Friday, February 12, 2010

J.Crew New Arrivals: Let's Have a Look

J.Crew released a small rollout of New Arrivals this week, so I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at some of them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pieces...have you seen them IRL? Tried them on? Do you *Full-Price Love* them or *On-Sale Love* them? Please feel free to comment. :)

Here we go:

Adriana Silk Rows Tank. I really like this one, especially the ruffle detailing on the just adds a little extra femininity, IMO. Oh, and it does NOT have a side zipper...YAY!!!
  • Basket-Print Silk Camisole. I like the Paris Pink Buttercream pretty would that be with an Ivory cardigan for Spring?
Pleated Flower Vine Tank. Wow...I'm not sure about this one. I'll have to see this IRL before making a final decision. Thoughts on this anyone?
  • Blakely Wrap Blouse. I love this very pretty, but I'm wondering why the need for the tank under it? Is it really that short and low cut on it's own? I really, really hope not.
  • Pima Cotton Agadir Top. This looks like it could be difficult to wear. It doesn't appear to be too figure flattering at all, not even on the model.
Wool Jaspe' Crewneck Tee. I was SO excited when I saw this in the store, but very disappointed when I tried it on. It has wool in it (thus the name, but I didn't know that then), and it isn't at all soft like the true Jaspe' Hoodie and sweatshirt. (It was also available in Dark Charcoal in the store, but not online). A definite *no-go* for me.

Cotton Papillon Blouse. Ok, so this isn't exactly new this week, but I haven't heard or read any discussion about it, nor have I tried it on. Does anyone have a review on this one?

  • Sequined Starland Tank. So this isn't actually new, either, but there are new colors being offered, like Neon Quartz. Hmmm, neon sequins...I wonder how that's going to look IRL?
Cropped Ruffle Cardigan. This is really cute but it's made of Tissue Cotton, and we all know what it means when *tissue* is part of the name or fabric content...usually super thin *aka* see through. Maybe that won't be the case this time...fingers crossed.

  • Merino Larkspur Cardigan.The honey color of this one was in the Look Book. I wonder if *Honey* will be very similar to Honey Glaze? Wouldn't that be FABULOUS?? 
    Vintage Zebra Stripe Trench. When I first saw this I thought it had potential UNTIL I took a look at the back view on the website...ugh! Why did they DO that to this jacket??? I may have considered it an *On-Sale Love* but not now.
    • Solid Embossed Beach Dress. Again, not a *new* item, but I just love them, and such pretty colors, too. I wonder, do they button up the back this year or are they a zipper? The online pic doesn't show the back. Anyone?
    Lipstick Gold Foil Pencil Skirt. *On-Sale Love* for me on this one. I think this would be fun for date night with DH, a Spring wedding, or possibly Easter Brunch. I wonder how bright it is IRL?
    • Crystal Nebula Bracelet. Oh my...I'm just not sure about this one. I'm guessing it's pretty large. What do you all think?  Is there a pic anywhere of this on a model? I'd really like to see it on somebody...
    Grommet Parlour Purse. *On-Sale Love* for me...definitely. How about you?
    • Striped Lace-up Wellies. I am getting a pair of wellies this year. It rains here almost everyday during the Summer, and I am tired of ruining my sandals. This color looks cute and versatile, too. :)
    So that's it for now. Apparently this is a *mini* rollout, so hopefully we'll see a much larger one to come in a few weeks (even another *mini* would be great). :)



    1. I really liked the looks of the Adriana silk rows cami until I read the description of RAW edge silk. No thanks. Had enough of fraying bits of silk, JCrew. That was really the only thing I liked...but hopefully more new items coming soon????

    2. Hi FFM,

      I noticed in a post a while back you mentioned some items from Talbots. I orderd the Walk in the Park scarf and the I Love You Scarf. For some reason The Walk in the Park is not in stores. I called several and it looks like it may be online only. There is a promo going on buy one accessory get one 50% off so that helped defray shipping costs. My Valentine's Gifts from my hubby. I decided to be direct and ask for these 2 things I really wanted:)

    3. You had some nice picks in there! I have ordered the neon quartz starland tank and the agadir top. I will hopefully get around to doing a review or two soon! :)

      I am glad you like the parlor purse. Many, many people didn't like it, but I think it could be a fun piece for someone who doesn't have to take their purses as know, people who work in conservative offices, etc. I hope that you can get on sale!

      (I felt the same way about the stone garden tote--on sale love--but then it went away--and then, lo and behold, popback this morning!)

    4. Too bad about the Jaspe Wool top, I had high hopes for it too, after reading a couple of reviews I decided against it. I am hoping the Jaspe Henley shows up at the end of the month.

      I am liking todays new arrivals more than yesterdays, the Perfect Shirts are really nice, however I will pass for now.

    5. The only new arrival I would purchase is the merino larkspur sweater in that gorgeous honey color. Even that would have to be on sale though. I would love a review on that sequin tank--although I don't need another one. But the idea of neon sequins sounds cool--although I might get easily tired with such a top. Thanks for posting some of your picks FFM.

    6. I was VERY excited about the zebra trench - on quick glance I knew I had to have it - and then, just like you - looked at the back view and was completely disgusted! Like I need or want ruffles on my back side!!! What were they thinking???? I actually bought the new wool jaspe - I was a bit surprised at the different feel of it compared to my other beloved jaspes - however I kept it - I do like it although not quite as well as my other jaspes. BTW - LANDS' END has 20% off ENTIRE site (including CANVAS) - through 2/15.

    7. Same with me on the Zebra trench. I had to have it.... until I saw the rear view. I ordered the zebra tunic for swim cover-up to check it out.

    8. FFM, here's your bracelet on a model. I was showing Heidi this dress I just ordered, and noticed what she was wearing...

    9. I thought the same thing about the wool jaspe when I tried it on - it's definitely getting returned. I ordered the adriana silk rows tank today and I can't wait to get it. I hope it looks as good in person.

      I'm back and forth with the zebra raincoat, I think I'm with you though it's onsale pretty.

    10. You are so right!
      Lipstick Gold Foil Pencil Skirt - *On-Sale Love* for me too!
      And the Cotton Papillon Blouse was on sale at my store already. I just tried it on two weeks ago!

    11. I bought the cotton papillon blouse in the MSP (medium spice?) color; probably retail only color. I'd say the chest fits a little wide for me but I love the flower petals details and the color! The fit is a little loose in general.
      It's on sale for $49.99 now in store!

    12. ugh, i completely agree with the comment on the zebra trench. when i saw that pic, i wanted to try it on VERY VERY badly. but now, ruffles?? animal print + ruffles= too much.

    13. I think so much of this looks like they are trying too hard and is overwrought with details. Much of it is just not working for me:( The Blakely is so overdone and short. Like the top half of a prom dress or like she is wrapped up as a gift..not flattering. can sense my strong aversion to this one:/ The Lipstick skirt could be like one is dressed as a baked potato..pretty shiny. I believe the papillion is already on sale in stores. I do not get this shirt at all. The zebra trench was ruined by the back but I think F21 would prob have a cheaper alternative as I could see tiring of this print. I like the simple beach dress the most of all of these!

    14. Blogger ate my comment. That's awful about the zebra trench. The ruffles make it garish. I couldn't take the papillon seriously. I kept laughing because it looked like tissues stuck to my top. I'll have to see if I still have the irl pics.

    15. Hello Ladies! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Thank you so much for stopping by to share your thoughts and experiences on the J.Crew New Arrivals. I hope you all have a beautiful day! :)