Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hello Everyone! Today is Tuesday, and that means it's time for another *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?* post. (This weekly post features items that look similar to pieces from another retailer we all know and love.) :)

This week let's take a look at Forever 21:

J.Crew Zebra Beaded Tee

J.Crew Sparkle Argyle Cardigan

J.Crew Parfait Skirt

What do you think about the F21 pieces? Have you seen any of them IRL? Do you own any? If not, would you consider purchasing any of them? Please feel free to comment. :)

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  1. The netted gems (knock off of the supernova) is really quite nice in person!

  2. Great picks. I wonder if the necklace is heavy and nice in real life (desert flower would you know how heavy it is?)

  3. Great post, FFM. I've seen the netted gem necklace IRL and it is a striking resemblance to the supernova. Both the silver/clear and gold/peach colors are very pretty. They have bracelet versions too that are nice, and bracelet comes in gold/clear like JCrew version. What kept me from buying it, however, is 1)it is very lightweight, not heavy like the supernova, and 2)I just love the real supernova so much, I'd rather save my pennies to go toward the real deal, hoping I can find it on sale!
    And speaking of looking very familiar, when I was at F21 last week, they had some new slub knit embellished tees that are very JCrew-like, and surprisingly similar (if not better) quality, for just $15! I could not find the tee I purchased online, but it is beautiful dark slate color (w/ purple undertones) and has a complementary light gray chiffon detail at neckline w/ a few jewels that are actually well-sewn on if you can believe it. It is very similar to a tee JCrew had awhile back with flowery chiffon detail at neckline, came in several colors, sorry can't remember name. The tee is the new Love 21 line, which runs a little larger, fits well and great quality. I highly recommend checking these out.


  4. I saw the Rose Outline Slub Tee yesterday and the pattern is exact. The tee is white and the print is more gray than black but wow. I didn't venture towards the jewelry since I was making a "return" but I'd love to see the Netted Gems necklace.

  5. Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

    Desert Flower: Thank you for the information on the netted gems necklace. :)

    Anon@9:11: THANK YOU! :)

    Shopmom: Thank you for all the great information! Your new tee sounds lovely. :)

    I've seen the bracelet you mentioned online and have linked it in some of my previous posts as a supernova bracelet alternative. Thanks for letting me know that it's nice in person. :)

    audreybella: Thank you so much for the information on the Rose Outline tee...I really appreciate it! :)

  6. FFM, These are great. Thanks for this segment. Love it, and have bought quite a few things after reading about them here. On a separate note, the post about the bateau neck striped tee - have you washed the tee yet? I am not sure what size I should order because it's 100% cotton, and I'd like to take into account the shrinkage factor if any. TIA

  7. Thanks Coley and anon@11:44! :)

    Anon@11:44: The camel tee is actually being laundered right now. I put it in the delicate cycle on cold water wash and will lay it flat to dry. I really don't think it's probably going to shrink much, if any at all. I'm pretty sure it's slub cotton, (which is the same as the Embroidered Flowers tee), and I personally feel like the slub cotton tends to *grow* the more it is worn. If you like, I can post in this thread tomorrow as to whether it shrank or not (after it's finished drying)...just let me know. :)

  8. Thanks FFM, I would love to know if it shrank or not.

    Anon again

  9. In my experience, the F21 sweaters don't wear/last well. I had one that had the same fabric content as the argyle one, and it never looked or felt the same after laundering. But it could just be me!! :) Thanks for the post, it's always nice to see alternatives!

  10. WOW, FFM..I am impressed! How do you find all of these?! That must take some serious time..much appreciated. Some of them are SPOT-ON!

  11. Thank you for stopping by LT and Sweetsy! :)

    Anon@11:44: I just tried on the Bateau striped top and it didn't shrink at all. :)

  12. I recently discovered F21 and did pick up a couple of cute pieces. I mostly go for the trendy pieces there that remind me of Anthro or J.Crew but that are not items I'd pay high dollar for - like ruffly or blingy stuff that is seasonal or faddish. It's great for the stuff that you will wear a few times just for fun, like trendy jackets or sparkly things.

  13. Hi Janna! I am in complete agreement with you about F21...great place for pieces you don't plan to have *forever*. (he-he) Thank you for stopping by! :)

  14. I received my order with the Rose Outline Slub Tee yesterday and I'm not sure I'm keeping it. The trim looks like the material from a hair band.

    What was the original trim like?

  15. Hello Mei! Thank you for sharing the details of the F21 tee in IRL...it's interesting to hear about the trim on it. I wouldn't have thought it would be like that. The trim on the original J.Crew tee is more like thick thread, not hairbands. Sorry to hear that it wasn't what you expected!

  16. Hi FFM,

    Here's what the tee looks like IRL, link

    I'm going to keep it since I missed the J Crew one and it only costs $15.


  17. Thanks for the picture Mei! It really does look very similar and $15 is a great price, too. :)