Saturday, May 8, 2010

Medallion Lattice and Cognac

I love pairing the bright colors of the Medallion Lattice Top with white and cognac. They look so crisp and clean together...perfect for spring and summer. :)

The Details:

*J.Crew Medallion Lattice Top from '09 (I've noticed several on Ebay lately), similar here and here.

*Old Navy *The Weekend Jeans* (in Bright White), similar here and here (in white). 

*Monet Gold Hoop Earrings purchased at Macy's (not available online), similar here and here.

*Talbots Gold Bangles. Similar here (in Gold) and here.

*J.Crew Leather Equestrian Belt, similar here (in Cognac).

*Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Wedge, similar here and here.

*Banana Republic Goa 4-Pocket Hobo (in Cognac), similar here and here (in Cognac).

Have a beautiful and blessed day!


  1. I agree, I love to pair intense summer colors with white (and black) in the warm weather. I wish I had gotten the Medallion Lattice print in some form. Last time I was at an outlet they had the that the sun is out I want it!

  2. Happy Mother's day darling!!! Stop by my blog that I have a wish for you!!

  3. Thanks Angie! :)

    Sue: There are several of the Medallion Lattice print tops on Ebay right now. I didn't know the crewlet had the sundress. I bought it last year, but ended up returning it since I thought I'd get more use out of the top (which I have). :)

    Thank you Taryn!

    Sasha: Thank you! I'll be sure to stop by! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies and thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. I love your sets, I always get ideas for my own wardrobe.

  5. Thanks Desert Flower! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. Love it! Please share some pictures of you in these outfits. You always look great and I love to see them. How are the Cynthia Vincent sandals? Comfy?

    Happy Mother's Day!


  7. (OT, but) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  8. Thanks Carrie! I'll try to get some more IRL pics of me in the outfits soon. I haven't worn the CV Gladiators for an extended period of time yet, but I do know they feel comfy for short-time wear. :)