Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Shopping: Boden

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far! For our Sunday Shopping this week, we are visiting Boden.

Boden is a retailer based in the UK that specializes in colorful and fun clothing, shoes, and accessories. The website is enjoyable to look at with the smiling models (some of them former J.Crew models) and informative customer reviews. It even has video of the models wearing the garments so you can see how the clothing truly fits and moves on the body. Not only does Boden offer clothing for women, but also for men, teens (with the recently released JohnnieB line), and the littles, as well (with their mini Boden line).

There are so many cute and colorful pieces available at Boden right now...perfect for the spring and summer months, so let's do some online window shopping together and look at some. :)

Sequinned Tunic...very cute with the sequins on the placket, and available in 3 fun color combinations, as well.

*Rosette cute is this?

Essential Top, in 8 fun prints/colors.

*Crinkle Cotton the pink and green print.

*Long Everyday Skirt. The white is a great alternative for those of you who are leary of wearing white jeans or pants.

*Bow Cardigan...absolutely adorable.

*Rose Cardigan...such a pretty embellishment, and in 6 pretty colors, too.

Short Trench...I love that plaid.

*Suede Ruffle Heels, in 4 yummy colors.

*Embellished Flats...these are so pretty.

Canvas Bag...OMGoodness! How absolutely adorable is this? It also comes in 3 other color/pattern combinations.

*Fabulous Clutch, available in 4 fabulous colors.

**Many JCAs are fans of Boden, including Dinagideon, who often writes about Boden items on her blog My Superfluities, and even started a Boden Polyvore group called Boden is Bodacious!!!
***I also want to mention that Boden's Customer Service is truly remarkable...they strive for customer satisfaction, going above and beyond the expected, as seen in this letter that Twiga shared on JCA Friday:
We're writing to apologize to you for the delay to your Boden order.

Unfortunately our excuse is the geological equivalent of 'The dog ate my homework'. Because, as you may have heard, a cloud of volcanic ash recently grounded all flights in and out of the UK and northern Europe. Although flights are now getting back to normal there is still a shipping backlog to clear, and while there wasn't much we could do about the volcano itself, we're very sorry that we weren't able to stop it affecting your order.

After all, nothing should come between you and your Summer wardrobe, least of all an Icelandic volcano with an unpronounceable name.

So to thank you for your patience, we'd like to credit your account with $20 to use against future purchases (and there's no expiry date to worry about).

Now that flights have resumed we're working overtime to deliver your parcel. To make life simpler we've slapped on FREE 'VOLCANIC' RETURNS on anything returned from this order. So if you're not completely satisfied when your order arrives, please remember to take advantage of this 'emergency' offer.

Yours sincerely, and with big apologies once again.

Isn't that just so fantastic? I think some of the retailers here in the States should take note...

So, what are your thoughts on Boden? Do you see anything in their current offerings that you're interested in? Have you ordered from them previously? If not, are you considering placing an order? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Boden just doesn't float my boat at all! The colors and the style seem more suited to a 12 year old...the Portofino jacket hits the mark--but I have the J. Crew Lexington jacket which is sharper!

  2. Me neither yogagirl - I bought 2 dresses from Boden recently, one that I imagined would be rather bohemian, comfortable and the other original, colorful - although they are made well, they did not do it for me; they were returned. I looked like I raided my grandmother's closet. I think it's hit or miss; you could either look adorable or frumpy.

  3. I love Boden! I am really coveting the Scallop Trim Coat in blue, but since summer is coming I am going to wait. I hope it will go on sale during the summer, so I can wear it in fall.

  4. I like that Boden's offers a European sensibility that is refreshingly different. But I find that the prints are just too bold and bright for my taste. Also the dress lengths are very long, especially for a petite.

  5. also meant to add earlier that when I get the catalog it's like I'm "searching to find something that appeals to me" and "trying to hard to like something." It just doesn't do it for me I guess! To each her own!

  6. I like Boden's colors and patterns, but I can pull off bright prints and colors pretty easily. I could never get away with most of Anthropologie's stuff, as much as I love the way it looks on others. They do have exceptional cutomer service!

  7. Boden is awesome!! Their customer satisfaction is THE BEST, their quality is phenomenal and they have great classic styles affordably priced. My only beef with them is that they don't offer petites. I can only purchase their women's wear if others find the sleeves or body length too short on an item. The rest of the family, however, is fortunate that they can consistently purchase Bodenwear. I keep hoping a petites line will be offered soon.

  8. Nice picks! I can't say Boden is me either. However, I love looking at the catalogs and images online. Probably w/the right code and/or right price I'll try something. I think I'm expecting the sizing to be off & I don't want to deal w/returns, kwim.

  9. I love Boden. Have been ordering pieces from them each season for the past 3 1/2 years. I order about 5 items each season and LOVE everything I have ordered from them. I have only returned one thing. The tote bags I have bought in recent years have held up well. I love their scarves but the BEST thing is their skirts. I buy at least 1 or 2 fun skirts each season and the swishy applique skirts as well. I bought the Drummer Wool Jacket this fall and the quality and fit are wonderful. I have found the customer service to be great. You can also earn credit in your account for referring friends if they place an order. I have gotten $30+ last summer alone to use on purchases. The LOVE how the garment measurements for each piece are listed online. (Beats JCrew by a mile having to call in or email and ask.)

  10. If you get on their mailing list you can preorder items with 20% off each season, free shipping and free returns. It takes a while to ship but I don't mind. Free ship and returns. No worries.

  11. Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I have only ordered a denim pencil skirt from Boden, but can say that the quality and fit on it are excellent. I also enjoy looking at the catalogs, even though a lot of the bright colors and patterns aren't exactly my style.

    Have a great day! :)

  12. I love Boden. their customer service is the best, and they're quite cheeky :) I think their clothes fit me even better now that they offer US sizing, b/c they offer sizes 2 and 4 (the Boden regular size 8 would fit me sometimes, other times not)

  13. I love Boden! I've bought a dozen pieces from them in the last year. Some of my favorites are a brown velvet coat, a yellow-and-black silk tunic and a blue/gray wool skirt. This spring, I bought the Glam Tunic that you have photo of in your post. I think Boden's clothes are usually very flattering and well-made. They often seem they should be more expensive than they are. I used to wear all neutral colors. Boden was a big reason in my transformation to liking colors. Their clothes are colorful, and I've grown addicted to it!