Monday, July 26, 2010

For All The *Mommies To Be*: Summer Edition

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a good start! I recently received an email from Beth (one of my Fabulous Followers), asking for some fashion/styling advice. Beth recently found out she is pregnant (YAY and CONGRATULATIONS Beth!), but wants to keep looking fashionable and fabulous as her tummy grows. I do think it is possible for expectant mothers to remain stylish during their pregnancy, and I also think that doing so helps them feel good about themselves as their bodies change and grow larger. I actually wrote a post last September for all the *Mommies To Be* (click here to read it) that showcased some outfits for cooler temperatures, but since it is summer (and Beth lives in California where the temperatures will remain warm until November), I styled a few more sets for the *Mommies To Be* showing warmer weather outfit ideas. 

As I said in my post last September, I find it most beneficial to stick with a basic/neutral color scheme when considering maternity clothing and then accessorize with fabulous scarves, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. This way you won't have to make a huge investment in maternity clothes and you can still wear the accessories long after you lose the *baby weight*. It is also possible to simply purchase larger sizes of non-maternity clothing to wear, but I personally prefer actual maternity clothing since it is designed specifically for an expectant mother's changing figure. There are numerous clothing lines that have fabulous maternity clothing that is affordable such as Old Navy, Liz Lange for Target, LOFT, and Gap...even Spanx has a maternity collection. :)

The sets I've styled for this post feature maternity clothing from the Old Navy website. They have tons of cute maternity clothing at affordable prices, and right now you can even receive 30% off your purchase with code SAVE30 at checkout, plus FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100+ (the offer is good today and tomorrow on all Old Navy merchandise, not just Maternity). 

*Mommy To Be* Look One:

The Details:
*Old Navy Maternity Ruffle-Trim Jersey Top
*Old Navy Maternity Low-Rise Twill Bermudas (12") in *Chain Mail*. How cute are these? Definitely a great staple piece in the mommy to be wardrobe and can be worn with just about any style/color of top. They'll see a lot of use, and CPW (Cost Per Wear) will end up being minimal.
*Silver Hoop Earrings, similar here and here
*Silver Bangles/Bracelets, similar here and here
*Ann Taylor Diamond Temple Sunglasses in *Black*, similar here
*Ann Taylor Printed Canvas Tassel Tote (Free Shipping at AT until 7.30.10)
*Land's End CANVAS Leather Flip Flops , similar here at GAP (Code SAVE30 works for 30% off on the Gap sandals, too)

*Mommy To Be* Look Two:

The Details:
*Old Navy Maternity Lightweight Smocked Cut-Out Top
*Old Navy Maternity Low-Rise Perfect Khaki Capris in *Sandlot*. These are a great staple in a mommy to be wardrobe. They can be worn with any top and will get a lot of use, so CPW will be minimal.
*Old Navy Maternity Cropped Denim Jacket . This also comes in *Dark Wash* which would also work with this look. Wearing the jacket is of course optional, but it would be a great transition piece as the weather starts to turn slightly cooler in October and November. I had an ON Maternity Denim jacket for my last 2 pregnancies and absolutely loved it. This is a great staple to have in your maternity wardrobe, and I highly recommend getting one if possible.
*Anthropologie Unpredictable Prisms Earrings in Blue (Free Shipping at Anthro through Labor Day when you link your Anthro card to your account. (If you haven't already linked your Anthro card click here. If you don't yet have a card, you can sign up here to get one.)
*J.Crew Small Crystal Colletto Bracelet, similar here
*Lands' End Canvas Summer Sandals in *Light Indigo*
*Old Navy Canvas Bucket Bag in *Tan*

*Mommy To Be* Look Three:

The Details: 

*Old Navy Maternity Tie-Front Jersey Dress. This is so adorable AND it has a 5 star review rating on the ON website. What a great way to stay cool and comfortable, yet polished and *put together* during the hot summer months.
*Old Navy Maternity Lightweight Button-Front Cardigan in *Blue Print*. This is also an optional piece, but I find it's always a great idea to carry a cardigan or jacket even in the summer since most buildings have the A/C cranking and it can be quite chilly indoors. A denim jacket like the one in the previous set could easily be substituted in place of the cardigan.
*Anthropolgie Follies Hoops Earrings in Blue. These are sold out online, but may still be available in the stores. The Unpredictable Prisms earrings in the previous set could also work with this outfit, as well as these or a simple pair of yellow gold hoops .
*Kenneth Jay Lane Champs-Elysees 8-3/4" Bracelet . I own this one and love it. It's large but not heavy...a definite statement piece.
* Clear Bubble Bib Necklace , similar here
*Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals in Gold, similar here *J.Crew Large Gold Metallic Thompson Tote, similar here and here

Following these styling examples, it should be fairly easy to create similar looks with any other maternity clothing purchase. :)

Here are some other cute *Mommy To Be* pieces to consider:

*Wrap Elbow Top
*Sleeveless Tie-Shoulder Tank
*Maternity Cap-Sleeve Shirred Fashion Top
*Maternity Knit Smocked Top (Free Shipping/No Minimum on any purchase)
*Halter Maxi Dress
*Vintage Boyfriend Cardigan
*Low-rise Denim Pencil Skirt
*Real-Waist Flap-Pocket Trouser Jeans
*Long Layering Cami. These are a must have purchase...great for wearing under cardigans, denim jacket, or simply by themselves. They are also comfortable to sleep in and can be worn after you have the baby, as well.

I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of the other *Mommies To Be* out there! I wish you all the best and hope you are able to enjoy this very special time in your life! :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)


  1. Thank you for the post, FFM. I am two days shy of being 25 weeks prego and I just started showing this month. I've been wearing a ton of jersey and cotton dresses since it's been unbelievably hot where I live.

    I'm more perplexed actually, by what I should wear post baby. If I have to wear sweats and yoga pants day-in-day-out, I think I may cry. Do you know how long it takes to get into regular girl clothes? I'm pretty fit. I was working out five days a week before getting prego. I had some health issues in the beginning of my pregnancy, but I've been able to do moderate exercise for at least 2-3 days per week in the second trimester.

    Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Susan! Congratulations on your very exciting for you! :)

    I think after baby weight-loss is different for each woman, but speaking for myself I personally didn't have that much trouble losing the weight fairly quickly. I was close to my pre-baby size usually around 6 months postpartum, and that time really flies by once the baby arrives. Since you were working out before getting pregnant you shouldn't have a hard time *bouncing back* after your little one arrives. It's also much easier to lose after the 1st baby than it is after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. It sounds like you are motivated to get your pre-baby body back, so that also works in your favor. :) Just make sure to not be too hard on yourself about the added weight after you deliver. It's there because you have just given life to a little miracle and it will come off eventually. :)

    Oh, one thing that I did that helped me feel better right after having the baby, is buying some really cute PJ's to wear at the hospital and then at home (when you will want to live in them for a couple of weeks). Having something cute on instead of sweats was a definite *pick-me-up*. As for regular clothes, I wore most of my maternity tops for a few weeks and then switched back over to the larger sized clothes I had acquired at the beginning of my pregnancy before going to full maternity clothes. The knit dresses will still be a great option and if it's cooler temps you can add tights and boots. Anthropolgie has a lot of stretchy knit and jersey pieces that will conceal but still be comfortable, too. It would be worth checking into getting some of them on sale now to save for later. :) HTH!!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Thanks again for your quick response.

    I know you're totally right: I probably won't even care how I look when my baby boy is here. It took us so long to get him, I still can't believe that it's happening! It truly is a miracle.

    But all the new cute fall clothes are making me strive to lose the bump as soon as I can. I feel like a selfish cow, just writing that. LOL.

    Just a note to your readers: Old Navy maternity gear tends to run big. And, I had great success when I went to my area Destination Materinty. The sales associates there are very helpful.

    Plus, it's great to just borrow things when you can. I am fortunate to have two sisters - one who is due with her second bambino in just a few weeks. My other sister had four babies, one just last year. So, I got a lot of hand-me-downs which was fab for my wallet. I will definitely be stashing away my maternity gear for any friends or fam who need it.

  4. Hey Susan,

    I wanted to add that some women lose the baby weight almost immediately. I have friends who walked out of the hospital after giving birth in jeans they wore before getting pregnant...I know, very unfair IMHO, but who could be one of them! :) There are others that lose it within a couple of weeks, but like I said before, every woman's body is different and so is their weight loss.

    Borrowing clothes is absolutely a wonderful thing to do when you're pregnant (it's a wonderful thing when you aren't pregnant, too), and definitely a great way to save money. I borrowed from my sister as well, and then I gave away all my maternity clothes to friends after I had my last son. It's a really nice way to bless others and be blessed yourself. :)

    Best wishes for you and your little one...cherish this time. :)

  5. I am so excited about this post! Thank you for your fabulous style! Now I am even more excited about my pregnancy because its now an excuse to go shopping!

  6. What great looks you put togther! Must save this post for when I get prego!

  7. Beth: You're welcome! Congratulations again on your pregnancy and happy shopping! :)

    Thanks LaToya! :)

  8. FFM,
    I love this post, hehehe came like gloves!
    Love the sets as well.
    I got this book that it's all about dressing cute and give great suggestions for prego ladies. I plan to post it on my blog soon.
    Thanks for the ideas!