Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Shopping: A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday morning! Did you remember to set your clocks AHEAD an hour before going to bed last night? If not, make sure you do it now so you don't end up being late for any plans you have for today. :)

So, for this week's edition of Sunday Shopping, I decided to list a few of my current favorite things. These are items that I currently wear, use, read, or have recently purchased, love, and highly recommend.

GAP Shrunken Schoolboy Blazer. I love this little blazer...highly recommend it.
It can also be seen on me in this post.

Old Navy Twill Cargo Zip Jacket. I ordered this one in the Rawhide color and it just arrived this week. I am very pleased with flattering, well-made, and comfortable, too. I am normally an XSmall or Small at Old Navy, and the Small fits me best on this one (the arms/shoulders are a bit too tight on the XSmall, even though the rest of the jacket fits well).

Lipstick Queen Medieval Red Lipstick. This is such a fabulous shade of red, even for those who don't think they can wear red lipstick (like me before discovering this one)...try it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
*This lipstick can also be purchased at QVC.

Old Navy Smocked Jersey Jumpsuit. This one just arrived this it. Cute and comfortable...perfect for the upcoming lazy Summer days, too. It appears that only XXL is available online right now, but they do seem to be restocking all the sizes (which is how I got it), so keep checking the site if you're interested in it. :)

Anthropologie Buds and Bunches Tee. Flattering, comfortable, adorable worn by itself or under a cardigan or blazer.
Seen on me in this post.

Ann Taylor Chain and Jewel Tiered Necklace. This one is so much prettier IRL than the online pic. It is extremely versatile and can be worn with just about anything. I love mine and wear it frequently.
Can be seen on me in this post.

J.Crew Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer in Pearl Grey. Love, love, love this one...such a beautiful color that is extremely flattering and versatile.
Can also be seen on me in THIS post.

Old Navy Weekend Jeans in Weathered Wash. If you've followed my blog for any length of time you already know how I feel about these jeans...absolute LOVE!!! Highly recommend.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
I decided to start reading this after Janna of 2Cool4MyMinivan blogged about it, giving it a fantastic review. I have to say I was not at all disappointed...I LOVED reading it and am now on the second novel in the series Dragonfly in Amber. If you love romance, adventure, and historical fiction, with a bit of science fiction thrown in...then this may just be for you, too. Be forewarned is highly addictive.

SynerProTein. I love the highly concentrated amount of protein this supplement gives in one serving.
I find that my hair and nails are stronger, healthier, and grow longer when I drink a shake each day, plus it helps with building muscle from workouts, such as my Upper Body Routine, as well as Pilates and Power Walking (which I do in the Winter months).

Club Attivo Double Tank Top and Basic Pants.
I have the tank in the 2 colors currently available, plus pink/white (no longer available online) and the pants in all 3 colors. I love the fit of both the tank (which has a built-in shelf bra) and the pants (which have a slightly flared leg and longer inseam)...both are very flattering, comfortable, as well really cute when worn together. These sets are what I currently wear during my workouts. *Bealls is offering an extra 20% off your purchase with the code SAVINGS at checkout today and tomorrow, if you happen to be interested in a purchase from their website.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Hi FFM! I am glad you liked the ON Twill jacket, it is selling out fast at my store, it is really a good jacket at a decent price.

  2. Hi casual-crew! I'm so glad I ordered it...definitely a great jacket! :) How are you doing these days? It must be getting close to time for you to move, isn't it?

  3. I read Outlander a couple of years ago in a book club. It was VERY addictive, although I never got around to reading the next book. I'll have to check it out (pun intended) next time I'm in the library...and I'll have to try to convince my husband to call me "sasenach wench". ;)
    p.s. I have the ON Twill jacket but it's still too cold up here in New England to wear it! I can't wait for spring!

  4. SallyO: I am seriously about to die laughing over your "sassenach wench" comment...too, too funny! You should really consider reading Dragonfly in Amber. I'm only about 20 pages into it but can tell it's going to be another wonderful and addicting novel. :) Have a wonderful afternoon!

  5. I am officially moving in 2 weeks, however I have been moving boxes for the last couple of weeks. Alot of work for sure! Where I am going I am not too sure whether UPS can deliver to my new address so I have been ordering up a storm for Spring & Summer.

  6. Thank you for the book rec! I am going to need something after I finish Steig Larsson's 3rd :)