Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Shopping Part Three: J.Crew New Arrivals

This past Friday J.Crew added more New Arrivals to the website. I thought for this last part of *Sunday Shopping* it would be fun to visit J.Crew and look at some of the new pieces.

On the top of my personal wishlist it the Lemlem® Lucy Patio Dress that is shown on the front cover of the June catalog in the above pic.
I love this and think it would be perfect to wear here in warm weather climates (such as Florida) at the beach or on a casual day of running errands or hanging out at home. I do wonder if it is sheer and how long it would actually be on a non-model body. The XSmall was sold out the day it went online, but sizes Small, Medium, and Large are still available.

Seaside Madras Shirt. This one has been getting rave reviews from the JCAs that have purchased it.

*Madras Boyfriend Short...gotta love the fact that it has a 7.5 inch inseam. ;)

*Croquet-Stripe Caprese Tunic. I pre-ordered this one last weekend and received it on Thursday in both Ivory and Dusty Shale. First let me say that this one runs big. I know tunics are to be on the larger side, but this one is really large, and definitely looks best belted. The fabric is nice, the colors are pretty, and the price is really good, however...I am undecided on this one. I returned the Ivory one the next day, but kept the Dusty Shale and will decide for sure whether or not I'm keeping it once I style it a few different ways to see if it's going to work. For those of you who are expecting, this one does look really cute with the belt tied just under the bustline, so you could wear it during your pregnancy and then postpartum with the belt tied lower at your waist or hips. The tunic also comes in Solid colors if stripes aren't your thing. You can see the Ivory striped tunic here on Summerilla, as well as the Neon Madras Short.

Gingham Brigitte Short. These are SO cute! Oh how I wish the inseam was longer than 3 5/8 inches...I would definitely buy these if they were longer. If you are one of the lucky women that can wear them then consider yourself privileged. :)

*Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee. I ordered this in Black and it also arrived on Thursday, however I sent it back on Friday with the Ivory tunic. I do not care for this one at all. The color is not as it appears online, with the *black* stripes actually being closer to dark charcoal, and I didn't like the fit, either. You can see it, as well as the Neon Rose color here on Summerilla.

*Sea Grass Fringed Tunic. I love this one...the print, sequins, fringe, and shape of it are all very pretty.

Haya Stripe, love, love. This one looks SO comfortable, and of course I love the stripes. :)

*Embroidered Siesta Dress. A cute, comfortable and easy summer dress, and it would be an adorable swimsuit cover-up, too.

*Lemlem® Nika the colors on this one.

My favorite swimsuits from the New Arrivals:

So what do you think of the New Arrivals at J.Crew? Do you see anything you like? Have you already placed an order? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

**Btw, if you missed out on my earlier *Sunday Shopping* posts, you can see them here: Part One and Part Two

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. There wasn't much for me in the new arrivals. I have so many casual clothes and beach/vacation clothes already, I didn't need more in that category. I did order the oak tweed skirt (preordered last week with the 20% off code). I tried it on in the store yesterday. Although it is 21", I was able to wear it lower on the waist and get enough length. I also took in my bling button cotton cardi in the sand dune lynx print and traded for the retail only darker print which is tan and brown. That is it for me!

  2. I purchased the madras shirt and really like it, but unless I can find a few style options other than jeans, it will go back. Hopefully, another JCA will post some IRL style ideas.

  3. I'm not really feeling the new arrivals at all, which I guess is good since I about bought out the Spring selection!

  4. I have the Haya hoodie on my list too, as well as the hunter green madras shorts. The green is not my usual color, but there seems to be a lot of navy in the patterns too. I also passed on the sequin boatnecks, I have decided that sequins are not my thing!

  5. I like the Haya hoodie however when I re-read the description lightweight cotton and hint of stretch changed my mind, it is going to be thin, and I tend to stay away from tops with stretch in them. I have the French Terry lux and it is thin but it is good piece to wear with shorts on a warm day.

  6. Desert Flower: I'm glad to hear the Oak Tweed skirt works for you. I love the color and look of the fabric, not to mention that you got a really great price on it with the extra 20% discount. :)

    Lake Nokomis: What about wearing white pants or jeans with it? You could also try navy blue, khaki, or even a lighter blue pant/short/capri. Think about the possibility of skirts with it, too. :)

    Andi: I hear ya'...there only a couple of items I'm interested in this time.

    Kathy: I've also been contemplating the Hunter Green madras shorts. They would be really cute with a navy blue polo. :)

    casual-crew: I'm going to give the Haya a try. I'm on waitlist for it, but will let you know what I think once it arrives. :)

  7. Ohhhh...I can picture the LEM LEM dress on you--it's like it was made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!! smile

  8. Thanks yogagirl! I hear it calling my name! ;)

  9. I think the Lem Lem dress is REALLY cute but worry that the stripe will hit me right across the backside! Not so cute. :) I'm 5', 6" and pear-shaped so I try to avoid stipes on the bottom. Anyone in the same situation, please post if you buy the dress and love it/look good in it.

  10. I love those tulle bikinis! I'm sure they will look amazing on you!

  11. Thanks for the reviews! I got my catalog yesterday and was drooling over some items - others not so much. I appreciate your thoughts on the Caprese Tunic - that was at the top of my wishlist, so I'll really have to try it out in person.