Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tees, Tees, and More Tees...

As I'm sure you all are completely aware...the basic tee is not so *basic* anymore. Retailers are now offering them with different graphics, embellishments, etc. They come in numerous styles, colors, and prices ranges, too. I thought it might be fun to look at some different tees being offered by a few different retailers, so here we go:

First up, our beloved J.Crew:
Forever 21:
Old Navy:

Martin + Osa:
What do you think about all the different tees being offered these days? Do you wear them or avoid them? Do you pay full price or wait for a sale? Have you purchased any tees from other retailers besides J.Crew? Please feel free to comment. :)



  1. Hi FFM, I have the floral burst tee in blue from Martin & Osa bought full price. I fell in love with so I bought it when doing X-mas returns. Also the store is about 20 miles from my home, so I knew I wouldn't be back soon. I try to wait for tees to go on sale, but if they're perfect and under $40, I may splurge. In the Bay Area they're perfect to layer with a cardigan most of the year, so I can always use them. Love the sequin stripe from ATL, but haven't seen it IRL.

  2. I love tees with cardigans. I've seen the ATL sequin stripe one--it's nice but I wouldn't purchase it full price. That being said, I prefer ATL tees to jcrew ones--jcrew ones stretch out alot in my experience. I've also bought a tee from the love 21 section of forever21 and for the price, it is a good buy.

  3. I have at least 6-8 graphic type tees. I don't reach for them as much during the winter; not even to layer. It's going to take a very special tee for me to bite. I'm not liking any of the watercolor ones right now. They're nice to look at, but I think they'd be too weird on my body. We'll see. I'll definitely try some on. Thanks for some good suggestions.

  4. I love the tidal tee from M&O,I have to give them a try. I have had luck with the tees from ON, they last a season but for the price you can't lose.

  5. Hi Julie! Thank you for stopping by and for the information about the M+O's great to know that it's nice IRL. :)

    Anon@11:25: I agree that most tees at J.Crew stretch out...sometimes to the point they aren't even wearable anymore, unfortunately.

    Gigi: Thanks for stopping by! :)

    casual-crew: Gotta love the prices on the tees at worth it, even if only for one season. :)

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  6. Lovely picks, FFM!

    I tried on the Painted Poppy Art tee at J.Crew...I loved it on the model, but not on me :(

    I think these soft, graphic tees are so versatile!

  7. Honestly, I own a couple but try to avoid them unless they are on super sale. I still like plain, colored or white basic tees as my base. They I use jackets or sweaters and/or accessories to dress them up. Just not into the HIGH prices for some of these tees. Just me. Nice to own 2-3 but don't wear them that often I have found:) Thanks for the post though:)

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