Friday, April 16, 2010

Melon, Berry, and Jaipur

This outfit features the Jackie Cardigan in Fresh Melon, Jaipur Skirt, and Berry colored tee. The berry tee is an in-store only (right now at least) version of the Tissue Victoria Cami but with sleeves...very, very cute. The AT necklace is worn inside the shirt ruffles, and the Fresh Melon cardigan is optional.

The Outfit IRL:

The Details:

J.Crew Jackie Cardigan in Fresh Melon.

J.Crew *Victoria-like* Tissue Tee, item #27060, color code BLI, retails for $36.50, and currently available in the store only.

J.Crew Jaipur Skirt, item #27444, retails for $88, and currently only available in stores.

Ann Taylor Chain and Jewel Tiered Necklace, similar here and here.

Monet Gold Hoop Earrings purchased at Macy's (not available online), similar here and here.

J.Crew Crystal Supernova Bracelet, similar here (in Clear/Gold combo).

J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo in Pale Gold, similar here.

LOFT Serena Mini-Studs Sandals from last year. Similar here (in ivory) and here (also in white).

Here's a picture of the tee by itself. 

What do you think of the new ruffle tee? Are you planning on visiting your J.Crew to see try it? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

*Btw, if you missed my earlier post that shows another outfit option for the Vintage Zebra-Stripe Mini, you can see it here.



  1. Love, love, love this outfit. I actually have that skirt, but hadn't tried styling it yet. In the J.Crew lookbook we have in store they show it with the chambray shirt like in your other post with a peachy colored tank underneath.

  2. I love the color of the tee. It is very cute but nothing I would purchase at full price or with my educator's discount even. Something to look forward to getting on sale in the future maybe:)

  3. What a perfect mix of colours and oh to live in a climate where an outfit like this is even possible at this time of the year.

  4. LOVE the tee! Hope it makes it to the website soon :)

  5. I love the tee with the skirt, it makes the outfit look fabulous!

    If the tee is in the next rollout I would consider ordering it.

  6. The light berry color is one of my favorites this year. I am going to look for the tee when I am in the store this weekend.

    I love your set today, so bright and springy! The skirt is so pretty and a little more useful than the dress, I think.

  7. Very pretty outfit and I do like that victoria with short sleeves! I'll have to check that out in the store..curious about other colors.

    Wish they could explain why one without sleeves has a higher retail price than one without sleeves:? Makes zero sense and I feel like it's time they mark the over-priced sleeveless one down online. It is long-gone from stores at $19.99 plus a percentage off over Christmas=/

  8. I love the ruffle tee, I've only seen it in charcoal and a light pink color so I'm excited to see this gorgeous purple! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. TOO CUTE! Love this color combination -- 2 of my favorite colors. :-)

  10. OH, MY GOSH -- I LOVE that tee!!!!! Going TODAY to B&M. I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE they have it!!!!!! Thanks for posting.

  11. Me and ruffles have been having an affair for several months now. And your outfit is YUMMY!!! I heart spring and color!

  12. Luvee the tee! I've definately worn a similar outfit as far as colors in the past. Nice polyvore!

  13. I love the colors in this outfit. I have yet to wear my Jaipur skirt since it's been cooler here. Can't wait to put it together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Ooo, I love the tee with the skirt! And I haven't tried on the ruffle tee yet, but I like that it has sleeves! That's the reason why I passed on the cami version - no sleeves are no good for me, haha!

  15. I love these colors, and the tee is super cute!

  16. Like Jana, I too have been having an affair with ruffles for the past year or more. Oh la la! I have the victoria ruffle cami and love it. And adore it in the short sleeve version as well. My only gripe about the tissue tee's is that they don't wash well (IMO). Anyone have any tips, like maybe not putting in dryer or even hand washing with better results? FFM, once again another fab outfit!

  17. I'm guessing you like the skirt? :) I love it with the fresh melon - I'll have to look for that jackie tomorrow. I bought the bow tee in the grape color to wear with the skirt, but I like the new tee as well. Is it as thin as the original sleeveless version b/c I didn't like that one.

  18. I LOVE that skirt... great outfit! The tee is cute, it reminds me of a tee version of a polo shirt? Or maybe it's just the way the ruffle looks in the picture?

  19. Wish JCrew made longer skirts. No way can I wear this at almost 5'10"
    I am glad I have lots of skirts from past seasons 2002-2007 when they were longer and prettier IMO. The fish skirt, the navy blue island skirt with orange ribbbon trim, etc.

  20. I saw those ruffle tees, too. I thought they were the Painter Ruffle Tees, like last year!! I am also loving how you put "The Outfit IRL" in a picture------cute,clever idea!!

  21. Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting's nice to know that you enjoyed seeing the tee and the outfit. :)

    California Wife: Thank you!

    Genny: The color is divine IRL, too. I hope you're able to get one on sale. :)

    Tabitha: Thanks! I have to say the weather here is a blessing but also a curse at times with the hurricanes, humidity, and high temps. I do still love it though. :)

    AppGal: Hopefully it will be on the website when it updates with new arrivals. I think someone mentioned possibly next week? Fingers crossed. :)

    Thank you casual-crew! :)

    Kathy: Thanks! The colors do look so much like spring...very pleasing to the eye after the long winter.

    sweetsy: I'm interested to see what other colors they'll offer in this one, too.

    tres tippy: I didn't see the light pink...I wonder if it's the flamingo color that the cami comes in? It sounds very pretty...I love pink. :)

    Thank you Elaine! :)

  22. Hi Anne! Let me know what color you get! :)

    Thank you Janna, yogagirl, jcrewphd, and amy k! :)

    Real Working Mom of OC: The colors are divine, aren't they? I love them, too. :)

    Erika: I wash my tees inside out on the delicate cycle and then lay them flat to dry. You can also put them in a lingerie bag or pillow case for a little extra added protection. Mine have been doing well so far.

    math teacher: I do really love this skirt. Thank you so much for the information on it! I also tried on the grape bow tee with it, but the only one in my size at the store was stretched out and too big, unfortunately. This tee is very pretty IRL and also looks lovely with the skirt. It is pretty thin, but I didn't pay enough attention to the cami when it was in the store to be able to compare the two. I would imagine the lighter colors in this one will probably be more sheer, but this color doesn't seem to be too bad.

    Thanks LT! Yes, it is a little like a tee version of a polo, but with a ruffle. They actually made a ruffle collar polo a couple years was really cute. This tee has buttons that can be undone so that the ruffle hangs more open than they would on a polo though.

    Summer: I agree...I also wish they made longer skirts. At least this one has the elastic waistband so that the skirt can be worn further down on the hips to gain some length. I'm fortunate that this works for me since I'm only 5'4". Maybe J.Crew will come out with some longer length skirts again soon...fingers crosses. :)

    Thanks mrsanketell! You know, they could be painter ruffle tees...I'm not sure. The name on the receipt is RPT ruffle henley, but I'm sure it will have a different name once it goes online.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the day! :)

  23. I love all the outfits that you put together....very creative.

    Quick question: do you actually wear this type of skirt on a daily basis with activities involving kids? I have 2 kids in baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer and live in an affluent community but if I showed up wearing such a cute outfit at a baseball game, I would truly look out of place. Just curious if this is normal day to day wear for moms in your area? Please don't take offense to this as I'm just truly curious.

  24. This is such a gorgeous color combination and outfit. I love it!

  25. I'm curious as well about if this is the type of outfit you wear on a daily basis...that's great that you are able to pull it off. I always see cute outfits like this but don't really have anywhere to wear them.

    As the mom of 3 kids, I'm wondering how you have so much time to shop when you homeschool 4 kids? I don't homeschool mine but still would never have this much time to go to the mall.

  26. Thanks baseballmom97! :) To answer your question...I do try to make a concerted effort to dress nicely on a daily basis. I don't think that becoming a mom means you have to give up your sense of style or succumb to any kind of mom *uniform*, either.

    I have always loved fashion and clothes from the time I was a little fact I can't remember NOT loving to put on something pretty, and I can't NOT put outfits together, or not coordinate what I'm wearing, either. I coordinate my workout wear, my beach and pool wear...even my pajamas and lounge wear. :)

    As for wearing this skirt: I almost wore just the skirt and tee (minus the necklace and cardigan) to take my boys to the park on Thursday, but opted for my black and white maxi dress instead, because I wanted to wear something sleeveless. I felt completely comfortable and had no problems lifting my son's bike from the back of the SUV, carrying a another son's scooter, or pushing yet another son on the swing. I actually do wear dresses, skirts, and maxi dresses often during the week, even when I am just staying at home for the day. I love them, and don't really find wearing them to interfere with my daily tasks as a mom or housewife. I think that nowadays women have gotten so used to wearing pants or jeans that we have forgotten how to move, bend, and go about our daily tasks in them. It really just takes a little practice (sort of like wearing heels) to get used to them, and then they become as comfortable as throwing on a pair of jeans.

    As for the moms in my is a mix, just as I'm sure it is in most places. I have several friends who do make an effort to dress up more, but I also know plenty of moms that don't. I think that lots of times the moms that don't would like to, but simply don't know least that is what my experience has been in talking with a lot of women over the years. I have also found that sometimes women want to wear certain looks, but feel self-conscious or out of place, however...when they see another woman taking the chance, they do so, as well. Perhaps it's that way with the women in your community? Maybe like you, they want to wear something cute and feel as if they would be out of place, but what if all they need is for someone to take the chance and show up in a cute outfit so that they have a lead to follow?

    Do you mind me asking what the moms in your area usually wear to the games and such?

  27. Hi RedSoxFan! :) As I wrote earlier, I do try to make an effort each day to wear something nice, even if I'm at home. However, a lot of the sets I post on here aren't what I'm wearing that day, but have just been put together as inspiration, for fun, for a follower who has asked for help with a certain item, or something I plan on wearing in the future. The sets that show the actual outfits I'm wearing have dates on them, and usually say *wearing today*.

    As for shopping and homeschooling. My oldest is currently the only child who schools full-time, and his lessons do not require my constant supervision the entire school day. We have lesson time and then he has independent study time in which he completes his assignments. My 2 middle boys are in Pre-K, so we spend 1-2 hours a day (depending on their attention level) on our lessons, and my youngest colors or helps with other projects we might be doing at the time, but doesn't have a structured lesson plan at this point. We have a schedule that we try to adhere to each day, which makes it easier for me to have time for other things, such as this blog (which I usually work on early morning before everyone is awake), Polyvore, park playdates, homeschool co-op, shopping, etc. I do work part-time consulting with clients regarding their wardrobes, and part of my job is shopping for them, either to pick up pieces they cannot find, or to find new items they would be interested in, or that would help update their current wardrobe. I do most of my personal shopping online and rarely make it to the mall other than to make returns...the only reason I was there on Wednesday was because my youngest had an early Dr.s appointment to get the stitches removed from his face that he had gotten put in the previous Friday. Anyways, the office was near the mall, and I had a few returns to make, so we stopped in for about 20 minutes and left. Otherwise, if I do go it is usually to look at items for a client or the blog, and then it is of an evening or weekend when my husband is home to spend time with the boys, and I can make the trip alone. :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  28. What a great outfit! I went to my local store this morning and picked up the ruffle shirt in the same bright lilac color. My store also had pewter, navy, and white. Also for anyone who loves the Victoria ruffle camis but hates the sheerness...Ann Taylor Factory stores has an almost exact duplicate right now in many colors. They are 100% cotton and much thicker. I bought a couple last weekend and I love them. I can wear them with my cardigans open to work. I have to button my cardigans with the J.Crew ones because they are too sheer for work.

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