Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lands' End CANVAS Reviews

Hi Everyone! As promised, here are reviews and some pics of a couple LE Canvas dresses that I ordered last week.

First up is the Pleat Front Dress currently on sale for $43.99. It comes in White, True Navy, and Bold Sun. Sizes 0-14.

The description on the website reads:

Classically cool.
* Cotton lawn fabric
* Tucked pleats in front and back
* Sleeveless; zipper on side
* Above-knee length

Design: Simple but distinctive. Pleated accents and bodice styling create a shaped look. Discreet side-zip.

Possibilities: A necessity for spring and summer. Wear it with or without a cardigan — and almost always with sandals and a positive attitude.

Material: 100% cotton, Machine wash. Imported.

This dress is just darling in person. The cotton is soft and airy, plus the dress is lined and well-made. I had to go by the size charts when ordering and initially ordered a size 4, but it was too large in the bust, so I re-ordered it in a size 2, which turned out to be a nice fit.  This is such a cute little dress for summer! I like it so much that I also ordered it in Navy, but couldn't take a picture since it hasn't arrived yet. Here are some pics of it on me IRL:

With flat sandals:

With heels:

With the Heritage Cardigan (also from Canvas) in size XSmall, that I purchased in the fall of last year. This one is really soft and also appears to be well-made. It is 93% Cotton, 4% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex and machine washable. It's similar to the Jackie Cardigan at J.Crew, only softer and a tad boxier, so if I were to order another one I think I would try an XXSmall to see if it makes a difference.

Next up is the Fit and Flare Dress currently on sale for $26.99 in sizes 0-14.

The description on the website reads:

Keep things simple.
  • Soft cotton jersey fabric on top with a woven skirt
  • Tank style with elastic waist
  • Hidden side zip closure
  • Falls above knee
Design: An essential dress — nothing overdone, nothing to worry about. A perfect combination of a soft knit top and a cool woven skirt

Possibilities: A night out, a day at the park. Cool and effortless.

Material: Skirt is 100% cotton, top is cotton with 8% Lycra® spandex. Hand wash. Imported.

This dress is a perfect little day dress. It's very comfortable and can wear it alone, belted, with a scarf, with a cardigan or jacket, with flats, or with heels and it has pockets...YAY!! The top portion is fitted like a tank top and has some stretch to it due to the Lycra Spandex. I ordered this in a size 2 and it fits nicely. The dress isn't lined, but you may be able to get away without wearing a slip since the skirt fabric is fairly substantial. I know a lot of women don't like to wear slips, but I normally do because I find that the dress *hangs* on your body better, skimming your backside without risk of clinging or showing any VPL. I took some pictures to show the various ways the dress can be worn but didn't add jewelry or do a lot of extra styling. I just mainly wanted to show what the dress looks like on.

Here it is on me:

With the Cylindrical Braid Belt in Yellow from Anthropologie:

With a wide black belt (made by Chinese Laundry) purchased at TJ Maxx and black capri sandals:

A possible way to transition the dress into fall so that you can get more use out of it if purchasing it now:

So my overall experience with purchasing from LE Canvas has been great. They have well-made clothing, wonderful Customer Service, ship reasonably quick, and if something you order doesn't work out, you can simply return it to a Sears store. I highly recommend giving them a try.

One more thing: at the time I purchased my dresses they weren't at this sale price, but once I saw the lower sale prices yesterday I contacted their CS and was given a price adjustment...LOVE that I was able to get a PA on a sale item without having to return/repurchase.

**You can see my other LE Canvas sale picks in this post. Happy Shopping! :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. Love both on you FFM! I want to know more about the caged heels you have on with the Fit & Flare Dress please.

  2. Thanks Roxy! My sandals are the *Sonya* Huarache Platform Wedge sandals that I purchased on super sale from BR last year. I actually have them in Black and Brown, too.

  3. Roxy: Frye sells a similar pair in the color they call Natural .

  4. Love them both on you - adorable!!! Thanks so much for posting some IRL pics. I posted about the sale, but haven't had a chance to take pics. I ordered a number of things yesterday, but you pushed me over the edge to try out the fit & flare. Like how you styled it for fall (esp since I have the black blossom blazer to recreate!). I also threw in a heritage sweater in the chocolate to try out. Can't beat that price! I'm excited to see what they put out for fall - did you see the heritage blazer picture? Very preppy and cute...I'm expecting good things.

  5. Love both dresses! You look so fab!!! I have ordered both of these as well, I just hope I chose wisely re. size...eeep!

    I am especially excited about the Fit and made it look so darn adorable!

    Thanks for the post!

  6. I love the dress on you with the black blossom blazer, too. Very nice!!

  7. Thanks shopwithm! :) I think you'll really like the Fit and Flare. It's just so comfy and versatile, not to mention the fabulous price! The Heritage blazer is adorable. Are you adding it to your wishlist?

  8. post-fab princess: THANK YOU!!! I think you'll look great in both dresses. I haven't gotten the navy one yet, but I'm thinking it may even transition to fall with black tights, not to mention it will also work with the Black Blossom blazer. Did you keep yours?

    Let me know how your goodies work out when they arrive. :)

  9. Thanks so much for the pictures! I ordered the pleat-front dress in navy yesterday morning, but am tempted to get it in white after seeing how cute it looks IRL. I wasn't interested in the fit and flare online, but the wide belt makes a huge difference. You look great in both! I have gotten several things from them in the past year, and everything is very well made. I read that this was a "soft launch" to test sales, and that a bigger launch was coming in the fall. Yeah!

  10. Oh wow, you look fabulous in both dresses and I love how you mixed it up with the black blossom jacket.

  11. They look adorable on you. I have both of these dresses on order, and a couple other items, great prices! I also got free shipping, no minimum, with code JULY20, pin 5810.

  12. thanks for the great reviews! i just ordered the fit and flare dress...just wanted to let you know that there's a free shipping code that's for land's end, but works for lec as well!

    coupon code: JULY20
    pin: 5810

  13. I have the pleat front dress in the yellow color and absolutely love it! Everytime I wear it, I get tons of compliments on it! I love how you styled the second dress too!

  14. I love both dresses on you and how you styled them! It's making me rethink Lands End for sure!

  15. I love it with the black blossom blazer. It makes me wish I did not pass on it when it was so cheap!

    I love the IRL pics - keep 'em coming!

  16. YOU look WONDERFUL in these dresses. I'm going to order the Fit & Flare. I only hope I look 1/2 as good as do you in it!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the pics.

  17. Laurie, Tabitha, Susan, Tiny Cricket, California Wife, Jessica, ThePhDWearsPrada,and Irene: THANK YOU!!! :)

    Congrats to those of you who also got the dresses and thanks to Susan and Tiny Cricket for another free shipping code!

    Have a great day ladies! :)

  18. The looks you created are fantastic! We are glad that you are happy with the dresses and cardigan. The blog looks great. Thank you for including Lands' End Canvas in it.

  19. FFM - I ordered the fit and flare dress after seeing your review and IRL photos. I just adore versatile. Wearing it to work today with a searsucker blazer and pumps and love it! Thanks! And keep up the great blog!

  20. Lands' End Canvas: Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and comment! I know that myself and many, many others are definitely looking forward to seeing your next rollout. :)

  21. Erika: Congrats on getting the dress! I'm so glad you like it and appreciate you taking the time to stop by and let me know. :)

    Have a wonderful evening everyone! :)

  22. FFM-just a follow-up comment re: my first Lands End Canvas (LEC) purchase. Not only do I LOVE my fit and flare dress but I recently received a HAND WRITTEN thank you note from a LEC "customer service specialist" thanking me for my recent order and gave me their email address if I had any comments/questions. That goes above and beyond my expectations as a customer and will def purchase from them again!

  23. Erika: I agree that the handwritten follow-up notes are such a nice surprise and gesture. Their customer service seems to one of the best around. Thank you for coming back to post your update...I really appreciate it! :)