Friday, February 5, 2010

Watercolor, Ruffles, and the Schoolboy: IRL Pics

Watercolor, Ruffles, and the Schoolboy
Watercolor, Ruffles, and the Schoolboy by FFM featuring J Crew
The Outfit:
  • J.Crew Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer in Pearl Grey, size 2. Similar here and here.
  •  J.Crew Tissue Garland Tank in White, size XSmall. Similar here. 
  • J.Crew Tissue Ruffle Painter Henley in Light Flamingo, size XSmall. Similar here and here. 
  • Gap Essential Jeans in Dark Tint, size 2 Regular. I think that Gap has discontinued these, but you can still find them on Ebay sometimes. Similar here and here. 
  • J.Crew Watercolor Potpourri Scarf, available in store only. Similar here (in pink). 
  • Anthropologie Crystal Ball Earrings (now sold out), similar here and here. 
  • Anthropologie Bauble Bath Bracelet, similar here 
  • J.Crew Pearl Ring, similar here and here 
  • J.Crew Black Leather Jeans belt  
  • Apt.9 Phoenix Heels purchased at Kohl's. I sized down a half size and they fit great...I love them. The last pic above shows a better view of them. :) Similar here (in Black Suede). 
  • Coach Large Ergo Black Leather Handbag, similar here and here.

One of the things I like about an outfit like this, is that you can be completely comfortable at home in just the jeans and layered tank and tee, then throw on the blazer, scarf, and heels when heading out the door to look polished and *put together*. You don't have to sacrifice comfort in order to look and feel fabulous! :)


  1. that is a very cute outfit! and you look great! ?- how tall are you? you seem really tall in that pic! (in a GOOD way)
    I picked up that tank and ruffled henley in those colors on monday. hadn't thought about wearing together til I read your suggestion last wk. tried on together but wasn't sure. now I am! cute!

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  3. I LOVE that scarf and meant to much more versatile can than thing be?! It goes with SO much! Great year-round.

    What a cute outfit!

  4. Super cute! You look fantastic. I love the ruffle henley and that color looks great on you. I'm not sure I'm keeping mine. Perhaps I'll have a vote on my blog ;-)

  5. Thank you crewlade drinka! :) I am actually 5'4", but in the pics I am about 5'8" since I'm wearing the 4 inch heels. ;)

    sweetsy: Thank you, and yes...the scarf is incredibly versatile. I love it. :)

    Gigi: Thank you!!! :) What color of the ruffle henley did you get?

  6. crewlade drinka: I also want to add that the combination of the dark denim jeans to the floor and 4 inch heels definitely help to give the illusion of height and long works for everyone, too. :)

  7. Ohhh I need that scarf. SO adorable!!

  8. FFM, I got hyacinth. It's very pretty.

  9. Anon@3:01: I think the scarf has been selling fast...definitely act quickly if you want to get one. It's even prettier IRL. :)

    Gigi: I LOVE that color! I bet it looks fabulous on you, too. Are you going to post pics?

  10. Yes, I'm drafting the post and will put it up tomorrow.

  11. FFM, you look fabulous! I love this outfit, the colors, everything. I've seen the scarf at my b&m, and it's so cute. There is also an umbrella. Nice alternatives if the mini or dress don't suit, as they didn't on me.

    Your arms are inspiring me. At one time, you posted information about your work out routine. I was wondering if you would post it again, or include it in your site's side bar.


  12. this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love the pink and gray together. So happy to see you doing IRL pics again :)

  13. Oh my gosh, FFM, you look *fantastic*. I would have never thought about layering those two t's, but the way you did it, with those white ruffles peeking out in a cute little bunch over the pink top, looks just perfect. Bravo :)

  14. I really love the layering of the tank and henley. Very creative idea! You look wonderful in everything, FFM.

  15. I love your entire outfit...and your shoes are gorgeous!!!

  16. Fantastic! I never would have thought to layer a ruffle tank under a ruffle henley....but it works!

  17. Oh WOW you look AMAZING!! Just reading your blog makes me want to go shopping and put these outfits together! I LOVE to shop but am not so good at putting things together ... so thank you for this blog!! Also you look amazing!!! Do you have an exercise routine you do?

  18. Those color are gorgeous on you! And I really like the laying of the ruffles under the henley!

  19. You look fabulous! Love the outfit.

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  21. Gigi: I'll be looking forward to seeing you in it. :)

    Cleo: Thank you so much! I added the post with my upper body workout to the sidebar. :)

    Thank you AppGal! :)

    Goldenmeans and Desert Flower: Thank you both so much for the compliments! :)

    Patina, HM63, Kate, Sweet Tea, and Jess: THANK YOU!!! :)

    Jess: During the summer months I workout in the pool. I put the link for the post where I go into detail about it in the sidebar on the homepage of my blog. Right now during the winter months I have been *power walking*, along with a little running in the morning before my DH and boys are awake. I love the quiet time to myself and it's great to start the day with a workout. Other than that I try not to eat too late. I don't deny myself any kind of food, either. If I want it, I eat it. For me, this has been a liberating way to view food and *diets*, because now I really don't have many cravings, since I know I can eat anything (even junk food, chocolate, cake)if I really want to. Making all food friendly and *ok* has made all the difference. It has been life changing for me. :)

  22. Thanks for bringing back the IRL pics! You look gorgeous. I share the same philosophy of dressing: comfy at home, then adding a polished piece to go out the door. Effortless chic! :)

  23. for a while i thought we'd never know what you look like, BUT now i do!

    you look FAB!

  24. .how much more versatile can than thing be?! It goes with SO much! Great year-round.

    34b bra

  25. As usual, fantastic outfit FFM! I love the grey with the pop of pink. Now I regret not getting that jacket when it was for $40!

    Have a great weekend everyone! :)