Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Fabulous Florida Mommy: Do You Have Any Suggestions For Great Heels?

I recently received a request from one of my *Fabulous Followers* to do a post on great heels.

"Hi FFM,
Could you please do a post on great heels? I am a mom of 3, can't shop often but am invited to my husband's coworker's cocktail party and can't seem to find shoes!!! Also, after kids, I can only do heels upto 3 inches. TIA"

Well my friend, I hear 'ya on the whole high heel issue! I really need comfortable shoes now, but hate to compromise on the *wow* factor, so I'm always on the hunt for a shoe that combines the best of both worlds. :) I have several suggestions for you...some I have personally tried, and others I have come across in my web searches.

The first pair I actually purchased a week or so ago from Kohl's. They are the Gracelyn High Heels by Dana Buchman. They are very comfortable...more so than my Cole Haan Nike Air pumps. They have built in cushions in the toe bed area, making it feel almost like pillows on the balls of your feet. Plus they are only 3 inches and you can get 30% off with code THIRTY4U at checkout right now. These are a great basic style that will work well in your wardrobe far beyond the cocktail party, too.

I also ordered another pair of her shoes that I also like really well, but have to exchange for a smaller size. They are 3.25 inches, but also seem to be pretty comfortable. They are the Ainsley Heel. (These look a lot prettier on the foot than they do online and remind me a bit of the Calvin Klein Carley Pump, but with a more wearable heel). The Ainsley shoe also comes in a similar style and a 2.75 inch heel: Kaley Heels.

Another pair that I own from Kohl's are the Apt.9 Phoenix Peep-Toe Heels. Granted, these are 4 inches high, but they really don't feel that high to me, and are actually pretty comfortable (especially if you don't have to do a lot of walking). They look sexy on the foot and would be great for a cocktail party. Also, remember that any shoes purchased at Kohl's right now receive the 30% discount with the code I listed earlier.

Also at Kohl's and very feminine/flirty are the Apt.9 Tailee Peep-Toe Dress Heels...definitely a fantastic price with the additional discount, too.

The Big Ben Peep-Toe Heels from A2 by Aerosoles are nice IRL and *on-trend* with the chunky heel/platform design. They also come in Red, which appears to be more of a wine color.

Moving on from Kohl's to are currently running a promotion  where you can save 25% on $100 orders of select styles. A few suggestions from their select styles are:

The Ann Marino Hollywood Peep-Toe Pump comes in both Gold and Black Satin. The little ruffle detail is very feminine and pretty, plus the gold would work as a great neutral.

If you want a simple metallic shoe, then the Bandolino Eira at Piperlime is a good option and very affordable, too. The Cappros Danni is another metallic evening shoe option.

The Jasmina from Nine West comes in numerous colors that would work for a cocktail party, and the Kelly and Katie Lila Sandal also looks like a pretty option (it also comes in black).

Hopefully these suggestions will help aid you in finding the perfect party shoe. :)

Have a wonderful day!



  1. FFM,
    I love this post. Great ideas! I'd like your POV too. If you could have one pair of shoes/boots for Fall, what would they be? I have a pair of clogs coming my way and I'm debating on another pair of shoes, but want to get something that's the most versatile. A shoe boot (like a suede wedge), something like the Langford JC shoe, or something else? I'd love your thoughts.


  2. Thanks Lizzy! :) I have a couple of questions for you regarding the shoes/boots for you have a pair of knee boots that you regularly wear? Also, are you looking for something casual or more dressy?

  3. I'm definitely going to try the DB shoes next time I am at Kohls. I didn't realize they were leather. I sure hope they will fit my wide ol foot, but we'll see. I love the look of the pumps with the chunkier heel.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks FFM. I have a pair of knee high boots picked out for my birthday. I know I don't need another pair, but I am tempted by the Langdons and the suede wedges :)

  5. Generation Kvetch: The DB shoes are really very nice, especially for the price. I hope they work out for you! Have a great weekend, too! :)

  6. Lizzy: I like the idea of both the Langford or the suede wedge bootie. I actually have a pair of suede wedge booties that I purchased on sale at BR last year that I'll be breaking out again this year, too.

    The Langford is very, very cute and would work well with skirts and cropped pants, too. I was actually sent a really nice (less expensive) alternative to the Langford for my next *You Look Familiar* post that you may be interested in: L.L. Bean Leather Brogue Shoe and the shipping is free on it, too.

  7. Thanks, FFM. My clogs arrived today (I got the Steve Madden ones you had on your blog). They are so cute. High, but cute! Thanks for recommending!

  8. I'm glad you like the clogs Lizzy. I agree that they are rather high, but thankfully the chunky heel makes them a bit more manageable. Also, they are a lot more comfy if you put in a pair of the gel cushion inserts.

    Btw, did you have a pair of suede shoe boot/booties in mind?

  9. Thanks FFM. This was EXTREMELY helpful!!

  10. FFM
    can you also share how & what you would wear clogs with this fall? Thanks souch for your wonderful blog!

  11. Hi Lizzy! I'll style a Polyvore set or two with clogs and post them in one of my segments this coming week. :)

  12. Lizzy T: I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the sets with the clogs. I'll try to get a post up tomorrow sometime with the outfit suggestions. You have the black Steve Madden's, correct? :)

  13. FFM-
    No worries! I know you're busy. I didn't have the SM, but decided they were too high for me. Returned them and got the $24 pair from Target. Not as cute as the SM, but better heel for me and I was able to put $ toward other shoes! Thanks!

  14. Thanks Lizzy T! If I don't get to it today, I will be sure to at some point this week. Unexpected events at my house have changed up my entire schedule, and it just isn't going as I had planned. Thanks for understanding! :)

  15. Lizzy T: Did you get the black pair at Target or the brownish pair?

  16. Hi Lizzy T! I just styled a couple of sets to give you an idea to wear with clogs. I put them with a pair of long flared/bootcut jeans and also with a pair of cropped jeans. I think they can also be worn with certain dresses or skirts, too (like they were shown at one of the Chanel shows. I posted a few pics in this post.)

    I was looking for some examples of dresses or skirts online, but didn't come across any I would suggest in the current offerings. I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I see something I think would work. In the meantime, here are the 2 sets with the jeans:


    HTH! :)