Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew Extra20 *IRL*

As you are probably already aware, J.Crew is offering an Extra 20% off Sale items with code EXTRA20 at checkout. The offer does not include free shipping, but at least there isn't a minimum purchase amount required to get the deal. The promotion does end tonight, so if you are considering taking advantage of it, then today's the day. :)

So, I thought for our weekly Sunday *window* Shopping together, we could take a look at some of the pieces available in the Sale. :)

Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer in Pearl Grey, which you can see on me in this post, as well as in the picture below (shown with the Tissue Garland Tank ...also shown in Lavender in the pic on the right, as well as the Tuxedo Ruffle Painter Henley ...shown in white in the last pic...both of which are also on sale). I absolutely love this blazer...such a beautiful shade of grey and extremely versatile, too.

Painted Bouquet Tee still available in Porcelain and Dark Pewter. I have this in Porcelain and wear it with an orange tee I found at Target, as well as by itself, or paired with a Black or Charcoal cardigan. You can see it on me in this post worn under the Black Blossom Blazer (also on sale),as well as in the pic below.

Slim Stretch Shirt. This is such a great staple piece to have...I highly recommend it. I wear my white one all the time...under tees, blazer, and even under my Jaspe hoodie, as seen in this pic:

Shirred Wool Skirt. I think this one is so the Heather Latte color especially. :)

Velvet Eden Blazer. I would snatch this one up in a heartbeat if my size was still available. The price on this one is fantastic, even if you do have to pay for shipping.

Chambray Popover. If you missed out on the Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt, I think this is a great alternative. While it isn't a button-down, it IS the same color/fabric as the Contrast Stitch shirt and will work in the outfits you have seen that feature it. This is a great price on it right now, too. If you do decide to go for it, then I definitely suggest sizing runs large.

Have a beautiful day and HAPPY SHOPPING! :)


  1. I LOVE the combo you pulled together for the first outfit. Sadly I could not sport this one. I've got a little to much going on up top to begin with! ;)

  2. I just bought the garland cami in Sepia yesterday. It looks so pretty on you!

  3. I love your combo of the tuxedo ruffle painter henley and the garland tank! i got so excited i went straight out to buy both, but the tuxedo henley is sold out now! i'm afraid it just wont look as cute with another henley.

  4. I think I'm now finally convinced to give the black blossom blazer a try. How does the fit compare to the ON cargo zip jacket? I own a small in the ON jacket, but wondering if I should order XS in the JCrew one? TIA for any advice you can provide! : )


  5. Thanks Angie, missmasala, and Jamie! :)

    Jamie: If you're interested in the Tuxedo Ruffle Painter Henley, they are still available in some of the stores. I just got back from the J.Crew in Orlando and they still had several in the sale section. I'm sure most stores still have them. :)

    Shopmom: The Black Blossom Blazer runs large and boxy, so I would suggest you size down. My ON cargo jacket is a Small and my Black Blossom is an XSmall. HTH! :)

  6. Hi FFM. You look fabulous. I'm so happy to see you posting IRL pics again. YAY!!!!!!!! I'm resisted the lasted was so, so hard. You got some great deals and I love your outfit.

  7. I recently found your blog and LOVE it. Your outfits are beyond adorable and it's so nice to get some styling ideas for some pieces I own.

    I snagged the Black Blossom Blazer during the recent sale and was debating what to wear with it. LOVE the pairing with the painted bouquet tee (which I also bought and hadn't even planned to wear together). Hope you don't mind a Chicagoan stealing your entire style :) ...b/c I just found the orange tee at Target and snapped it up. So so so cute. Thanks!

  8. shopwithm: Welcome! I'm so glad you're here and thank you for the kind words. Congrats on the Black Blossom Blazer and finding the orange tee at Target, too! Of course I don't mind you wearing the outfit I put together! I post the sets to help give ideas and love that you are wearing one of them that I put together. :) Have a great weekend!