Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Shopping: GAP *20% Off plus FREE SHIPPING on $50+*

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! :) This week's *Sunday Shopping* is at GAP, where you can receive 20% off your purchase of Regular and/or Sale Merchandise with code GAP20 at checkout until 11:59 EST on 3.2.10. PLUS...if you spend $50 or more you can also get FREE SHIPPING by using code GAPSHIP50 at checkout, as well.
Sizes will start to get limited very quickly, so if you see something you like it's probably best to grab it right away. So...let's do some window shopping together! :)

Mini-Floral Roll-up Shirt.I really like the print on this one, and one of the reviewers said that the online pic doesn't do it justice, which doesn't surprise me. GAP is another retailer that really needs to rethink their online product images, IMO.

Pop-Over Shirt. This could be a possible alternative to the white Popover shirt at J.Crew...

Mini-Floral Pintucked-Bib Shirt. I like the print on this one, too. The review says it's beautiful IRL, although it looks a little sheer so it may need a cami underneath it.

V-Neck Pocket Tee. I have always found GAP tees to be good quality and they launder well.

Nautical Hoodie. Cute, cute, cute and you all know how I feel about stripes. ;)

The Belted Utility Jacket. I love these belted jackets worn with jeans, as well as a skirt with boots or sandals. This style also comes in Khaki version called *Oak*, as well as in Denim.

Full-Zip Sweater Hoodie. This looks so cozy...

Pure Body Crewneck Hoodie. Great piece for lounging...

The Perfect Khaki Blazer. I love this one...the color, the fit, everything about it.
You can see it on me in THIS post. It also comes in Black.

The Fatigue Skirt. What a great alternative to khaki chinos.

Drawstring Shirt Dress. This one also comes in Khaki and Chambray.

Colorblock Canvas Tote. I love this in the Chambray and the price is fantastic now, especially with the extra 20% off. The tote received 5 stars from each of the 2 reviewers

Vintage Grommet Belt. A nice alternative to the studded belts at J.Crew, and an inexpensive way to wear the stud/grommet trend.

Design Editions for Gap Suede Boots. I love both colors, too.

Havaianas Flip Flops. I have a similar pair of Havaianas in Black and wear them all the time. They are super comfy and easy to wear.

Wood Bracelet with Grommets. Cute, cute, cute.

I also wanted to mention that Gap has numerous chambray shirts for the guys that look really nice including the Indigo Chambray Shirt (perhaps this is a possibility as an alternative to the Selvedge Chambray shirt at J.Crew for us girls, too?)

Do you see anything you're interested in? What do you think of the GAP20 promotion? Do you plan to take advantage of the deal? Do you already own any of these pieces? Please feel free to comment. :)



  1. At first glance, the Mini-Floral Roll-up shirt seems similar to the J Crew Rose Vines Perfect Shirt. I like the Colorblock Canvas Tote. I didn't venture to the bags section online so thanks for showing the pic. Also, I like the Ballet flats in the Brown and Killer Tomato.

  2. LOVE the grommet bracelet! FYI, I have the Killer Tomato ballet flats and they are so soft and comfy. Highly recommend!

  3. I adore that nautical hoodie! I must have it. Thanks for showing us your pretty picks!

  4. Thanks for the code info. I'm going to try the white cargo pans in petite.

  5. oh ffm!! why didn't I check your blog last night???? I googled codes, but could find none!

    bought the perfect boot cut jean in light wash and pr of black to the knee yoga pants(are these dorky?). I don't need much right now but had some banana reward $ to use up (expired 2/28)
    also bought some things for my toddler which I did have 20%babygap for. also bought the boyfriend jean from old navy that I know you love. hopefully it will work for me! (i ordered a size up,b/c ON pants require a size up and based on their reviews.)

    you know, something told me I should check your blog for sizing recs on those jeans, and if I had, I'd saved $$. oh well. thanks for posting these though!

  6. I got the slim cropped pants last week and I like them a lot! I ended up clipping the thread to undo the cuff and they hit just at my ankle bone. They also seem to run a tad large, I'm in between gap 2 and 4 so I ordered both sizes and ended up keeping the 2s - hope this helps someone!

  7. crewlade drinka - In stores they don't let you use the rewards cards w/any other promo. I'm not sure about online, but just so you know...there is a good chance you wouldn't have been able to combine the two. Hope that makes you feel better ;-)

    Stacie - Thanks for posting about undoing the cuff on the cropped pants. The reviewers were pretty split on whether they were good or not but seemed to be leaning towards the bad. It made me not want to try them.

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  9. crewlade drinka - now delete your comment ;-)

  10. Thank you for stopping by ladies and thanks to those who shared about the items they already own and recommend. :)

    crewlade drinka: The BabyGap promo is the same as this works on all the merchandise on the website, and not just the baby section (at least it did in my *mock checkout*). I'm glad you were still able to pick up some great deals...let me know what you think about the jeans from ON. :)