Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Good Vibrations Cover-Up from Anthropologie

The Good Vibrations Cover-Up from Anthropologie retails for $68 and is currently available online in size XSmall-Large.

The website description reads:

High contrast zigzags zip up and down while swingy pompoms pick up the beat.

* Cotton
* Machine wash
* 33.5"L
* Imported

I really liked this when I first saw it on the website and ordered it to take with me to the beach condo this past week. I ordered both the XSmall and Small since I wasn't sure which size would be the best fit. They arrived the morning I left so I took them with me to try. The XSmall did fit, but the Small felt more comfortable in the shoulder area, and if I were to keep it I would go with the Small. So why am I returning both of them? Since I had purchased this to use as a swimsuit cover-up I felt the fabric was just too *heavy* to wear it as one. I had then considered wearing it as a dress, but once again it felt too thick for the summer and the scorching Florida heat. I think it could possibly work in the fall as a tunic/dress over leggings, tights, or jeans and may consider it when it goes on sale to save for that reason, but not for full-price.

Here it is on me in size Small:
FYI: the website says the color is Black and White, but the white is actually cream/ivory and not a true white.

More Cover-Up Options:

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Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. Its a very cute shape. I like the bodice, very flattering. Too bad the fabric didn't work for you. I'm sure I'd have the same issue in the Arizona heat.

  2. oh bummer - it's super cute!

  3. FFM-the tunic is gorgeous and looks so nice on you. I just returned from South Carolina, and if it's as hot in Florida as it was down there, I can see why the dress/tunic wouldn't work. BTW, I've read all of Diana Gabaldon's them!

  4. The only "cover-up" I plan on wearing to the beach is one of my Frankie Dresses--I can't imagine anything cuter!!!

  5. Desert Flower, Peggy, Patina, and yogagirl: Thank you all for stopping by! The cover-up is definitely very cute, so I'm very sad that it isn't working out. It is indeed blistering hot here, over 100 degrees every single day, so it's just not *do-able* least at full price. ;)