Friday, April 23, 2010


I love the look of all white with clean, crisp, and perfect for warm weather months.
Clean by FFM featuring Old Navy jeans

The tank is tucked into the jeans and the button down is worn open.

The Details:

*J.Crew Solid Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Shirt, similar here and here.

*J.Crew Favorite Tank, similar here and here.

*Old Navy *The Weekend* Jeans in Bright White, similar here and here.

*Ann Taylor Chain and Jewel Tiered Necklace, similar here and here.

*Monet Gold Hoop Earrings purchased at Macy's (not available online), similar here and here.

*J.Crew Crystal Supernova Bracelet, similar here (in Clear/Gold combo).

*J.Crew Leather Equestrian Belt, similar here (in Cognac).

*Cynthia Vincent for TargetGladiator Wedge, similar here and here.

*J.Crew Jericho Tote (in Seashore Beige), similar here and here.

*Tortoise Sunglasses, similar here and here.

***I styled this set at the beginning of the week, and then received an email with this pic from Piperlime yesterday...looks as if they love the look of all white with cognac, too. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. How funny, the Piperlime email looks so like your set.
    I wish you could drop off a weeks worth of outfits to me every week, my brain hurts trying to put casual clothes together, I slump when taken from the safety net of night time dress and heels. Layering is a gift!

  2. Hi Tabitha! Oh how I wish I lived overseas...I would definitely drop off outfits to you, although I think you do a fabulous job putting your own together. You always look fantastic! :)

  3. I love the combination, it looks effortless and yet so chic. I am trying to muster the courage to buy white trousers this summer. Your sets are always an inspiration, FFM.

  4. Thanks Margot! A tip on the white trousers: they often look better if you size up one, so try your normal size, as well as one size larger to see which you like better. :)

  5. I have white jeans still hanging in the closet with the tags on. Now I know what to wear with them :) Thanks, FFM! Now if only I could figure out what to wear with my neapolitan skirt.

  6. I am POSITIVE PiperLime copied you!!!! FOR SURE!!!! Great look! Everyone on PV thought so, too!

  7. Great advice, FFM. I would never have thought of it. I appreciate it :-)

  8. Great look! I on the other hand can't wear head to toe white much because I every time I do, I usually end up wearing my lunch too... bwa ha ha

  9. I love the outfit, especially the bag. Is the bag pretty heavy or is it a lighterweight leather? Thanks!

  10. I just tried the brique skirt/Kohls skirt with your polyvore set options - or my rough versions of them, love it, love it, love it!

  11. I was just admiring the same shoes at LOFT today! I love white and cognac and another fave is white and navy, which I'll be wearing tomorrow night :)

  12. One word: LOVE!
    This is one of my very favorite pairings and of course, you do it so well:)

  13. This a great look! I've only recently discovered your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed perusing past posts and outfits. At 58, I am careful to avoid trying to look "too young" but many of your sets are ageless. I love them!

  14. Another beautiful set. I love the Loft wedge option. Very cute.

  15. Desert Flower, Anne, Pink Julep, Anon@12:21, Janna, Sweetsy, Susiemom, and gigi: Thank you all so much, and as always...thanks for stopping by to comment. :)

    Anne: Heehee...wouldn't that be something? ;)

    Anon@12:21: Unfortunately I don't have the bag, so I can't comment on the weight. I do think it's gorgeous though and would love to have it. :)

    Tabitha: YAY! That set is actually one of the outfits I'll be wearing this spring and summer. It is definitely very cute on, and I know you'll look gorgeous in your remake of it, too. :)

    Susiemom: Welcome! I'm so glad to have you here! :)