Friday, May 7, 2010

Just In Case You're Interested...

Sweeping Ruffles Shirt. It's back on the website in all sizes (no waitlist).

Sequin-Stripe Henley...currently available in both colors online (no waitlist) in sizes Small, Medium, and Large at 20% off plus Free Shipping. (Sizes XSmall and XLarge still available on waitlist.)



  1. Such a cute outfit!! I just scored a similar hat today at CVS. Went in to fill a prescription and left with a rockin' hat!! ;)

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I have been wanting the sweeping ruffles shirt!

  3. I hope this means my sweeping ruffles ships soon. :-)

  4. i just ordered the sweeping ruffle shirt thanks,
    and the sequin tank, will have to wait, but they are not on sale at the mall, why do they do that??

    and i googled a free shipping code too

    so thanks FFM

  5. I would really like to get the sweeping ruffles shirt but will have to wait for a sale. A bit pricey for me right now. I am so glad to know about it though. Thanks for the post.