

Btw, I took IRL pics of some of the new pieces and will start posting them later today (in place of my regular Tuesday post). :)



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to show the catalog in such clear large pictures.

    Glad you found some items you like.

    I did not care for the peonies shirt so that is going back and the sweater (like you mentioned for you did not work either.)

    I need to make the return but I don't see any must haves this time around. But thanks again so much.

  2. I hope I like the peony skirt. I preordered ages ago. I love the vintage zebra dress and the copper pencil skirt. The silk/linen sweaters look nice, too.

    Thanks for taking the time to set this up! I enjoyed it.

  3. A big thanks to you and Mr. FFM for sharing all of that. Such fun to look at over my morning coffee!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures FFM! I was there yesterday and nothing caught my eye except for some fancy necklaces that I would never get a chance to wear. Their blazers were cute though--but I don't need any.
    By the way, thanks SO much for that Target post on Sunday--I found some cute sandals that day :)

  5. OOHHH, I am drooling over the spring catalog. My wallet is seriously in trouble -- the Alecia pumps (though seriously, $245? I hope they're comfortable at that price!), zebra dress, zebra jackie (not to be worn w/zebra dress!), too many others to mention. Can't wait to see IRL pics of your finds!

    The styling is much more realistic than fall's, and I'm glad they've moved away from the overuse of ruffles.

    Thanks so much for posting the eye candy.

  6. Perfect way to start my morning- making my JC wishlist. Thank you so much for sharing FFM!!! I love the new moccocins with the bow... and the longer necklaces... the list goes on!!!

  7. Thanks SO much for posting this!

    I was hoping to see more printed dresses, I'm looking for one to wear to a family wedding this summer. I might just have to hunt down a previous season's dress on Ebay!

  8. I left a comment on this on JCA, but I want to thank you again for doing this! I know it's time consuming, and I appreciate it a whole bunch!
    I love the new catalog, much cleaner styling. :)

  9. Genny, Desert Flower, Kristin, Anon@9:51, Francesca, LT, Stacie, and DaniBP: You are so very welcome...I'm really glad you're enjoying it! :)

  10. I echo all of the appreciation for sharing this with us! It is so fun to get a sneak peek:) Have a great day!

  11. Thanks so much to you and your husband for taking the time to scan and post this. I had to force myself to quit looking this morning so that I wasn't late to school! :D So many things look cute - do I hope they look good or bad on me? :) I am so hoping that the tie dye skirt isn't too mini.