Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

A little peek at my current wishlist...

Jeffrey Campbell *Charli* Clog

What's on your wishlist?



  1. An item on my wishlist is on sale, and I thought I would share! The navy Gap shrunken schoolboy blazer is on sale in our local stores right now for $59.99, and yesterday and today they are running an extra 40% off sale promo!!!! So, finally (!) I have my blazer! Love it! thanks!

  2. I tried on the Folded Mementos tee over the weekend...I really liked it, but talked myself out of it thinking I really don't need another tee at the moment. But, it's very cute and very flattering with the side swept pleating across the torso. I like the "Neutral Motif" color.

  3. Okay, first of all...Don't you LOVE the Outlander series? Drums of Autumn is a complete roller coaster, but I loved it. THe next book is much slower, but still a great read. I like that I can put it down a day or two and come back to it - something I couldn't do with the others. Now onto the dresses. Cute choices! I really like the Kohl's dresses. I may just have to take that SUnday paper coupon and head on over there today.

  4. I have a very, very small wish list right now, there is not much I'm craving. Most of what I want is accessories, which will help me wear things I already have differently.

  5. I'm just about done with summer shopping and really planning for fall. Wish listing 2 pairs of boots, one ankle and one tall, plus my favorite Paul Green flats, generally part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There is also something on every page of the Talbots Look Book that I adore, although I don't live that life. I'm hoping Anthroplogie comes back with the Cashe Copenhagen sweaters and that JC has it's lovely cashmere in either a wine or ruby red color-is that too much to ask?

    BTW-thanks for the Outlander series recommendation. Several of my friends had been reading it too and I'm now in the middle of the Dragonfly in Amber...I do love great story telling.

  6. That sidespun tee is super cute!

    I have the Easy Sunday blazer from Anthro on my wishlist. :)

  7. oooohhhh! I love the Painter's dress too :))

  8. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I hope you're all having a great week! :)

    The Chic Chauffeur: Congrats on getting the Gap blazer at such a fabulous price! :)

    Anne: I like the Neutral Motif in the Folded Mementos tee, too. I also feel that I don't *need* anymore tees right now, but would definitely give this one a try if I can get it on sale. :)

    Janna: I am indeed LOVING the Outlander series! It's taking me a bit more time to read the Drums of Autumn since I've been so busy, but I'll hopefully finish it in the next week or so.

    shopwithm: You and me both...the clogs are fab. ;)

    Desert Flower: Accessories are definitely the way to go in updating looks you already have, and a great way to save money, too. :)

    Julie: I'm so glad to hear you are also enjoying the Outlander is just such a good read and excellent storytelling. :)

    Coley: I am loving the sidespun tee, but then again I'm a sucker for stripes. ;)

    Joanne: The Painter's Dress is just so pretty. I hope it doesn't disappoint IRL. :)