Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Shopping: J.Crew New Arrivals

Hello Everyone! This week's Sunday Shopping is about NEW ARRIVALS. They are pretty much everywhere right now, aren't they? It seems that most retailers are introducing a lot of their fall pieces even though the temperatures in most regions are in the 90's or higher. If you look at the different retailers, you'll see plenty of blazers, tweed, and even boots, but fortunately they have also included some pieces that can be worn now and then transitioned into fall.

Living in Florida our warm weather extends into November (sometimes beyond), so I try to hold off on making too many *cold weather purchases* until closer to that time. However, I do enjoy looking at the fall apparel and envisioning all the great outfits I could wear in my *imaginary* life where I live in a place that actually has 4 seasons. ;) I know that many of you do actually reside in such places and it won't be too much longer before you will actually be able to wear the beautiful pieces being offered, and for this reason today I'm going to share some of my personal favorites from J.Crew with you. :)

Sadly, I don't have as many favorites as I used to with each rollout, but there ARE a handful of pieces this time that have caught my eye.

The Khloe jacquard cami which comes in Cobblestone (shown in the pic above) and Blush Stone, size 0-12. I love the neckline and print on the cami. I envision it worn under a Blazer with either jeans and boots, or a great pencil skirt.

The Novo-stripe wrap top is actually perfect for wearing right now in the warmer weather. As you know, I love stripes and this top is a nice change from the *normal* horizontal tees and shirts currently being offered just about everywhere. Once fall and the cooler weather arrives, this one can be worn under blazers or possibly over a button-down shirt or turtleneck.

Shimmer tweed Ruby jacket. This is a collection piece priced at $325, and while that is out of my price range, I am such a sucker for little jackets and tweed that this one is being added to my wishlist in hopes of eventually snagging it on sale. I think it would be adorable worn over a blouse with some wide-leg pants, or with a tee and jeans...lots of possibilities on this one.

The Double-serge pencil skirt in Bronzed Ochre. I missed out on this color last time around and don't plan to miss out again...just hope the fit on this year's skirt is as good as last year. The waistband is thinner on the current version, but I'm hoping it's not going to make much of a difference. The pencil skirt is such a great piece to have as a staple in your wardrobe. It can be dressed up with heels, dressed down with flats or sandals, and in the fall/winter it looks fantastic with tights and knee boots. The colors that J.Crew offers it in are beautiful, as well.

The Northern lights necklace looks as if it will add just the right amount of sparkle without being too *over the top*, plus I like the shorter length, since you'll actually be able to see the necklace when wearing a button-down shirt (without having to wear it outside of the collar).

The Exhibitor Tote...yes, I know it's really big, but I personally love large handbags, and this one is no exception.

The Wide calf hair belt in Chocolate Camel. This is such a versatile piece and looks great with so many different colors, too. Definitely on my personal wishlist. :)

Vintage silk scarf in the Viridian Green color. What an absolutely beautiful color and pattern. It reminds me of the Watercolor Floral print from 2 years ago that can bee seen on this skirt. I missed out on the print back then, so this scarf is high on my wishlist.

The Coddington suede platform pumps. Wow! Is the Dusk Red color gorgeous or what? I absolutely love the silhouette of this shoe and think it would look amazing with a pencil skirt. J.Crew also offers a leather version in 3 different colors. (If you're looking for a similar shoe at a lower price point, Banana Republic has the Union High Heel Pump, and Calvin Klein has the Carley pump.)

That's it for me...what about you? Do you see any J.Crew New Arrivals that you're interested in? Have you had the opportunity to see any of it in person or try it on? Have you already made a purchase? Please do share! :)

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Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)



  1. I sure do. I am like you and live in a warm climate. Actually, right now I live in a HOT climate! I won't buy anything for a few months, unless I get a code.

    On my wish list are some of the same items you have on yours. I like the novo stripe wrap blouse and the wide calf hair belt. I agree the northern nights necklace will add a nice touch under button downs.

    I want the pebbled jacquard pencil skirt, I don't currently have a pencil skirt that color in my closet. I'm also crazy about the gusto cami. I know, it's ruffled and I keep declaring how tired I am of ruffles. The cami has some edge though with the exposed back zip, plus it looks fitted through the torso and I need all the help I can get looking like I have a figure! The shirred cardigan looks interesting. I'll have to try it on. If it does the figure flattering things that last year's maya cardigan did, I'm picking one up.

    All this together is about $500-$600 so needless to say I can wait for a sale or code, or both. I can't wear most of it for months anyway. The exception is the novo stripe top and the gusto cami. Those I would love to have now.

  2. I love your picks out of the new arrivals. I did place an order from JCrew but it was all crewcuts for my 8yo daughter, not one single ride-along for me: that's got to be a first!
    My favorite item from the new roll-out is the Caryn suiting dress in the cedar. I might purchase it with a code. A 20% off an entire order over $175 or something might do the trick for me!
    Have a great day!

  3. I love the Khloe jacquard cami, but really want to try it on first. The fit has been off foe me lately at J.Crew. Great picks FFM! I think the Ruby would look fantastic on you so I hope you are able to snag it eventually. :)

  4. I love those platform pumps! Thanks so much for offering an alternative at a lower price point - I was so excited to see something similar that is more in my price range :)

  5. Hi,
    I also live in Florida so our climate isn't conducive to the tweeds and cashmeres. I was in a store today and this is the FIRST time I ever walked out empty handed. I used to have LONGGGG lists of items I wanted, this year the list is short so far.

    The merino cardigans are too long for me!! Lovely colors though. I will have to wait for a code to order the Rimini cardigan in the colors I want. I'm afraid to say I have quite the merino collection for a Floridian.

    The wool pencil skirts were beauties if you haven't snatched them up in previous years. My friend (Vertrice) and I have every color from over the years and they have lasted nicely. We even paid full price not to miss the plum and brilliant blue.

    I'm loving the work dresses and the Dolmina Shirt jacket. That might be my August purchases.

    I LOVE the Dark green exhibitor bag! I would love to see it IRL first before dropping the $$.

  6. I love my bronzed ochre pencil skirt! (So much that I hunted down all the other colors it came in too. :-) ) I have 2 fave outfits that use it, both borrowed from the original catalog and Web site pics. How original, huh? I can't style myself for beans, and now we all know. LOL.

    Anyway, I love the bronzed ochre pencil skirt with the purple-ish Lydia silk top -- the color combo is very unexpected yet looks great together! I also really like that skirt with a navy blue cotton sateen perfect shirt and (here's the key) -- a turquoise beaded necklace. I'm not sure how or why it works, but it does.


  7. Usually I have $2000 in my "wishlist" cart after the big fall and spring rollouts. I'm lukewarm. If a code comes soon, I will probably try the Caryn dress in navy and the Banquette in the seaport blue. Unfortunately I strongly suspect the necklines will be too low for my office. What is with the very revealing career wear?

    I love, love dark green--I wish I'd kept more of my things in that color from the early 90s, when it seemed to be everywhere. So, I'm intrigued by the wool Minnie in parsley. Likewise the Ruby jacket--I've been "obsessed" (to use a JC cliche) with dark green velvet ever since Scarlett O'Hara's curtains!

    Things still on my fall list:
    1. A really great black jacket--something like a Bella or Maggie that will work both as a blazer and a light outer layer.
    2. Purple or maroon suede shoes. The Coddlingtons are great but just a little OOTT for my office.
    3. Brown booties. Maybe if the Kingstons go on sale.
    4. A couple of really great print scarves. I ordered a couple from the Nordstrom anniversary sale--they should arrive tomorrow.

  8. Thanks for stopping by to share your New Arrival favorites ladies! :)

    Have a great day!