Thursday, August 12, 2010

Banana Republic: *Life At Work*

Happy Thursday Dear Readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far! :) As you all know, the fall collections continue to roll out at various retailers as they try to ready us for the cooler months ahead. Well, Banana Republic recently sent out a publication to cardmembers titled *Life At Work*. It showcases many looks from their New Fall 2010 Collection and written inside it says:
"Forget the work wardrobe-it's about a wardrobe that works for your life. This season, we asked a few of our friends to show us style at work. Naturally, everyone has a unique take- a little bit like life itself."

As you can see, they are showing their clothes on *every day* people, like numerous other retailers have done recently. This is something I personally enjoy, as I like to see the clothing on *non-model* bodies.

They also included both a 30% off any $100+ purchase coupon for the *After 5 Style Event* on 8.17.10 and 25% off $100+ purchase coupon to use every time you shop from 8.13.10-8.22.10.

I have scanned several of the pages to share with you, and I have to say there are really a lot of cute items that I'm interested in trying out. I've purchased several things from BR this past year and the quality has been really decent. They consistently run promotions, so it's always possible to get a really good deal there, too. :)

The cardigan in the above pic is the Mixed Media Ruffle Sweater Jacket, which comes in Boardwalk Heather, Grey Heather, and Noble Blue. She's wearing it over the Silk Raw-Edge Shirt Dress with the Skinny Lizard Belt in Grey at her waist. The handbag she's carrying is the Chelsea Lambskin Satchel, and her bracelet is the Lock and Key Bracelet.

The next page reads: "WITH BORROWED-FROM-THE-BOYS STYLING in a silhouette entirely hers, each and every cardi this season is embellished with delightful details--antique-inspired bugle beads, raw-edge ruffles and genuine shell buttons-just to name a few. We strongly suggest layering it over everything. Did we mention pearls?"

The pictures showcase many of the new arrivals, including the Lightweight Wool Charcoal Blazer, (which also comes in Black), the Contrast Trim Cardi, and Boyfriend Cord (first look). 

The second pic showcases the Merino beaded placket cardigan , Pleated fan tank, and Chandelier Prism Necklace (not yet available online). 

In the next picture is the Hidden Placket Cardigan, Sleeveless ruffle front top, Cotton pleated skirt, Haircalf Belt (in Leopard Print), Reno high-heel oxford, and Therese chain necklace

The fourth picture shows the Cozy ruffle cardigan, Celia tie-neck braided shell, Martin fit mini-stripe pant, and Castle Necklace (also not yet available online). 

The fifth pic includes the Merino beaded placket cardigan, BR Monogram Silk Tuxedo Shirt, and Layered Ruffle Skirt

The last look on this page showcases the Merino Ombre Cardigan, Silk Pintuck Shirtdress, Skinny metallic belt, Frannie wool hat, and Studded leather mini bag.

"THE SKINNY ON THE SKINNY? The new skinny pant is designed to contour perfectly to the body-special thanks to a hint of stretch. This could very well be the most flattering, most versatile item in your wardrobe this season-and next."

"FLAT-OUT-FABULOUS: OUR FLATS ARE MADE with hand-finished beadwork, exclusive finishes and other details-all to keep you (happily) on your toes. *Give those heels a rest. A jeweled flat is the perfect stand-in."

So what do you think about the fall arrivals at Banana Republic? Do you see anything you're interested in? Have you already tried or purchased any of the pieces? Did you receive this mailing and coupons? Please do share. :)

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I saw alot of the new rollout yesterday and I like it, good quality. The Merino sweaters really caught my attention. The exposed seams seem to be the in thing this Fall at BR too.

    I received a coupon for 30% off for Thursdays in Sept. because I did not buy anything, people who purchased yesterday received the coupon for Weds in Sept.

  2. Thanks for stopping by casual-crew! I'm glad to hear that the good quality is continuing with the new rollout. There are several items I want to try, including a couple of the new cardigans. Thanks also for the info on the coupon.

    Have a great day! :)

  3. I purchased the cotton slub cardigan and the silk blend stretch cardigans in pottery green and grey brick. I like that they all have flat buttons, which IMO look better when you only button one or two. The cardigans have long sleeves, which surprised me because I'm so used to 3/4, but I can always fold them back if I want the bracelet sleeve look. I took an S because I may want to layer a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

    I also purchased the Sabrina herringbone shawl collar jacket with the last 40% code and like it. It's more of a glorified sweater, unstructured with the exception of 2 little shoulder pads. It's got a cute front that looks like the Maya cardigan, so I don't think that it should be worn unbuttoned. I ordered a 4 after reading all the reviews that said it ran small... but it was big on me in the bust and the sleeves. I should've gotten the 2, and will attempt to exchange at the store so that I can retain the promo on it... it's not worth $130 IMO, but with 40% it's a nice transition piece for fall.

    I've also purchased the white button-down boyfriend shirt from BR and like it as well ... it's slightly oversized as opposed to the JC 'his' shirts, which were a more literal take (ie, HUGE!) on the men's shirt.

    Overall, I've been pleased with my BR purchases. It helps to have online reviews to guide sizing. I haven't been able to make their pants work for me, but I don't need any, anyway! :)

  4. This one definitely reeled me in. I'm quite leery of BR because many of my items from them have been destroyed within a year, so it's good to hear the quality looks better here.

    I also like the diversity of this shoot, though I am not pleased that "real" only seems to include thin people. Barely any curves in sight.

  5. I have seldom purchased anything from Banana Republic. I always find their website drab for lack of a better word. With a recent code I picked up the textured cotton crop pant and I'm really pleased with them. The waist is a bit higher and the waist band is wide, making them very flattering on. I picked up the classic trench with the 30% off and I will get a lot of wear out of that. It's very well made. I probably won't buy much more at this point, except maybe the Sabrina jacket with a code or on sale.

    Speaking of which, Silver Lining, you can exchange and keep the code. Just call customer service. They will reorder the size you want and apply the code, then you can send the other one back. I did that with the pants I mention above since I ordered the wrong size the first time.

  6. I always love BR's style, but their clothes never seem to fit me (except for wrap dresses). Every season I try, every season I cry. (Well, figuratively). Their clothes just don't seem to be cut for the curvy or the big busted. Even the supposedly super flattering Martin pants are a no go on me, and it's not a matter of just sizing up.

    However, your post has inspired me to try, try again!

  7. silver_lining: Thanks for taking the time to stop by and give a couple of reviews...glad you were also able to find some things you like. :)

    roxy: I've found that shopping BR is hit or miss, but that really seems to be the case just about anywhere nowadays. I think they are worth another try though. :)

    Desert Flower: Thank you also for the reviews! :) I think the website looks more interesting right now than it has in the past with this latest roll out. I do understand what you mean about it being drab though. That's actually the way I feel about the J.Crew website now, too. I find it hard to even look at anything because the website is depressing.

    Generation Kvetch: I really do hope you are able to find some pieces this time around! They actually have a ruffle wrap blouse out now, so maybe that would work for you since the wrap dresses do?

    Thank you all for stopping by! Have a great day! :)

  8. I have to agree with what's been said already....BR has been hit or miss for me too, but I am in love with their jeans. I really like the cardigans I've gotten from there too...always really good quality. This new roll out is looking good! I'm liking what I'm seeing!

  9. I have quite a few items from BR in the past, all of worn well and many favorites. Amazingly, their black tops never fade! In the last year I've only shopped there for DH-he is particular, and not a shopper, but BR hits the right note in their casual sweaters and tees for him. I've had a $150 gift card since May-but nothing that I've wanted to use it on - yet. I have high hopes for some yummy fall sweaters-which IMO they do quite well, typically with a large color selection. BTW-if any of your readers are ever in SF, there is a BR Edition store that only carries accessories. As far as I know it is only store of it's kind in the company. They carry tons of jewelry, bags, and shoes - and many items are exclusives.

  10. When I received this booklet with the coupon I had to flip through them and couldn't help but be amazed at how similar BR is trying to be like JCrew. "Borrowed from the boys" line had me cracking up. Even some of the names of the pieces are from previous JC styles.

    It's been a while since I've tried anything from BR even I'm a Luxe card holder. With the new 40% coupon coming up next month I'm eager to try the trench coat and some other pieces.

    When I used to work before kids BR was my go to place but since my lifestyle is more casual JC has my attention.

  11. Thanks, Desert Flower! I'm going to do just that... especially since I went to the store today and they didn't have the smaller size. Works for me!

    So yeah, when I peeked around the store today there were a lot of things that looked nice, and very reminiscent of JC - it's like, if JC just held back from adding that second row of ruffles, or sequins, or whatever... it would be BR's fall collection.

  12. Jenni: I have a pair of their boyfriend jeans from last year and they are super comfy. I'm sure I'll be breaking them out here again soon. :)

    Julie: The BR Edition store sounds fantastic. I've had really good luck with their handbags, as well as several jewelry pieces. :)

    jcrewphd: That line also makes me laugh. Today I noticed that it's being used on Pipeline, too. I'm thinking it wasn't original to Jenna though. I would guess she probably heard it somewhere and started using it so much that everyone thinks of J.Crew when they hear it. I think that J.Crew is just really good at getting the *soon to be trends* out there before everyone else.

    silver_lining: Perhaps not adding the *extras* will make all the difference for BR. ;)