Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Shopping: Forever 21 *Free Shipping on $40+*

Forever 21 is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 or more until 11:59 PST TONIGHT with code ILUVF21 at checkout. Now, we all know that the quality at Forever 21 usually isn't the best, and that the items there are really *hit or miss* when it comes to the way they look IRL. However, most times the prices warrant at least giving them a try, especially if you are looking for a trendy piece you don't want to spend beacoup bucks on (and don't have an overwhelming aversion to polyester, either). That being said...let's do a bit of *Sunday Shopping* and look for pieces that may have some potential. :)

Slub Knit Pocket Tee. What a great price...wonder how it compares to the slub knit at J.Crew (which I love)?

Fab Bow Cardigan. I like the Cream/Black combination...cute, especially if you're a gal that likes the look of bows on your clothes. ;)

Ruffled Cap Sleeve Slub Tee. Another slub tee...this could be cute in the Spring/Summer when you don't need a jacket or cardigan.

Embellished Woven Top. They really need a better name for this one...

Stripe Pop Top. I'm such a sucker for it in the Navy/Cream combo especially.

Forever 21 is a great place to find *on-trend* jewelry at fantastic prices...just realize that these are not heirloom or investment pieces. :)
Wealthy Layers Necklace.

Don't forget the Netted Gems Necklace *aka* J.Crew Supernova that I blogged about in this post on Tuesday, along with numerous other Forever 21 items that are actually very similar to pieces from another retailer we all know and love. Also, if you want to check out even more J.Crew-inspired pieces from Forever 21 then check out this post from January 12, 2010. :)

So what do you think about the items currently being offered at Forever 21? Is there anything you are considering? Have you found anything there recently? Do you plan on taking advantage of the Free Shipping offer? Please feel free to comment. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday!



  1. I have never purchased clothing from F21, however, I have recently purchased a number of trendy jewelry items. I have been just delighted with everything I've purchased so far. I keep wearing them to work and having the ladies I work with guess which items are from F21. We are all falling in love with their fun and very affordable jewelry.

    I adore your blog. Thank you for all the hard work you do to bring fun to your blog readers.


  2. I just received the F21 netted gems necklace which is a knock off of the J. Crew supernova necklace. I love it. It looks pricier than it was. The length is great, I think it will look nice inside collared shirts and also with v-necks and scoopnecks.

  3. I'm finding cute knockoffs of jcrew items at Forever 21 lately. Also, their jewelry is sometimes great too. I would prefer to see their items in person though. I love that navy blue whispy rosette top you posted FFM--do you think it would look cute with a tissue tee underneath? A cardigan over it would look odd with that flower placement, wouldn't it? Thanks!

  4. DesertFlower--which metal color did you go with for that constellations cluster k/o necklace? I'm not sure which one would look nicer in real life. Thank you.

  5. I always love your picks FFM. I also like this necklace:

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Hi Deborah! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience with F21 jewelry! I'm glad to hear it's getting so many compliments...what's even better is that it doesn't cost a fortune. :)

    Desert Flower: Thank you for posting about the Netted Gems necklace! I'm am SO glad to hear that it's nice IRL. Like Anon@12:29, I am curious as to which color you ended up getting. :)

    Angie: THANK YOU!!!!

    Hi Anon@12:15! I do think you could wear a tissue tee under the Whispy Rosette Top while it is still cold out, even a tissue turtleneck could work. I do agree that a cardigan isn't very likely to work with it due to the placement of the rosette, unless you fold the collar of the cardigan down on that side and manipulate the rosette over it. I've done that successfully with some shirts and tees at J.Crew that have larger embellishments at the neckline, so maybe it would work with the F21 top, too. It would just depend on how large the rosette actually is IRL. :)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! :)

  7. Hi Anon@12:54 and THANK YOU! :) I love the necklace you linked you own it?

  8. I got the gold with rose stones. I haven't seen the silver, I hope it's as nice. I am very happy with the one I got! I feel like that style is fairly trendy, probably not something I'll wear for years and years. I'd much rather not pay $125.00 to be on trend :)

  9. FFM I do not own it--it caught my eye although the final sale aspect makes me reluctant to order it.

  10. Thank you Desert Flower. :)

    Anon@3:25: I understand completely about the hesitation due to final sale, and unfortunately all jewelry purchases at F21 are final now. Is there any chance you can get to a store to see it in person? Too bad they don't show it on a model so you can get an idea of what it looks like on.

  11. My first F21 order arrived Saturday and I placed another order using the free shipping sat night. Please continue to feature jcrack knockoffs. I love the Look for Less!

  12. Hi,

    I have purchased 3 times from Forever 21 online in the last 2 months and been to the store once for the first time this past Saturday for a very quick look around with my daughter. I only buy accessories. I don't even look at the clothes. I have found some very nice accessoires: hair pins, scarves, and even earrings online. I also bought the owl bag which is darling. The larger tote one in navy/white. I like everything I got and only 1 items was defective but I was able to creatively fix it. How long has this store been around? I have lived in Europe for some time so I know I am out of the loop a bit....

  13. I have had pretty good luck with some of the clothing finds but I do not wear them to death which I think makes a big difference in how soon one sees the wear i.e. pilling etc. Their slub tees show a slight pilling after one wash so even though the prices can be amazing..with something like a solid v-neck tee, I am more hesitant to bother. I think the jewelry is a great way to spice up your outfit and the cost is wonderful. There are many pieces of JCrew jewelry that can or have been replicated and you have provided many great links! There are some J Crew jewels that I do buy on sale because they are just unusual enough, more weighty and I know I will wear a lot so worth the extra $. I have had a F21 necklace fall apart in my hands (the clasp) the day I got it! I took it back and they VERY reluctantly allowed me to get another one (I immediately brought it back and I loved it enough esp. at $7.80) to make it work. They said they "usually NEVER do this" but they didn't say the words, "we will do this as a 1-time courtesy" ;)
    The only 2 things I mention when their jewelry comes up is the lead content that is in (so much) costume jewelry but they have been pegged for having a lot and also the sizes of things esp. their earrings that always appear very pretty and not nearly as big online. But when you order them they are HUGE. Watch for the dimensions and measure that out..they are often 2-1/2--3-1/2 long and that is darn big. I was also burned by the size of a heart pendant on a necklace. It was FLAVOR-FLAVE, HUGE! At least it was only like $6 bucks but I was pretty irritated with myself for not checking the dimensions:(