Monday, August 2, 2010

B is for Brooch

Hello my dear readers! I hope you are having an absolutely FABULOUS start to your week! Today I am sharing another excerpt from the book The One Hundred by Nina Garcia..."A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own." It shares the A-Z staples each woman should have in her wardrobe, and today we are continuing on with the letter B. :)
B is for Brooch:

"THE UNINITIATED associate the brooch with grandmothers and great-aunts and think it is only to be worn on the neckline of dresses. But the fashionable are aware that it is capable of so much more. It is an accessory that allows you to show off your creative side. Find ironic designs and large, interesting pieces. Put them in your hair, on your hats, on unexpected places on your clothing. Follow the lead of women like Sharon Stone, who tied back her husband's white shirt with a dragonfly pin and stepped out on the red carpet in 1998. Or Charlize Theron, who ingeniously placed a brooch on each strap of her amber Vera Wang dress for the 2000 Oscars. A few years later, she placed two diamond flower brooches in her perfectly coiffed hair. Google these images, and then go scour the vintage shops and your grandmas's jewelry box to find brooches you can play around with.

Great Moments in Brooches:

*1975: In the film Grey Gardens, Edith Bouvier Beale famously finished off every outfit with a four-inch brooch. It is iconic enough to have its own Web site,
*1994: Madeleine Albright was meeting with an Iraqi foreign minister who had previously called her a snake. She wore a snake brooch.
*1998: Eva Peron's diamond-and-sapphire brooch of the flag of Argentina sold at auction for $992,500 to an anonymous American bidder (rumored to be Madonna)."

"If someone wants to know what kind of mood I'm in, read my pins!" --Madeleine Albright

(All the information above is from the book)

Beautiful Brooches for your viewing pleasure:
*Vintage Style Bow Brooch Watch
*Vintage Balenciaga 1970s Ribbed Gold Tone And Diamante Brooch
*Barbie Swarovski Crystal Brooch
*Sterling Silver Starfish Brooch
*JUDITH JACK Marcasite Dragonfly Brooch
*Bejeweled Floral Brooch
*Butterfly Brooch
* Marcasite & Sterling Silver Pink Shell Flower Brooch
*Bright Blue Flower Brooch
*MOSCHINO Brooches

Have a beautiful rest of your day! :)



  1. Nice Blog!

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  2. Hey FFM: I love this new series you are doing on the Nina Garcia book. I've been curious about it. And I love Brooches....I'm planning on finding a few statement pins for the fall.

  3. Great idea with the series--I love brooches and pins . . . .LOL in the 80s my thing was to wad up a bunch of lace somewhere on my outfit (waist, hair, shoulder, hip, etc) and tack it down with a big vintage rhinestone brooch. (What did I do with that, anyway? It was from the 60s.)

  4. I love Brooches, and they are right on point for the season. check out some of these brooches from my website.

  5. Hi FFM,

    My name is Genn. I have not properly introduced myself to you yet, but I have been enjoying your blog for some time now. I am a girl with a love of fashion and love love love all of the good info you share here.

    I see you are also a lover of Diana Gabladon's books as well. I am re reading them all so that I can read her newest 7th book. I am currently on The Fiery Cross as well, and I just read that she is working on her 8th book! OMG. And that maybe they will become movies. OMG. Is it not the BEST love story you have ever read?

    Nice to meet ya!!

  6. I picked this book up this weekend on the power of your excerpt sharing! I love it so much that reading it has become my nighty-night bedtime ritual! :)

  7. Thanks Bella! :)

    Jordyn: I'm so glad you're enjoying the series! Each letter actually has more than one item, but for right now I'm just picking one to post. Once we get through the entire alphabet I'll start over again at A if there is still interest. :)

  8. Thanks Hexicon! Ah...the good 'ole days, huh? ;) Wearing brooches was such the thing in the 80's. Remember Pretty in Pink? There probably wasn't a scene without one it it.

    Lisa: Thank you for sharing the links...your brooches are beautiful! :)

  9. Hi Genn! Thanks for the's great to *meet* you! :)

    I completely agree that the Outlander series is such a fabulous love story! I'm excited to hear that Diana Gabaldon is working on an 8th book, too. Maybe by the time I get through the series the first time it will be completed, and of course a movie would be fantastic, too. I just hope I finish the books before the movie comes out. :)

  10. Hi Lady Buttons! YAY for you getting the book! It is such a fun and fabulous read, isn't it? I especially love all the quotes she puts in from other famous people on each item. Btw, thanks for stopping by to let me know you're enjoying it. :)