Friday, August 20, 2010

And So My Anthropologie Wishlist Grows Even Longer...

As if my Wishlist at Anthropologie wasn't already long enough, I am now once again adding several of the New Arrivals to's a little peek at a handful of my latest additions:

Eze Sur Mer had me at hello. Yes, I know I own a gazillion other striped tops already, but you are just a little bit different with the draping pleats hanging from your to decide on a color (or two). ;)

Spumante Tunic. Love the colors. I think it will look really cute worn over my AG Tomboy Crops in *Runner* (that I purchased after seeing how fabulous they looked on Roxy ) with knee boots or ankle booties.

Showpiece Tee...oh so pretty and appropriately named. Only a bracelet and dainty pair of earrings required with this one, since it is certain to be the focal point of your outfit.

Love Letter feminine and pretty.

Falling In Love Vest. As if I don't already have enough ruffles, but there's just something different about this...such a nice feminine take on the vest.

Gold Rush Bolero. This would be adorable over a sleeveless LBD.

High Tea Trousers. Did I happen to mention that I love plaid just about as much as I do stripes? ;)

Uppsala Clog Boots...definite love, but the price tag is a killer!

Uber-Urbane Bag. How fantastic would this look with the clog boots?

Have you added anything new to your Anthropologie wishlist? Have you purchased any of the new arrivals? Did you take advantage of the fabulous sale that happened last Tuesday? Please share. :)



  1. So much good stuff on their web site. I bought the Falling in Love vest before it even hit the sales floor. I LOVE it. Not quite sure how I'm going to style it yet, but I'm working on pairing it with trouser jeans and an embellished tee. The fit is GREAT, but I think it runs a tiny bit large in the shoulder and chest area.

  2. Hello Florida mom, I'm a Florida mom myself. I found your blog on Mother of Style. I just bought two fabulous Floreat blouses from Anthropologie. Love walking into that store.

  3. My new wishlist additions are verrrrry similar. I wish the Fukuoka Folds Dress would show up locally; I've been dying to see it in real life. Thanks for sharing your list, FFM!

  4. I keep finding lovely stuff to buy every Tuesday sale since free shipping started. I love Anthropologie sales, very fair & striaghtforward: first cut (half-price), returnable indefinitely, & no minimum free shipping. This week I got the Vappu dress in yellow (finally) and the Wiley tee. Ain't the AG Tomboy crops amazing? Bought the Runner and Purpose. I'm practically living in them this summer.

  5. Aylesbury Corduroys
    Finishing School Skirt
    Deuxhill Cowlneck

    Too many good things!

  6. FFM, I just ordered the eze sur mer top! I got the classic black and white. It looks very flattering, I like the seaming and the neckline is very pretty. I will report on it when I try it on.

  7. Hi FFM, I too can't have enough striped / nautical tops. Thanks for the tip on the Eze Sur Mer top. I love it and am getting one now!

  8. The bolero, the boots and the bag are fabulous!!

  9. I love those clog boots, they look so 1970's, they'd look so fab with skinny jeans and stripy stop.