Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before?

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great day! :) It's time for another edition of *You Look Very Familiar...Have I Seen You Some Place Before*? Let's get started.

Wool Floral Scarf in *Papaya*.

*This little tee looks very familiar...just like the Slub Cotton Shirred Ruffles Tank perhaps?

A big THANK YOU goes to the Anonymous Fabulous Follower who sent me these *Familiar Finds*:

J.Crew Reese Studded Back-Zip Gladiator Sandals and Candies Hollywood Gladiator Sandals

What do you think? Do you see anything you're interested in? Have you seen any of these items IRL? Do you already own any of them? Please free free to comment. :)

**My Giveaway ends tomorrow afternoon, so be sure to enter if you haven't already. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Kohl's has some pretty close versions of some items. The dotted sheath dress is adorable!

  2. Wow! Love the Kohl versions of the dot dress and the impressionist cami (loved the bright colors of the J Crew cami, but the style just didn't look right).The Kohl's version is on sale for $19.99 it appears. I tried the dot dress at JCREW last year, but whether I sized up/down, it looked odd on me (maybe it's because I'm tall and the waist was off on my frame) Great ideas. Thank you so much, FFM!

  3. CMG,
    Online the top is still full priced. Is it on sale in stores only?

  4. fyi...i saw the Ringspun Ruffle Short-sleeve Painter Henley (from last year) in my jcrew store - the exact same version. i'm actually surprised that they brought the exact same item back (although i do have 3 of them). it wasn't the greatest design since you have to wear a cami underneath due to the loop button holes not covering the placket when buttoned up - still cute though. :)

  5. Desert Flower and CMG: I completely agree with you about the dotted dress at Kohl's. It's so adorable...wish they had it in smaller sizes because the price is fabulous!

    Genny: The sale prices are on the right hand side of the webpage, and not by the product picture. It looks like the top is $23.99 today instead of $19.99 though.

    ccbmum: Thanks for the information. I'm pretty sure the bright lilac henley I picked up a few weeks ago is the same one, too. They're definitely very cute on...I can see why you have 3 of them. :)