Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forever In Blue Jeans: Do You Have A Favorite Pair?

As fall approaches I am beginning my search for a new pair (or two) of blue jeans. This can really be a daunting know, trying to find a pair that is flattering, comfortable, AND reasonably priced?
In the past I have typically purchased jeans at GAP or Old Navy because I have found styles there that fit me well. However, this year I have decided to *branch out* and give some other brands a try. With so many different brands and styles to choose from, surely I can find a pair that make my backside look amazing and are so comfy I would happily wear them every day...right???

Here are a few pair I'm considering:

*James Jeans *Hector* Flare Leg. I really like the higher placement of the back pocket on this pair, and the flare at the bottom helps to balance out the hips. The 33 inch inseam is a good length to wear with most heels, although my preferred inseam length is 34.5 or 35 inches, as I like to wear them with my 4 inch heels most of the time.

Stretchy dark denim and a mid-rise...sounds like a good combination to me.

*7 For All Mankind® *Ginger* Wide Legs. Love the wide leg on these (to once again balance out the hips), the mid-rise, and the 34 inch inseam.

*Citizens of Humanity *Amber* Bootcut. The dark wash and inseam are great on this one...pocket placement looks promising, too.

*Joe's Jeans *Nico* Wash Rocker Flare Leg. Love the wash, love the flare...not so sure about the 8 inch rise though.

What I've tried so far:

*7 For All Mankind® Dojo Wide Leg. I would prefer the inseam to be about a 1/2 inch longer, and I was also expecting the denim to be more comfortable than it is.

*7 For All Mankind® 'Dojo' Trouser Leg Stretch Jeans (Myrella Wash)
These are SO comfortable and the inseam length of 35.5 (I think it's actually more like 35) is perfect. They are also a bit large in the waist, but hopefully my Instant Button® for Jeans will solve that problem. ;) The only thing I'm not sure about is the back pocket placement, which is a little low for my personal tastes, but other than that they are great.

*Paige Denim Hidden Hills High Rise Bootcut. I was able to get these on sale at Anthropologie last month, but returned them since they were too similar to the J.Crew High-Heel Flares that I already own.

So now...just how IS a girl supposed to go about narrowing down her choices with so many different brands and styles to choose from? of the best ways is to ask other women, thus the title of this post. ;) Do you have a favorite pair? Is there a specific brand and style of denim that you would recommend? Do you have any *deals on denim* to share with us? Please do tell! :)

*Also, don't forget to continue submitting your sets for the Win $1,000 With Fabulous Florida Mommy and Polyvore Contest. I've placed a contest *badge* (that links to the Mini Editor) at the top of the sidebar so you can access it quickly each time you return. I have also included instructions (in that post) for becoming a Polyore member and creating a set if you've never done it before. The sets submitted so far are absolutely FABULOUS and right now it looks as if we have a good shot at winning, so please continue to style as many sets each day as you can! THANKS!!! :)

Have a great day!



  1. Ahhh, the perfect pair of jeans :)

    I LOVE my J.Brand pencil leg jeans in Ink wash, they are super flattering. I have had a few pairs of Joes and while I liked them, the fabric was not much better quality than GAP stretch, in my opinion.

    My J.Brands (I have 3 pairs now) KEEP their shape, they are awesome. Aaaand I am able to find them for reasonable prices on Ebay frequently enough that I haven't paid close to full price for any of the pairs I own. They can also sometimes be found at TJMaxx or Marshalls.

    One last tip about J.Brand; I thought they didn't fit my body shape (small waist, larger hips) when I first tried them on but I actually had to go a size down and they fit perfectly.

  2. I'm still upset that J. Crew did away with their hipslung jeans - those fit me like no other. Unfortunately I'm relegated to Ebay hunting for their now.

    Banana Republic used to have pretty good denim too, and Ann Taylor always has a wide range of styles and sizes for their denim. The Loft has a bunch of new washes for the fall that I've been eyeballing - plus they're cheap!

  3. I have several pairs of jeans from LE and JC that don't fit particularly well, so I'm looking for something new.

    I'm not a label girl--the last time I tried on several expensive name brands at Nordstrom 1) they didn't fit my figure (hourglass with curvy hips and short legs) any better than the no-name jeans; and 2) the incredibly rude salesgirl basically told me to get out of her department and go over to Narrative to buy a pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans. (For the record, I'm over 40 but a very fit size 2 and not ready for Chicos!)

    Levis has some new jeans that are specifically tailored for different body types so I am going to give them a try.

  4. Great update, love it, FFM! Like you, I am always on a lookout for new denims andI am yet to discover the one particular brand that will be my go for all solution. So, I am eagerly awaitin everyone's insput, so I can go and try them out. I own and have had a good success with Rock and Republic, Paper Denim and Sevens. While I like J crew jeans, I found that they stretch and loose shape after couple of washes, so I'd rather invest in one good pair of jeans from elsewhere.

  5. I can't bring myself to pay high $ for jeans. I can confidently say there isn't a pair that's going to shape my wide hips/rear into a more desirable shape! I've had the best results with the Gaps jeans. I either size up in matchsticks or go for my regular size bootcut (curvy jeans from a year or two ago fit great). I'm fond of JCrew jeans too except I've had a few pairs that are a tad loose in the thigh area (while fitting perfectly everywhere else). Also, I honestly don't have time to shop elsewhere so I stick w/Gap & JCrew.

    Neil Diamond on your mind today? lol

  6. Lucky Brand has the best jeans for me! I lovvvve Little Maggies and the short inseam makes them perfect. I rarely buy anything but.

  7. Props to FFM for the Neil Diamond line. Another step in becoming my mother with the Neil Diamond love!

    With regard to jeans, for me they are not worth a large investment. I can't wear them to work. I wear them on the weekends but not all the time because frankly jeans are not that comfortable for me. I live in a really casual college town, and I'm guilty of running to the grocery in yoga pants. (Don't tell Tim Gunn.)

    So I'm like the most interesting man in the world.

    "I don't usually wear jeans, but when I do, it's Old Navy Sweethearts."

    The Sweethearts fit my hourglass shape while minimizing my pooch, even if I do have to size up. I have flares, boot legs and skinnies. They have held up great over time and are fine for my purposes. Frankly, I just can't see spending $$$ on jeans. There are other places where I would get a much bigger return on investment.

  8. I've had great luck with Banana and GAP this year so far. In GAP I've had to size down a whole size to get the right fit....except in the jeggings. My normal size was fine in those. Happy hunting!

  9. I use to be a fan of the Gap's Long and Lean, then they changed the cut (boohoo). Now I get my "everyday" jeans from American Eagle. I actually like that their rise is low, as I find with my pear shape, most "normal" rise jeans gape at the waist. I also have a pair of Citizen's trouser style jeans. The worst denim purchase ever was a pair of Rock's. I was at my thinnest when I bought them, and as soon as I gained 5 lbs, they were unwearable, as the fabric had no stretch.

  10. I'm in love with J Brand jeans. I've owned lots of different labels - 7 for all mankind, citizens, joes, hudson - but I love J brand the most. I prefer jeans with less stretch content because I find thicker denim to be a bit more flattering (sucks you in in all the right places), so for my 2 cents 7 jeans would be my least favorite designer jeans. They just stretch out wayyy too easily. Good luck on your search!

  11. Hi FFM,
    I have the Seven Gingers, and I like them a lot. If you want more of a mix between trouser and boot cut, I LOVE my Joe's Jeans Muse cut in Perry wash. They were a close match to the Essential Gap jeans I got a few years ago that they don't carry anymore. The Muse has a nice cut but is not too trendy or too wide. Awesome with heels/booties!

  12. New to your blog...I have enjoyed your posts.

    I really like Joe's Jeans - Honey fit. I am petite, and don't have a "booty" (in fact, more the opposite is true), but there's something about the waist to hip ratio of this cut that matches my post-kids body really well. And when I bend or sit, there's no gap at the waist. I actually prefer the Honey fit to Joe's petite Provocateur fit.

    You're lucky you have a long inseam; I have learned to put a European hem on all my jeans (actually, it's a pretty easy DIY).

    I also have to mention AG Jeans...I really like their denim, especially the dark washes. I get the petite Angelina fit, but the Angel bootcuts are also very nice.

  13. I have trouble finding jeans long enough for me...WITHOUT 4" heels! I have both the Ginger and Dojo jeans and like them both. I, too, preferred the old style Long and Leans. My biggest pet peeve is inconsistent inseams by brand, even when there is a supposed length on the size charts. Hard to buy online and I don't live anywhere near any cool stores.

    I'll take note of everyone else's suggestions and give them a try.

  14. Stacie: Thanks for the information about J Brand and about finding them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, as well as Ebay. I think I need to try a pair for fit and then stalk Ebay for a great deal. I'll be checking my local TJMaxx and Marshalls, too. :)

  15. Lisa-respect the shoes: I think I've seen some of the hipslungs from J.Crew on Ebay every now and then. I'm not sure why they did away with them since it seems they were fairly popular.

    I have a pair of boyfriend jeans from BR, but haven't yet tried AT or LOFT. I think I need to visit both stores next time I make it to the mall. :)

  16. Hexicon: I'm going to check out Levi's, too. I had a pair of student fit 501 blues (about 19 years ago) that I loved and practically wore to death...maybe the new line will have something for me to love, too. :)

  17. Slastena: THANK YOU! It has felt like time for a blog deign change for a while now, so adding the mini editor gave that little extra *push* to go ahead and do it. :)

    I hope you are able to find your *perfect* pair of jeans, too!

  18. IRL: I hear 'ya on not wanting to pay the high prices! In my searches I've found designer denim on really good markdowns, so it's possible to get them at a decent price. The hard part is finding a pair that fits well.

    I was going back and forth between Forever In Blue Jeans or Blue Jean Baby, and Forever seemed to fit best with the post. ;)

  19. Anon@12:12...thank you so much for the information about Lucky Brand. I'll add them to my *to try* list. :)

  20. Generation Kvetch: You're welcome! ;)
    I love your Tim Gunn line, btw.

  21. Closet Crisis: I used to wear the Essential jeans at GAP but they discontinued them. I've tried a pair of Boyfriend crops at AE, but they didn't fit right. Maybe I should go back and try some of the full length jeans in a different style instead. :)

    Thank you for the information about the Citizens and Rock jeans, too.

  22. Andrea: Thanks for the adding your recommendation for J Brand. They are definitely on my must try list, too. :)

  23. JaneKSass: I used to wear the Essentials all the time, so it sounds like I definitely need to try the Muse. Thank you also for the info on the Seven Gingers. :)

  24. Anon@4:19: Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you're here!

    Thank you so much for sharing the information about the Joe's Jeans Honey fit. I've added them to my must try list, as well. They actually have them at Anthro right now, (along with the Seven Gingers)so I may take advantage of the free shipping to try them both out. :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting today! :)

  25. Suzy Q: I've also noticed the inconsistencies on inseam lengths on the different sites. Some of the differences are pretty significant, one site saying the inseam is 34.5 and the other saying it is 36. How in the world are we supposed to be sure of what to order? I'm glad for sites that offer free shipping and free returns exactly for that reason, too. Let me know if you end up finding a the *perfect* pair! :)

  26. I wanted to mention that I did purchase a pair of AG Tomboy crops a couple weeks ago from Anthro and love them. I haven't tried any of the AG full length jeans yet, though.

    Thank you all so much for stopping by today!

  27. I didn't see the point in high end denim before but have converted. I wear jeans so much I feel the cost per wear is pretty good. I am average size 8, hips and a booty so the jeans I am mentioning I feel fit my body well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lucky brand Sweet n Low's Best jean ever and I have them in several washes and styles. The price isn't bad especially on sale - but I do recommend purchasing from the store since the employees are so helpful and knowledgeable and I feel there are lots of knock off available at TJ maxx. But they are by far my favorite. I also have 2 pair of Citizen Ambers - the dark I found at Nordstrom Rack - hemmed perfect for flats. I will say the dark wash stained EVERYTHING for months - ugh. And found another pair at nordstrom on sale later. I recently tried the Dojos and loved them - I am currently stalking the RACK for a sale pair. Oh and I bought my first pair of HUDSON bootcuts on sale and find them to be crazy comfortable.
    Hope that helps.

  28. I love J Brand! I have about 5 pairs. All of them either mid-rise or high-rise. BTW, if anyone is in LA, they have an outlet. check out for address.

  29. I still own my first pair of designer jeans and still love them! They are Paige Laurel Canyon. Now, I am a mother of two (was not a mother at all when I first bought these) and I now find them a little low and only wear them with longer tops. I still love the fit and I plan to buy the Paige Hidden Hills this fall because they are supposed to be the same fit with a higher rise. I am a standard size 8, but have some "junk" and thicker thighs. I own just a couple jeans because I can't wear them at work, but to me the price point is okay since I feel wonderful in them. Now, I did just buy a new pair of Gap perfect boot cut and I really am impressed. They are really long, too! Good luck!
    PS...I also wore Paige maternity denim. They made me feel like a mill bucks!

  30. I have tried ALL KINDS of jeans myself. Here are the brands: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, JCrew, Fidelity, 7FAMK, Lucky Brand, Big Star, Level 99, name a few.

    My ABSOLUTE favorite are Lucky Brand. They are well made and they have the best contour waist of any of the above brands. I like my 7's but the waist gapes (I think I may try the Instant Button). I love my old Gap jeans but they don't make them anymore. The low rise is too low, and the long is too short, the x-long is too long, and the perfect boot is just not flattering in my opinion.

    Anyway, Lucky Brand is offering $30 off all jeans thru Sunday. I ordered several pairs and shipping is just $7. I highly recommend trying them. My fav style is Sweet N Low but I am also trying the Lola Skinny. Luckys come in all different inseams, too! (Thank goodness because I require x-long!)


  31. Rachel: I actually have a Lucky Brand store near me, so I'm going to stop in and try them the next time I'm at the mall. I also need to return something to Nordstrom (different mall) and will check out the COH there...thank you for the recommendations! :)

  32. Zoelicious: Thanks for another J Brand recommendation. Do you have a favorite wash or fit out of your 5 pairs?

  33. Christy: Thank you for commenting on both the Laurel Cannon and Hidden Hills jeans. Both pair have been on my *radar*, so I appreciate you sharing your thought about them. :)

  34. Anon@3:43pm: Thank you as well for the recommendation on the Lucky Brand AND for letting me know about the $30 off...that really IS a great deal! I would love to try the Zoe Flare, but they're sold out online. Maybe they'll have them at the store when I go...fingers crossed.

    Btw, my Instant Buttons came today and they work great! :)

    Thanks again for stopping by to share your recommendation!

  35. FFM,

    For the J Brands, I like the doll - 10" rise, with a 22" flare leg which is good for me, since I have a very long waist. I also have the mid-rise, 14" in worn wash - these are my absolute favorite. Also, have 2 pairs of the Mary Richards (9.5" rise, 16" straight leg). There is a new style called the Lexington, which Julia Roberts was just photographed in - they look fantastic.

    I am have a 28" waist and 36" inch hips with a long waist and I had to size up. I find that J Brand fits almost every kind of body.

  36. Thanks zoelicious! Love the Lexington's on Julia Roberts and just ordered them from Anthro this morning to try out...can't wait for them to arrive! :)

    Thanks again ladies for all the recommendations! I have my *to try* list and will hopefully get it checked off one by one. I'll make a new post once I find the pair that works for me! :)