Saturday, June 12, 2010

6.11.10: The Secret Treasure Dress from Anthropologie

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a FABULOUS weekend so far! I am heading over to the Gulf Coast in a little while, and barring any unforeseen complications with my internet access I will continue to post regularly during my stay. :)

Today's post features the outfit I wore yesterday while running errands.
6.11.10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


The Details:

I am wearing the Secret Treasure Dress from Anthropologie and I absolutely love it! The cotton is lightweight and perfect for summer, plus it's super soft and comfortable, not to mention machine washable. The dress is lined and has tiny snaps between the buttons that help guard against any gaping. It can be dressed up with heels or worn more casually with flats, like I did yesterday. I am wearing the size XSmall in Green and will be posting pics of it in the Blue (with heels) sometime in the next couple of days.

My Urchin's Shell earrings in Crystal from Anthropologie are now sold out unfortunately, but this pair are a similar alternative. 

The Pave' Necklace I am wearing was a birthday present from my parents and came as a set with matching earrings. This necklace is very similar, except the pendant is a heart instead of a barrel. My Perfect Crystal Bold Stretch Bracelet is a favorite piece of mine. It is comfortable to wear, good quality, and reasonably priced. This one (in Gold) and this one are similar alternatives.

Once again I wore my Aviator sunglasses. I love wearing them, and own them in both gold and silver, which I switch out depending on the jewelry I am wearing. The size is perfect...not too large or too small, and very flattering to most facial shapes. Aviators come in a range of colors and prices. A couple of pair similar to mine can be seen here (in Brown) and here (in Gold/Brown combo).

As you may have noticed, I carry my J.Crew Large Metallic Gallery Hobo a lot. This was one of the best purchases I have made and the CPW (Cost Per Wear) on it must be at about 5 cents by now. ;) If you're looking for one I would suggest posting on the J.Crew Aficionada Weekly Exchange, {Looking to Find} thread or check Ebay on a regular basis. You never know when someone may be willing to part with theirs. In the meantime, check out this one (in Gold) as an alternative.

My sandals were purchased at LOFT last year on super sale. They are the Serena Mini-stud Sandals in Gold, but I also own them in Black with Gold Mini-studs and White with Gold Mini-studs. They are so incredibly comfortable and another great purchase...CPW must be in the negative amount by now.  I'm not sure if you could find them on Ebay, but this pair (in Gold) and this pair (also in Gold) may work as an alternative for you.

As always, THANK YOU for stopping by! Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I love that dress, I'll have to check it out! It looks like a PERFECT day-dress.
    Thanks for the review!
    Have a wonderful time on the West Coast.

  2. Wow, that dress is stunning! LOVE the beautiful green paired with metallic.

  3. You look gorgeous in this dress, perfect fit, color and style!

  4. You look beautiful! Sometimes I have to wonder where Anthro comes up with the names. I love the idea of the little snaps between the buttons, why can't everyone do that?!

  5. I love the dress! It is a great color for blondes to wear, so maybe I should try it on ;)

  6. Sooo pretty, and a great color on you! Thanks for the review.

    I also love my aviators. I searched forever for a pair that fit my face properly, and finally found a gold pair at a Ralph Lauren outlet in Florida, and a silver pair of Ray Bans at Martin & Osa (for 30% off since they're closing!).

    Have a great trip!

  7. Yea! IRL's! I luve to see the whole look top to bottom including makeup/hair/earrings! Dress fits you perfectly! You look darling!

  8. I can't believe you got the Secret Treasure dress! It's at the top of my wishlist! It looks PERFECT on you!!

  9. Green is definitely your color. You look amazing in that with your skin and hair. The fit is perfect!

  10. FFM, you look beautiful in that dress. The dress appears very versatile (dress down with flip-flops or up with heels).

    Have you had any trouble with the metallic leather flaking on your bag? I have had so much trouble with JC metallic leather shoes and belts that I've vowed not to purchase again, but maybe they use a nicer leather for the bags?

  11. What a pretty dress & the color looks great on you. I'm going to have to spy the Anthro near me to see if they've gotten it yet. This blog reading is trouble!

  12. I agree that this color is perfect with your skin tone and hair color. Beautiful look on you! Hope you have a great trip out west! I am heading to SF in July and CANNOT wait!

  13. LOVE that color on you!!! You look great!!! Where on the West Coast will you be??

  14. That is my all time favorite green, and it looks amazing with your tan! Have fun on your trip.

  15. Hi Ladies! Thank you all so much for stopping by, and for the compliments on the dress. I really do love it and it is SO comfortable to wear...definitely give it a try if you are even remotely considering it. I think you will also fall in love with it. :)

    Hexicon: I haven't had any trouble with the metallic flaking on this bag or the Metallic Thompson Tote that I also own. The hobo did have a funky smell when I first got it, but that went away quickly and I've been carrying without any issues ever since.

    AppGal: I'm sorry...I meant the West Coast of Florida, not the United states. We are actually on the Gulf Coast, but tend to say we are either going to the beach on the east coast or west coast. I did update my post and change it to Gulf Coast though. :)