Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Year...More New Arrivals: J.Crew *IRL Pics*

J.Crew finally released their New Arrivals the week before last...YAY!!! The color palette continues with mainly muted and neutral shades (much to the disappoint of many JCAs)but does offer a few bright and even neon shades, as well. As we move closer to Spring I am beginning to enjoy the new color palette more. It feels feminine and combined with the different prints that are being offered, is very pretty, IMO. I personally have found numerous items that I really like:

First up: the J.Crew Painted Bouquet Tee, which comes in Dark Pewter and Porcelain. Both colors in this tee are lovely. I love the bright orange/coral (almost neon) accents on the flowers, too. I actually found a tee at Target made by Mossimo Black in the orangey color that matches the accents perfectly. (I purchased it in the XSmall.) It looks really great layered under both colors of the bouquet tee. In this pic I am wearing the J.Crew Painted Bouquet Tee in Porcelain over the the Mossimo Black tee in Cabana Orange from Target:

Black Blossom Blazer. This is just so cute IRL, not to mention very versatile. The sleeves are bracelet length and the cut has more of a *boyfriend* feel to it, but not as much as the J.Crew Boyfriend military Jacket, which ran really big. I plan on wearing it over the layered Painted Bouquet and Mossimo Black tees, as well as over the Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter. You can see IRL pics of the top in Pale Camel in this post. 

Iris Embroidery Tank. I love the embroidery detail on this top, and imagine that it is even more lovely IRL than the online pic.   

Watercolor Potpourri Ames Dress.  How gorgeous would this dress be for a Spring wedding or to wear for Easter? I really, really like this one. :) *This is the same print as the scarf in my post from yesterday.

Tissue Painter Ruffle Henley. This is just so adorable. The basic henley is given a little extra *somethin* with the ruffles...cute, cute, cute. You can also see an IRL pic of the Light Flamingo color henley in my post yesterday.*This shirt is a tad on the sheer side, just so you know.
Tissue Garland Tank. I love this one, especially peeking out from a jacket or even another shirt. I plan on wearing it under the Tissue Painter Ruffle Henley as seen here in my post from yesterday. This is a pic of it in the lavender color which is so very pretty IRL. *I'm experimenting with different picture taking options...this was taken using my laptop. Not exactly the best quality, but I hope you can get an idea of how the tank looks on at least. :)

Another of my pretty picks is the Cashmere Argyle Cardigan. Cashmere and argyle...what a fabulous combination they are together! :)

Black Blossom Brenna Short. Once again love the Black Blossom print...too bad they didn't make these in a longer length. If you can wear the 5" inseam then these are a super cute and versatile option.

Vintage Silk Scarf. Pretty colors on this one...I especially love it in the Lilac.

Crystal Glamour Bracelet

What do you think of the new arrivals at J.Crew? Have you seen or tried any of them on IRL? Have you purchased anything so far, or is there something you're planning on getting? Please feel free to comment. :)

Have a beautiful day!



  1. I love how you styled the painted bouquet tee!! Lovely!! May have to go back to the store and take another look at these tees, thanx to you:) Love the IRL pic's, thank you:)

  2. I love the new watercolor potpourri print and got the scarf, umbrella (not sure whether to keep), and the dress for a wedding in April. With the dress what color cardigan and shoes do you recommend? TIA!

    I like the outfit from your previous post with the boyfriend jacket and pops of colors. So cute! I'm loving my new scarf since it's so versatile.

  3. Oooo! I love how you styled the painted bouquet tee .... the things I never think of!! I love the painter henley and also got it in the light flamingo, and once again you give me such inspiration on styling it! I am hopefully heading back to J Crew today .... without my daughter! :) Keep up the IRL pics!!!!! It helps SO much!!

  4. I also love your styling idea on the painted bouquet tee! I love your blog and the only thing I could ever ask you to change is more of the same because I find your styling ideas so inspiring!

    I also purchased the gardland tank and I really like it. I loved what you did in yesterday's OOTD. I think that is something I will get a lot of wear out of this spring and summer.

  5. First of all I am SOOO THRILLED to the MAX that you have resumed IRL's! You are the CUTEST! the color palette isn't exciting me for me--but I can see where you are loving it!--(SOOO YOU) ;)
    I wasn't really "feeling" anything too much from the new catalog--but your showcasing different items is giving me a little more interest. I AM loving that COPPER DUST color (yummy) in the Kelsey Cami. Your watercolor scarf is just too pretty from your prev. post! LUVE IT!!!!!

  6. I like the Target tee so much better than the JCrew tee. The JCrew tee is NEON orange and so not pretty IMO. I was really disappointed when I saw it in person.

    The black blossom jacket looks great on you. I did not like the fit on me. Too boxy and the print was not as feminine as I like.

    Overall, a lot underwhelmed at the new JCrew arrivals but you look great in what you have on!

  7. LOVE you IRL pictures! ;)

    You definitely are making me take another look at some items from this roll-out! You did such a great job styling all of them. I love the Black Blossom Blazer but I have a closet full of jackets that I just don't seem to get enough *wear* out of! :-\ However, the 5" shorts actually work best on me so maybe I'll get the shorts in this print... hmmmm!?! ;)

    Thanks again!!!!

  8. Can you clarify...the bouquet tee you're wearing is from J Crew, with the Mossimo/Target underneath...? The J Crew tee looks different online.

  9. everything looks great on you FFM! I like the muted color palette as well . However, I haven't found many pieces that I love. All I've purchased so far is the black crystal bracelet (to layer with a jcrew clear crystal one) because I loved the studs on it and I also am trying to track down that scarf you wore yesterday that I adored! I was disappointed with their cardigans. Nothing amazing IMO. I do like that ruffle henley you tried on. Looks so cute! Thanks for the reviews and pics :)

  10. FFM. I've been reading your blog and comments on the JCA site for months and finally have to comment. Just love love love the way you styled the tee. Like other commenters noted, you are making me take a second look and quite possibly costing me some money. Your styling is much more realistic and accessible for real people like me. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I'm loving the pics, FFM, as well as the reviews. As usual your styling is fabulous.

    There are a few items i'm interested in in this release. I pretty much like most of the pieces in the black blossom print, with my favs being the jacket and shorts. (The skirt was too short for my tastes, and i decided to wait on the cardigan.) What size are you wearing in the blazer?

    I do like the tissue garland tank, but decided perhaps on sale because it's made in tissue tee. I'm afraid it's too fragile and high-maintenance for my lifestyle.

    I'm loving the watercolor print, but alas the only styling that worked for me was the scarf (OK and the umbrella, too).

    Other pieces that caught my eye were the dot pencil skirt in natural and one of the ruffled dresses.

  12. Love what you id with the Target tee nd the layering..really cute! You look great in all of these pieces. My loves are: water FLORAL and stripes..but you already knew that;)

  13. Hi Ladies! Thank you for stopping by and for all the wonderful comments and compliments! I truly appreciate all of them! :)

    To clarify: I am wearing the J.Crew Painted Bouquet tee over the Mossimo Black *Cabana Orange* tee in the first picture. The online pic of the tee is deceiving. The flowers are actually darker grey and the orange colored accents on them are almost neon. My pic is much more true to life, even when taken without a flash in bathroom lighting.

    Cleo: I am wearing the XSmall in the Black Blossom Blazer. :)

  14. thanks for the reviews! im loving that ruffle henley! im adding it to my list of wants! btw LOVE how you layered the bouquet tee! fab! :)

  15. My favorite pieces from the new releases are the long beach cardi (earlier Jan release, and not in stores) and the antique bateau top which you just had on - I ordered the light camel and am very excited to get it. Nothing else in the store was really calling my name. Love how you styled all your looks here!!