Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Shopping Part Two: Tankini Swimsuits

Part Two of *Sunday Shopping* is for Kate, who asked in the *Swimsuits...Reviews and Tips* post, "Have you come across any cute tankinis? I just had a baby and need some belly coverage as well as my chest due to bfing. Most of the tankinis that I've been seeing are are a little too low cut." Well Kate, first off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby! What a blessing...this is such a special time in your life, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. :) I've done a little bit of searching and have some Tankini suggestions for you. :)

The first suits are from Athleta, a company specializing in Women's Activewear, including swimsuits for active lifestyles. ajc left a comment in the above referenced post about the brand: "Kate (and everybody), Athleta which is now a GAP company has some great tankini swimsuits. I have a few from last year and they are great. They have great coverage, great fabrics, cute prints and a lot of bra sized tops. And they are meant for swimming since it is a company catering to female Athletes. Highly recommend!"

Stained Glass Paisley Newport Tankini

*Mix Match Hibiscus Wrap Halter Tankini with the Low Tide™ Bottom or Oceanside Short.

Shirred Wrap Tankini here and here
with the Shirred Bottom here and here.

Next is Lands' End who has numerous Tankinis with very decent coverage and swim bottoms with good coverage to go with them. A few of them are the:

Lastly is Target, who also has numerous Tankinis available such as these:

I hope this will help you out Kate!

***If you missed Part One of *Sunday Shopping* you can see it here. Be sure to stop back by later for Part Three. :)



  1. I purchased 2 athleta suits last year and love them. They have held up very well and have not stretched out or lost there color.

  2. Thanks so much for this post! I love the first Athleta suit. I think I'll be placing an order for it soon!

  3. amers72: Thanks for the information on your Athleta suits!

    Kate: You're welcome! That first Athleta suit is my favorite, and it sounds as if their suits are great quality, too. :)

  4. Nice finds, FFM!

    IME, while tankinis are great for those of us who like different sizes on the top and bottom, somtimes the fail to cover that most important area for me (the fat on my lower abdomen. It doesn't help when the pictures show a gap between the top and bottom. I have Athleta tanks but not tankinis, so can't speak for those. Target's are so hit or miss, but I have a few tankinis from there. And I have a fabulous Lands End tankini with a shirred top - all un-shirred it's almost long enough to be a dress! EXCELLENT coverage :)
    Congrats, Kate, and good luck!

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