Wednesday, May 12, 2010

J.Crew *Birthday* List

Hello Everyone! Today is truly a Wonderful Wednesday since we have all been treated to a special *Birthday Gift*. I'm sure those of you who follow the J.Crew Aficionada blog already know that Alexis and all the JCAs/JCOs have received our very own J.Crew code to celebrate the JCA blog's 2nd birthday. The code is BIRTHDAY and it's good for 15% off plus FREE SHIPPING on any J.Crew purchase...YAY!!!!

Here are some of my picks for the promo:

Sequin-Stripe Henley Tank. I love this one in both colors. The Seashore Beige is actually a light camel color IRL and very, very pretty. (The color is just slightly lighter than the camel stripes of the Vintage Bateau top shown below.) If you missed out on getting one with last week's promo, then go for it now with the 15% off...both colors are beautiful and the tank does not disappoint. :)

Vintage Bateau Top. Great time to get one now if you haven't already. This one is still waitlisted, but in my personal experience the waitlisted items usually ship earlier than the date given...sometimes months earlier (like my Curator pants did). Anyways, better to get on waitlist now with the promo than to wait and risk an even later waitlist date (which will happen once this date sells out if the top continues to be in high demand). :)

Solid 3/4 Sleeve Stretch Shirt...such a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe. I love these. :)

*Jackie Cardigan. I have these in numerous them!

*Jackie Shell. Perfect companion to the Jackie Cardigan and equally fab worn on it's own or over the 3/4 Sleeve Stretch shirt.

Mixed Crystal Colletto Necklace. I have this's beautiful and the perfect size with just the right amount of sparkle.

*Poplin Wednesday Skirt. Even though this is short, it has an elastic waistband making it possible to wear it pushed down further onto your hips giving extra length.

*Matte Jersey Curator Pant. I absolutely LOVE these pants...if you are even remotely considering them then you should give them a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprise at how flattering and comfortable they actually are. :)

*Downtown Denim Trouser. Every woman should have a pair of dark denim *dressy* jeans in her wardrobe.

Bazaar Tunic Dress. I own it and love it. It's well made, the print and colors are gorgeous...highly recommend.

*Painted Silk Bridget Dress. I haven't seen this one IRL, but it sure looks pretty in the online pic.

Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace Yep...I have this one too (in Pearl) and love it, as well. It's very versatile...perfect with a little black dress (aka LBD) and equally as chic with a pair of jeans.

Are you planning to take advantage of the BIRTHDAY code? What's on your *Birthday* list? I'd love to hear your thoughts...



  1. I did take advantage of this code this morning! I ordered the gingham school boy blazer, a studded belt and a pair of bass loafers (which DID work with the code!).

  2. I like your picks. I ordered some sale and some FP items this morning for myself and the kids.

  3. For me:
    Studio blazer
    Zoey blazer in slate
    Crystal cascade ribbon necklace
    Neon necklace

    I know the Zoey has had mixed reviews, but it's no longer final sale, either, so I can return it!

    Cheers to Alexis. (and you!)

  4. I plan to order today, but might swing by the B&M to see the new arrivals before making my final decision. I am contemplating the Palisade cardigan, Canterbury bells pencil skirt and Julienne suede heels, but not sure I can spend that much right now.

  5. Received the sequin henley tank, btw, and LOVE IT!!! Tempted to get it in the blush/peach color, as well. I am interested in the featherweight light cotton ruffle cardigan, but may need to wait until it goes on sale...i may pick up another tissue garland tank, if there are any left, I just love those tanks!!

  6. Ay! You and Gigi are such enablers! LOL! Love your picks (no surprise since I love the outfits you put together) and thanks for doing this. The website can get so overwhelming that I love the opinions of other bloggers. Question is, can I stay strong??!?!?!

  7. Hi FFM. How I wish you could come pack for me for my weekend trip. Or better yet, if I could raid your wardrobe :) Loving that bateau top - it would be a great staple, but it won't ship til August in my size :(

  8. FFM,
    I wanted to let you know about my recent Talbots order. I ordered a floral cardigan in a purple print online only item. It just came and beats JCrew for their cardigan quality by a mile. The buttons are gorgeous pearl/shell but re-enforced with a metal type backing. I have recently received 2 JCrew sweater that arrived with broken buttons. So this is really special and nice. The material is a cotton silk blend and beautiful. I guess what I am getting at is for the same price as JCrew this cardigan is better made. I am SO EXCITED about this purchase. Great close to the body fit as well.

  9. Oh, I so didn't need to place an order;) But had to support the JCA. Ordered a pair of shorts and the lilac colleto bracelt.

  10. Kathy: Great choices! The schoolboy blazer looks really cute. Please let us know what you think about it when it arrives. How nice that the code worked on the Bass loafers!

    Thanks jcrewphd! :)

    Fidele: You really scored some great deals! I'm curious to hear what you think of the Zoey back if you can. :)

    JulieStyles: I'm interested to hear if you see any *must haves* in the B&M. The Canterbury Bells skirt is really lovely...I love the abyss blue color.

    mrs.anketell: I am actually wearing my sequin stripe tank in the *quarry* aka grey today. I love it! The seashore beige is also very, very pretty. It's actually a light camel color IRL, slightly lighter than the camel stripes of the vintage bateau top.

    Thanks Michelle! :)

  11. Hi Janna! You are just too cute! The vintage bateau is indeed on waitlist, but the waitlisted items usually ship earlier than the date they say they will. You could also have a WWFIFY search done to locate it in a store and have it shipped to you. The shipping would be free since it's still full price, too. :)

    Genny: That's FABULOUS news! I'm so glad the sweater works for you and that you are so excited about it...congratulations! It sounds beautiful. :)

    Hollylovescrew: The Colletto bracelets are lovely and the shorts are SUCH a great deal since they are already 20% off. Congrats! :)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  12. Hard to resist free shipping with no minimum purchase PLUS 15% off. I bought the Max & Molly art tee (thanks to you FFM!) and the skimmer pant in black. Jury is out on the pants but I know I am going to love the tee! Made my day!

  13. Ordered the mixed crystal colletto, the sequin stripe henley tank in gray that everyone loves and a cotton bling button cardigan for summer- ordered this stuff yesterday with a F/S code, and they adjusted the 15% off with the 'birthday' code today, without the usual condescending "this is a one time courtesy only" talk. I am glad I have all the blogs to pre-screen the rollouts for the good stuff. I may have to return the sweater as I have heard nothing about it.

  14. Great picks! I ordered the pewter bateau top even though it's waitlisted. I don't mind waiting...I have the one in camel and ADORE it! Didn't think I would since I'm not a stripes person, but it works!

    Also got the knit racerback gown in Abyss blue, an embossed beach dress in bright seaside, and the ultra-knit lounge pants. One or both of the dresses may go back, but it was worth a shot with free shipping and a discount!

  15. Thanks FFM for the well-wishes on the JCA blog! :)

  16. Looking at this promotion is making me think of summer.... I'll be in for a shock when I step outside!