Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

Hello Everyone! As you probably already know, J.Crew added New Arrivals for Spring to their website a few days ago, so I thought for our Sunday *Window* Shopping together that I would post some of my personal favorites. :)

Chambray Maxi Dress available in Papaya and Grey Slate. Oh how I love this one...the online pic does not do it justice at all. It is just so cute and flattering on, but is a bit sheer so wearing a slip underneath is a definite must, unless of course you are wearing it as a swimsuit cover-up.
Need a less expensive alternative? How about this dress or maybe this one?

Perfect-fit Stripe Open Crewneck Tee available in Navy, Blush Stone, and Soft Dove at $ this one! :)
Similarly...this tee and this tee.

Bazaar Tunic Dress. I'm not sure if this one will work on me, but I do love the style and print...absolutely gorgeous. :)
Similar options here and here.

Similar style but different colors here and here.

Chiffon Stripe Tier Tank. I really like this one in the Light Ginger color...hope it's not disappointing IRL.
This one and this one from Anthropologie are really adorable, too.

Waterfloral Pastiche Delphinia Gown. Oh how I adore this dress! If it wasn't so incredibly out of my price range, I would seriously consider it. I love wearing Maxi Dresses during the Spring/Summer months and would definitely find a way to wear this one. :)
At least other retailers are also making floral print Maxi Dresses at lower prices. Not the same as the Delphinia by any means, but a nice alternative to achieve a similar look like this dress or this dress.

Mirelle Tote. I love everything about this one...the color, size, chain handle, and the little bow detail, too. I wonder if it would match my Dusty Rose Spectator Peep-Toes?

That's it as far a my favorites go this time around. What about you? Do you have any personal favorites from this rollout? I'd love to hear your thoughts...



  1. I also LOVE that tote, it is so, so pretty.
    It would be a great bag to kick up a casual outfit!

  2. Love the maxi dress, and picked it up right away. Luckily I saw it in store before I saw the pic online, because the online pic doesn't due this dress justice. Had I seen that first, I doubt I would have even tried it on. It runs very large though, so definitely size down if you're interested! : )

  3. I love that tote too, and also have the dusty rose spectator peep toes!
    I need a spring bag but this one probably won't be marked down in time.

    I am giving serious thought to the salmon Marche tote, which is marked down pretty considerably, and I hope it is still around for the next extra % off.

  4. FFM, I ordered that striped tee in the blush colorway and I should receive it Monday. I love the lighter stripe option and I think I will wear it a lot, almost like a neutral.

  5. Hi Dani, California Wife, Hexicon, and Desert Flower! Thank you all so much for stopping by this morning to comment!

    Dani and Hexicon: The bag is truly gorgeous, isn't it? I do hope it's not disappointing IRL.

    Hex: The Salmon Marche tote is really pretty, too. The price right now is decent, so with a % off it would definitely be a fantastic purchase. :)

    California Wife: Congrats on the Maxi Dress! I also picked it up in Papaya in store last Sunday and love it. I can't believe how bad the model looks in it...definitely does not do the dress justice. What color did you get? I ordered the Grey Slate because my store didn't have it, and I want to see it IRL...hope it's pretty too. :)

    Desert Flower: YAY on your tee! I also ordered it because I think the price is actually good even before sale. I have high hopes for it. Let me know what you think of it when it arrives. I won't get mine until Tuesday. :)

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