Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Shopping: Kohl's

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday, and to all my fellow mommies out there...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :) For our *Sunday Shopping* this week, we are visiting Kohl's (where shipping is just 99cents per item until the end of today AND you can receive 15% off your order with code MOMSDAY at checkout). I was in the store recently to help a friend shop for some pieces to update her wardrode and saw a lot of cute things. I even picked up a few things for myself at great prices...gotta love the sales at Kohl's. :)

Now for a little Sunday *Window* Shopping:

*Simply vera vera wang floral tank . I love the colors and print on this one. They remind me of the Giverny-print from J.Crew, as seen in the pic below. The Vera top is only $14.99...what a great deal! :)

*Simply vera vera wang brushstroke shift dress. I like the pattern and colors on this one, too...a great little dress for the warm weather months.

*LC Lauren Conrad Striped Floral Top. This one reminds me a little of this tee from Stella McCartney.

*LC Lauren Conrad Sequin Cardigan. I saw this one IRL and have to say it looks much better in person, not to mention it appears to be well made, so if this is your sort of thing then go for it. The price is great...much better than this similar one from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

*Dana Buchman Floral Tunic. They didn't have this one at my Kohl's so I ordered it online and love it. Dana Buchman's tunics are very well made and comfortable to wear. The length is longer, hitting below the upper-thigh area (slightly shorter than mid-thigh), which I find to be more flattering than tunics that hit at the top of the thigh. IRL the trim and light color in the print on this one are a khaki/stone color, not white as they appear online, and there is also chocolate brown in the pattern, as well. Here's a RL pic of mine:
There is also a Long-Sleeve version in this print/color combination. I also tried this one and like it too, but decided to keep the sleeveless one since it's already very warm here, and I already have a couple other tunics with longer sleeves. If you prefer not to show your arms but like this print, then go for this one.

*Apt.9 Floral Empire Dress which comes in Petite and Regular sizes. This is just so adorable...I love the colors, the print, and the silhouette is very flattering, too.

*AB Studio Sequin Tank. If you want to try out the sequin trend, but don't want to spend a lot this looks like a good option.

*Dana Buchman Pink Floral Tunic. I bought this one when I was in the store and have worn it twice already...I love it. Both times I've worn it I received numerous compliments. It is very pretty IRL and flattering on the body, too. :) Here's a Polyvore of how I wore it this past Thursday:


*A2 by Aerosoles Plush Aside Wedge Sandals also available in Black. These could be an alternative if you missed out on the Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Wedges.

*Relic Bree Giraffe Canvas cute.

*Apt.9 Floral Mosaic Scarf. They didn't have this at my Kohl's, but I think it looks so pretty online. I featured the Coral Combo in this past week's *You Look Very Familiar* post, too.

If you missed out on the ELLE Ruffled Tankini and Scoop Bottoms as seen in my Polyvore set from last year:

6.17.09 *Pool Day*
6.17.09 *Pool Day* by FFM

You may be interested in their new version (in pink) which is similar to last year's and also comes in Black. The swimsuits are marked at 40% off right now, too. :)

What do you think of the pieces that Kohl's is offering lately? Have you been shopping there recently? Are you planning to? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, FFM!

  2. Great picks! I loved that pink tunic too! Maybe by June when I can spend again I will get it on sale! haha
    Have a great Mother's Day with your kiddos!

  3. I have to get over to Kohl's. I've been a Marshall's shopper for so long and lately it's been disappointing. I really like the paisley dress and the tunic. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Great stuff!! Apparently I'm missing out by not heading to Kohl's!!?! Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day FFM!
    love the picks--how do the aerosoles shoes (from your polyvore set) run in size and how about that blue tunic? I haven't bought anything from either line. Thanks!

  6. Happy Mother's Day my dear!

  7. I normally don't shop at Kohls, but after your last "You look very familiar" post, I went to check out the Lauren Conrad floral chiffon tee and purchased it in the peacock color. I also picked up some Dockers shorts in a color that reminds me of J Crew's Nantucket Red...back when they used to do color.

  8. what is the Dana B, sizing like,

    Havent been to Kohl's in ages

    the tunics look nice but I would like to see IRL

  9. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes ladies! :)

    Sue: I haven't had much luck at Marshall's lately, either. Kohl's is doing really well with staying *on trend* while keeping prices low...definitely worth checking out. :)

    Angie: Lot of great deals to be found at Kohl's. :)

    Anon@4:16 and isabella: I bought the DB tunics in size XSmall and the fit is good. However, according to the size chart I should wear a Small, so I actually sized down one size if going by it. HTH! :)

    Anon@4:16: My shoes are actually the Kork-Ease Bette Wedge Sandal and they run true to size. They are extremely comfortable and can be found on some websites for much less than the $145 they usually go for. I was able to get them for $58 on Rue La La back in February, and sells different styles of Kork-Ease (including the Bette at times), as well. :)

    Nicole: That's fantastic! Thanks for stopping by to let me know. :)

    Have a wonderful evening everyone! :)

  10. Ordinarily, I am not a fan of Kohls. However, I was thrilled to pick up a pair of white Elle jeans the other day, the sizing was very similar to ON Weekend Jeans, which I own and love, but didn't care for the major distressing on their white offering. I thought some of the Lauren Conrad tees were cute too, but they didn't have my size in store, and for me they would have been an impulse buy, rather then something I'd come home and hunt down on the website.

    ...but now that you mention 99cent shipping, I may have a look see...

    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Better late than never...

    Happy Mother's Day Fabulous Florida Mommy!!

    Thank you for your Fabulous Blog!

  12. Belated happy mother's day. I love your style so much. I have been eyeing the Dana Buckman tunics and now I have to try one on. I love the Tory Burchness of them. I also love that you did not pair them with skinnies.

  13. I browsed around the Kohl's website a bit based on your recommendations, and found this--looks just like a summer version of the JC Lombard cardi from the fall:

  14. oops apparently linking not working for me. It's the Elle Pleated Cardigan.

  15. Jan Russell, Crew Cricket, and Shari: Thank you all so much for the Mother's Day wishes! :)

    Shari: I'm really pleased with the 2 DB tunics I have so far. I'm actually wearing the sleeveless one today with a pair of black walking shorts (that I picked up at Kohl's last year), and have been very comfortable all day. :)

    Cass: Kohl's has a lot of *misses*, but there are definitely some *hits* to be found with a little bit of searching. I've seen that Elle Pleated Cardigan before and agree with you that it is very much like the J.Crew Lombard cardigan. I haven't seen that particular one IRL, but have purchased a couple other cardis from Kohl's and was very pleased with them. They actually weren't sheer, which was a very pleasant change after seeing so many at J.Crew that are.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! Have a wonderful afternoon! :)

  16. A little late here, but I wanted to thank you for another inspiration, FFM! I don't noramlly go into Kohls, but I found one just to try on the Lauren Conrad tiered skirts and ended up ordering both colors. I am investing in more skirts and dresses - I don't think shorts are very flatterin on me.