Friday, May 7, 2010

Talbots on Oprah Today, Plus Reviews on My Recent Orders

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a Fabulous Friday! I wanted to let you know that Talbots will be on Oprah today. Their Chief Creative Officer, Michael Smaldone, will be doing makeovers on 10 specially selected O Magazine readers.
I am personally looking forward to this. I'm very interested to see the looks that Mr. Smaldone creates for the selected women. I was in the Mall at Millenia Talbots yesterday to make a couple of returns (the SA's there are friendly and helpful) and saw SO many gorgeous pieces...too bad the sizing isn't working for me on most of them. Hopefully it WILL be adjusted along with smaller sizes added this fall, as we have heard rumors of. :)

Here is what I've tried so far:
Palm Print Shirtdress. I tried this in size 2P and it was too large, so back it went. I had also ordered it in a regular size 4, which of course was way too big, but I wanted to see the difference in the lengths on me. The size 4 hit below my knee and the 2P hit right at my knee. I noticed that the 4 had more black in the print, whereas the 2P had more white in it, so obviously the print on each dress is going to be different...something to keep in mind if you're thinking of ordering it online. (I preferred the color of the print on the size 4 over the 2P.)

Cherry Blossom Linen Dress. This actually fits me in size 2P and I love it! It's been on my wishlist for a while now, so when it went on sale I decided to try it (plus I used the 20% off and Free Shipping code I previously posted, and that made the price even sweeter). I think the sizing must be different from that of the Palm Print dress due to the fabric. The dress is very well made, flattering, not to mention lined, and the colors are so very pretty and vibrant. I'm pretty sure this will be a *keeper* for me. I plan to wear it with my wedges...the look reminds me of these 2 images from the January 2009 edition of Vogue that I adore and blogged about here last March. Of course the color scheme of my outfit will be different, but the overall silhouette will be very similar. :)

The next Talbots piece I tried was the Venetian-Print Skirt which I later discovered was featured in the April edition of Lucky Magazine. 
I ordered this in size 4, which is the smallest size they had when I placed my order, and I think it's going to work for me. Granted, it is definitely too big to wear at my actual waist, but it works if I wear it pushed down on my hips, or I may have it altered...either way it's also going to be a *keeper*. I love the print, it is well-made, and it is lined...such a plus, IMO. I styled a set for one of the ways I plan to wear it:

Some of the other pieces I'm loving right now are:

*Paisley Shirt in Green/Pink Combo. My oldest son actually brought this one to me when I was at the register yesterday suggesting that I get it...guess he knows by now what his mom likes. ;)
*Floral Blouse. Black and of my all-time favorite color combinations.
*Crest-Striped Cardigan...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! :)
*Cotton/Silk Faille feminine and pretty.
*Leather Espadrilles. If I didn't already have numerous pairs of wedges, I would definitely try these.
*Canvas Double-Pocket Tote. I think this would look really cute with my Venetian-print skirt. ;)

So...are you planning to watch the Talbots segment on Oprah? Have you had the chance to try any pieces since our discussion in my last Talbots post? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I don't usually watch Oprah but plan to today. I am excited to see the Talbots makeovers and see the clothes IRL on real women. I'm VERY excited to see their upcoming fall collection that I keep seeing/reading about online. Have a wonderful day, FFM!

  2. FFM,

    Great post. I will be watching:) I ordered 5 scarves recently and they came yesterday. I think Talbots has the nicest scarves and wraps. JCrew just doesn't have as many prints and styles to my taste or liking and mainly price point that Talbots now does! (I used to buy lots of JCrew scarves and accessories in the sale section but they don't seem to make it there anymore.) I don't buy as many clothes as I used to...I am having to save money due to health bills. So I buy accessories to update my wardrobe.

  3. LUVE the black and white floral top! I'll have to think about going in and looking at this!

  4. While I haven't been into a store I have ordered a lot from Talbots sale and outlet accessories online in the past few months. My Walk in the Park Scarf is gorgeous that I got for Valentine's Day as well as the I Love You one. The later is still available.

    I would like to go into a store and try on the clothes for sizing before ordering. I wear an 8 in JCrew so sizing should be fine- it is just figuring out if Talbots is the same size or not for me. (I just don't get out to shop very often due to my schedule.) I did order a sweater and got measurements from CS but it is on backorder until 5/11. So am excited to see it in person.

  5. I love that Venetian print skirt. It isn't "me" but I've been hoping to enjoy it vicariously, so I'm glad that you like it!

    I really like Talbots' new direction. I'm on the borderline of being sized out but fortunately there is a store near my office where I can try sizes--and they carry petites in the B&M.

    Alas, I'm on a shopping ban for a month due to some $$ home and car repairs. Next month!

  6. I am at work when Oprah airs, so I've set it to tape. I will also be interested to see how the 10 women are styled, and I will be very interested to see if one of the women is in my size range.

    I placed my first Talbot's order last night - the eyelet pencil skirt in yellow. I am hoping the fit is good because I think it is a very pretty item that will make a great addition to my spring and summer wardrobe. I'll definitely report in when I receive it. Thanks again for the styling ideas, FFM!

  7. I'll be watching! I have really liked Talbots lately. Indeed, I've purchased 3 skirts from them recently, and I LOVE them. I hope that they don't change the sizing too much because their stuff fits me great. Thanks for this post!

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  9. Great post, FFM! I've been very impressed w/Talbots offerings as of late. I have to say, I haven't stepped into that store in yeeeeeaaars. Now I just might! That black and white dress is lovely.

  10. Good post. I also think that striped crest cardi is super duper cute. I will miss the show, unfortunately.

  11. Thanks for the reminder, the DVR is set. If you're a FB fan of Talbots they've got the following offer posted:

    Starts Today! For our Facebook Fans - Take 30% Off Any One Item

    30% Off any one item, May 7-9.
    Online Only use code FB30.

    Offer valid 12:01 AM EST May 7, 2010 through 11:59 PM EST May 9, 2010 on the purchase of any single, full-price item. Valid online only. Enter promo code FB30 at checkout. Previous purchases do not apply. May not be used toward the purchase of gift cards or e-gift cards. May not be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Not transferrable.

  12. I love the skirt, it's so Audrey Hepburn.

  13. Hi Ladies! Thanks for stopping by! :) Well, it looks as if most of the Talbots segment got cut, except for a few shots of some of the outfits at the very end of the show. Such a shame...I was really looking forward to seeing it in it's entirety. Maybe they'll get shown another time though...that would be great.

    Elizabeth: I love the fall collection from what I've seen and like you, am very excited to see it. :)

    Anon@10:15am: Talbots scarves are beautiful and you are so right than they are an excellent way to update your wardrobe! I'm sorry to hear about your health bills...I hope you are doing ok. :)

    yogagirl: Let me know if you see the top IRL. I'd love to know what you think about it. :)

    Genny: Congrats on your scarves! Let me know what you think of your sweater when it arrives. :)

    Hexicon: I really like the direction they are going, too. If they do indeed start to carry smaller sizes then it will be really good for us both. :) Sorry to hear about the car and home repairs! I hope everything gets worked out quickly for you. :)

    Desert Flower: You're welcome! I look forward to hearing what you think of your skirt. :)

  14. rynetta: Talbots has such beautiful skirts. Did you see the zebra stripe pencil skirt on one of the women shown at the end of Oprah? She looked great. As for sizing, they may keep the current sizing and just add smaller sizes. That sounds as if it would be the best way to go, IMO.

    Thanks Coley and gigi! :)

    JulieStyles: Thank you so much for the code! :)

    Tabitha: Thanks! Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons. :)

  15. FFM: Off topic, but I am in the middle of reading Diana Gabaldon's series also...I'm about halfway through Voyager. It is so hard to put it down! I hope you are enjoying it, too! And thank you, as always, for your wonderful fashion posts.

  16. Hi Ann! I'm at about the same place in Voyager as you is highly addictive. My sister gave me The Outlandish Companion for my birthday and it is very interesting, as well. It's a great book to have if you want to learn some of the insight of how she created the series and characters, along with pictures of the castles, road to Lallybroch, maps, and other items in the books.

    Have a great evening! :)

  17. I love that zebra stripe skirt! And, I hope that Talbots adds to their sizes, I just don't want them to delete any sizes. I should have been clearer, sorry!

  18. I'm loving Talbots lately. I also got the cherry blossom linen sundress before it sold out. So cute and retro. The skirts seem to fit pretty true to size for me. I went by the size chart and ordered the floral skirt ( It fits great, and I love it. I got to wear it out to our wedding anniversary dinner with my husband last week.

  19. I have the crest-striped cardi in my cart! It's on backorder until 05/21, though. I just bought a pink tweed pencil skirt today and ordered the black & white animal print cardi to wear with it.

    They definitely have a lot of things I want and a few items I'm sad I missed out on this spring. I can't wait for their fall stuff!

  20. FFM--I've heard about The Outlandish Companion...will have to get my hands on it. Thank you!!

  21. I recently ordered the Sateen pencil skirts and they are beautiful. The fit and color is great. I had to order two sizes though, one petite/one regular to see which was better. I think they are going in the right direction. The stores by me need to be updated though. They do not carry the same merchandise that is on line. :(

  22. Hi all.
    I don't know if you watched Oprah yesterday, but hopefully you didn't blink! Tragically, we were mostly on the cutting room floor! Oh well... that's show biz I suppose :[