Thursday, April 22, 2010

Piperlime: 20% Off Flat Sandals Today

Since the warm weather months are officially here (at least in most places), it's a great time to update your spring and summer wardrobe with a pair of Fabulous Flat Sandals, and Piperlime is offering 20% off on them for TODAY only with code SWEET at checkout.

Here are a few of my *pretty picks*:

Hayat in Sand Suede (shown in pic) or Black Suede. I have a similar pair that I purchased at Target and wear them quite frequently, as seen in this post featuring the J.Crew Vintage Zebra-stripe Mini.

*Gem n Toast...especially love these in the Camel color.

Monaco, available in Beige (shown in pic) and Black.

*Genevvaa...a bit funky, but I really like them in the Cognac color. Paired with the right outfit they could be super cute. :)

Navajo, available in 7 colors.

* the floral embellishment. Available in Gold, Bronze, and Black.

3574, available in Gray and Light Blue (shown in pic), as well as Bronze Mother of Pearl.

Happy Shopping! :)



  1. Jack Rogers almost never go on sale! Yay! Thanks for the tip! I have been coveting a few colors.

  2. Hi FFM! Off topic, but I do have a shoe question. Are your Korkease Bettes in the "luggage" or "natural" color? I ordered them in natural and adore the shoe, but the color just does not look right to me. It is yellowish rather than a light, neutral tan, which is what I was expecting. I thought I would ask you before I return them. Maybe I just need a good pedicure and a tan . . . Thanks for the help!

  3. Keryl, I had the same problem with the Korkease...the tan is kind of a gross yellow color. But the luggage seems to be sold out most places. I'm hoping the color mellows with age!

  4. Thanks, Sue. Glad I'm not the only one. It's such a cute shoe!

  5. Anne: You're welcome! Let me know which color of the Jack Rogers you decide on! :)

    Hi Keryl! My Korkease Bettes are the natural color. Mine do have a slight yellowish tone to them, but nothing too extreme. I would consider them more like a camel color, instead of natural, though. Maybe Korkease should change the color name. :) I do love mine and have already worn them numerous times, as they go with just about anything.

    Have a great day! :)