Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

After all...what fun would life be without something to wish for???

Anything new on your wishlist?



  1. Like you, more and more of my wish list comes from Anthropologie. You've made some great choices! I have several of these items on my list too. And, oddly, one of my current wish list items is a great black pencil skirt. I realized recently that I don't have one anymore. I'm on the hunt for a lightweight wool or blend, or other fabric that will be year round suitable in Arizona.

  2. I've posted a bunch of my Wednesday Wishes too, Unless lottery winning suddenly appear all but one or maybe two will be mine. Love the clogs you've chosen and the Tory Burch dress is darling.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Desert Flower and Julie!

    Desert Flower: Good luck on finding a great fitting black pencil skirt. If Talbots does adjust their sizing, maybe you'll be able to find one there soon. I'll also let you know if I come across one. :)

    Julie: I need to win the lottery, too. It's still fun to look even though I can't afford it all though. I'm headed to your blog to check out your wishlist now. :)

    Have a great day ladies!