Saturday, August 28, 2010

F is for Fur

Hello my Dear Readers! I hope you are having an absolutely FABULOUS weekend so far! Today I am sharing another excerpt from the book The One Hundred by Nina Garcia..."A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own." It shares the A-Z staples each woman should have in her wardrobe, and today we are continuing on with the letter F. :)

F is for Fur:

Ms. Garcia writes:

    "WHETHER YOU DECIDE TO GO REAL OR FAKE is entirely up to you. Just make sure it's fabulous either way. It has to be glamorous and gorgeous--otherwise, it's pointless!

The five that I prefer, in order of price and luxe factor, are: sable, chinchilla, mink, Astrakhan/broadtail, and Orylag. In Italy, where the well-to-do girls all receive their first fur on their eighteenth birthday, the women can tell you the much more blown-out hierarchy. The Italians collect their furs like the French collect their scarves and Americans collecct their jeans, so they can unapologetically tell you how to best wear fur. With everything. It adds the glam factor to jeans, evening gowns, dresses, etc. There is nothing that fur does not play well with.
Great Finds At: J. Mendel, Fendi, Dennis Basso, vintage shops
Fashion 101: Fur Ever

*Sable: If you have endless funds, this is your fur. It is extraordinarily beautiful with an incredible silvery sheen due to its lack of pigmentation in the tips of the fur. Before oil was discovered, sable was considered "black gold", and it remains as precious today as it was in ancient times.
*Chinchilla: A soft, velvety fur that is both light and voluptuous. It sways and changes colors with each gust of the wind and movement of the body. The changing colors range from silver-white, gray-blue, pearl gray, rose-beige, and black. It is a mark and marvel of luxury and high fashion.
*Mink: Perhaps the most popular fur. It is both soft and glossy, and the colors range all the way from white to dark brown and black. It is a fur that offers fashion designers a large number of creative options, and is thus found in all sorts of mutations.
*Astrakhan/Broadtail: Both are made from Persian lamb and are the fur of choice for the bohemian girls. Astrakhan has a coarse, loose curl that provides for a unique design. Broadtail has a beautiful, silky, moire effect because the curl has not yet developed.
*Orylag: Orylag is a rabbit fur that is dyed to look like it is the more expensive chinchilla. It feels and looks like chinchilla, and only a real connoisseur can tell the difference.


Ladies, we have to talk. I understand it is hard to match a stylish coat to an evening dress. But a day coat looks horrid with evening wear and no coat at all looks silly when it is freezing out! This is where a beautiful fur stole comes into play. Every girl should have one. It fills a multitude of wardrobe holes. It always adds Hollywood glamour to an evening dress. And it will make you look you haven't forgotten your coat in the cab.

The huge mistake when going faux is to try to buy furs that look like the real thing. No! No! Google Prada's Fake Classic Fall 2007. Look at how Prada does not try to make their furs imitate the real thing, instead giving them a life and a beauty all their own, dyeing them in shocking oranges or creating big, white, impossibly puffy coats. It is so clear that they are fake, which makes them so straight-shootingly chic."


*1953: Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall in How To Marry a Millionaire
*2001: Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenebaums
*2006: Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada

(All information above is from the book)

CHANEL, Marc Jacobs, and Burberry Prorsum were just a few of the designers who included fur (either real or faux) in their Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear collections. It showed up as full-length coats, on jackets, on vests, as stoles, and handbags.

Moving into the fall season, fur (real and faux) is in abundance at all different price ranges:

*J.Crew (this one's for you DaniBP ;)

So what are your thoughts?  Do you own any fur or faux-fur pieces? Since there are so many options available now, are you considering making a purchase? Please do share...

Have a beautiful and blessed day!



  1. I loved the book, had pre-ordered a copy myself! Not a real-fur kind of girl, but have been amazed at how real some of the faux-pieces look. I love Michael Kors as example. Some of the faux can be pricey too. I have found great success for one particular item by the label Kikit which I believe Sears now carries. It is an adorable vest. On the book, am a fan of Ruben Toledo's but had really hoped to get some photography out of her book given her line of work seemed some real-life photos would have worked nicely for this. Thanks for the post!

  2. I got this book not too long ago too. I love that you are going through them and posting some things that fit the bill. I actually was thinking about investing in fur this year. But I really think I need to go faux. Not just for price, but for ethical reasons. I had found the Anna Sui coat and I LOVE it... but it is a little bit out of my price range. I am hoping it eventually makes it to sale.

    I looked at your other options and I think the faux fur stole by Michael Kors is divine as well. The price is reasonable and it would look good over dresses through the holiday season in particular.

  3. Several years ago I bought a faux fur scarf in a leopard print thinking it would look cute in the neckline of my coat or jacket. I never wore it, and I think I forgot I had it. I recently saw a page in one of my magazines features fur scarves so I intend to pull it out when the weather cools. Here's a scan of the page:

  4. I checked this book out from the library ($12 saved is $12 to spend on clothes!).

    I'm a faux-fur girl too--I eat meat and wear leather, so this is just where I draw the line. I have a faux sheared beaver (LOL) collar that I wear frequently in the winter.

    My dream faux-fur coat is something that a friend of my picked up at Bebe (of all places) about ten years ago: knee-length, cocoon-shaped in beautiful black faux astrakhan (curly Persian lamb).

  5. Hexicon, your coat sounds divine!

    These posts are so fun, FFM! Must pick up/check out this book myself :)

    Personally, I have a fun little faux cropped coat I bought last year at Anthro. It woulnd't pass for real, but it's fun. My prized possesion, though, is my grandmother's vintage (obviously)SKUNK! jacket I inherited. It is so beautiful - long silky black hairs and super warm. Apparently, when Grandma first got it, it had a bit of smell when it rained! Thankfully this is long gone :) Although I love it, I wear it infrequently. Every time, though, it garners multiple compliments. My Russian friend, who is a real fur-lover, says I should wear it all the time - walks around the neighborhood, going to the grocery store, everywhere. I haven't worked up to that, yet :)

  6. LOL FFM! Thanks Dahling!
    Another great post, I really look forward to reading these!

  7. I have my grandmother's mink. Love:)

  8. Chris: I actually commented to my DH about the prices that some of the faux-fur is going for. I saw one coat that cost over $3, was indeed gorgeous, but not $3,000 gorgeous. I've heard of Kikit...think I'll check out my local Sears. Thanks! :)

  9. Hi Ady! Thank you for stopping by! :) The Anna Sui coat is absolutely gorgeous, but I agree the price is still a bit steep, especially for faux-fur. I hope you're able to get it on sale.

  10. Desert Flower: Oh I definitely think you should be sure to wear your leopard stole this year! already have one of the key pieces for fall and the cool weather hasn't even arrived yet. ;)

  11. Hexicon: Great idea to get the book from the library!

    The Bebe coat sounds divine. I have a short ivory faux-fur coat that I love, but rarely get to wear here. If I lived where it got really cold I would definitely go for a full-length fur coat (real if I could afford it, but if not, then I'd go faux).

  12. mommydearest: I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying these posts! :) I also agree with your Russian friend and think you should wear your fur coat more often. After all...why not? If not now, then when? If I lived where it was actually really cold I know I would. :)

  13. Thanks DaniBP! I thought you might get a good chuckle out of that! :)

  14. Genny: You are indeed fortunate to have your Grandmother's mink, and I'm sure you treasure it. :)

  15. I LOVE fur and I am dying to buy a jacket or at least a vest!