Monday, April 26, 2010

Inspiration: Everyday Joys

Find everyday joy
in the simple things in life...

The smell of hot coffee and
pancakes in the morning,

Fireflies flickering in the clear night air,

The cool morning fog as the sun comes up
and warms the day;

The colors of a beautiful and peaceful sunset,

A bee buzzing in a patch of spring flowers,

The kindness in the smile of a stranger;

The warm feeling of a hug
from someone who loves you,

The quiet sound of the ocean on the shore,

The twinkling of the stars in the sky...

The reassuring thoughtfulness from
someone who calls you friend.

And, then relax, and be thankful...

for your everyday joys.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. i am often so busy that i forget about everyday joys.
    thanks for the reminder.
    i have a question OT concerning the lieutenant jacket.
    i am considering buying the warm beechwood color.
    is the jacket TTS? what is your impression of the beechwood color? could you describe it?
    can i wear it with dresses or the zebra mini or the watercolor mini?

  2. Thanks for the lovely thoughts, FFM. What a nice way to start a Monday :)

  3. Thanks FFM! Sometimes we need to be reminded to to look around!

  4. Thanks FFM lovely picture and message.