Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Fabulous Florida Mommy: Do You Have Any Suggestions For a Stylish Diaper Bag/Tote?

I recently received an email from one of my *Fabulous Followers* asking for help finding a diaper bag/tote:

*Dear Fabulous Florida Mommy:

I was wondering if you happen to have any suggestions for a diaper bag/tote? I want something that looks more like a handbag, but roomy enough to carry what I need. I would most likely like a solid print (love metallics), but am struggling to find something under $150. Just wondered if you had any ideas?*

It's been quite a while since I've had to carry a diaper bag, but I do remember the desire to find one that didn't really look like a diaper bag (since carrying a handbag AND a diaper bag was quite difficult and one of them had to stay at home...that always ended up being the handbag). Thankfully, diaper bags have come a long way in terms of style, color, and fabric in the past several years, so finding one that looks more like a handbag has become a little easier. I did a little online shopping and found several options currently available. (The first 4 options are a little over the $150 mark, but I found out that you can receive a 20% in-store coupon if you subscribe by email to the website. Click here for details.)

timi & leslie® Hannah Diaper Bag

timi & leslie® CJ Black Chain Satchel, which also comes in a Nylon version.

JP Lizzy Black Tea Cate Tote Diaper Bag

*Another option is to carry an actual tote bag instead of purchasing a true diaper bag:

Michael michael kors Summer Soft Straw Tote

Rampage *Gigi* Faux-Leather Tote

Kenneth Cole Diamond Girl Tote

Fossil *Hathaway* Glove Leather Tote

SR Squared by Sonya Roberts Metallic Tote

Steve Madden *Bside* Tote

Do you carry a diaper bag? If so, do you have an actual diaper bag, or do you opt for a handbag that doubles as a diaper bag? Do you have one that you love and would recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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Have a beautiful and blessed day!


  1. I am not in need of a diaper bag, but I love that Michael Kors tote and think I may pick that up for summer! Great options, FFM.

  2. Storksak makes some very cute diaper bags if you are looking for a "real" diaper bag and they usually have metallics. I've found some on clearance for as little as $50 in various places (like Gap Maternity).

    I usually pick up totes at Anthropologie because they are under $100, make me happy and I can update them every season, something like the Plaits & Knots Tote (on sale for $40). Not metallic, but fun and you won't care when you find crumbs in the bottom.

  3. My aunt did a segment on the local TV news in Raleigh on Diaper bags and had some that don't even look like they're for babies.

    Watch it here:

  4. As a new mom, I had the same dilemma- the ones I liked cost arm and leg- like this one -Mia Bossi (here). So what I ended up doing is using one of my J Crew Laminated Canvas tote bags as a diper bag. I have bought a Skip Hop diaper pad/mini changer (here)to place inside and could not have been happier.

  5. Hi Ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

    Desert Flower: I love the Michael Kors tote, too. I think it would be a perfect summer bag. :)

    Katie: Thanks for the information on Storksak and the totes at Anthro. It sounds like you've found some fantastic deals! :)

    Workaholic: Thank you for sharing the link to the video. Your aunt did an amazing job in the interview, and the bags she showed were terrific, as well.

    Slastena: Using the J.Crew Laminated Canvas bag is such a great idea!

    Thank you all for stopping by! :)

  6. While I do not have a need for a diaper bag at the moment, I have seen Hautelook (and maybe even Gilt?) run some diaper bag sales (not sure of the brand, but it seems to happen every once in a while). The bags were adorable!

  7. I receieved the Skip Hop Studio tote (in the gray polka dot pattern) and I LOVE IT!! It's not too baby-ish but has tons of room inside for all of my things and our baby's things. It's the perfect combo. I also adore all the internal and external pockets for mommy vs baby stuff.

  8. I just carry a larger purse and have a zippered pouch inside with all the baby essentials (couple of diapers, small pack of wipes,etc). Most of the time thats all I really need.

    I also keep a large actual diaper bag in the car with several extra diapers, change of clothes, cup, blanket, etc just in case.

  9. I am currently going through this selection process as I prepare for our second son to be born this summer.

    With our first son, I came to the realization that there is a reason they make bags specifically for babys! Anything other than an actual diaper bag is going to have some major drawbacks in my opinion... but I'm very picky. I guess it depends on what you are looking for and how often you'll be using it.

    My suggestion based on convenience and style is Vera Bradley. At $100, you can get a pretty colorful one (casual) and a black microfiber one (more dressy!)

    Sorry for the long post, that's my 2 cents! I'm getting ready to do a post on baby stuff on my blog, so I guess there is a lot of info on the top of my head! Great post FFM!