Monday, August 16, 2010

Lucky Mag *StyleSpy*: Capes

Hello my Dear Readers! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week...thank you so much for stopping by today! :) I've scanned another page out of the September 2010 Lucky Magazine...this one features Capes.
It reads: "With well-placed armholes and a dose of coat-like structure, these will look amazing even with the chunkiest of blazers and knits underneath."

I don't know about you all, but I adore the look of a cape (especially with a dress or skirt) and would love to find a fabulous one to wear this fall/winter season. Luckily, it appears that there will be numerous versions offered this year:

*Stella McCartney (shown in the magazine pic at bottom right)

{Sigh} I just need an amazing sale or for someone to make a really gorgeous one in my price range...

What are your thoughts on capes? Do you own one already? Are you planning to get one? Please do share. :)

Have a wonderful day! :)



  1. I really like the Stella McCartney one featured in the magazine, but out of my price range.
    I reccomend to check out Zara: I am sure that if it's a trend in Europe as it seems to be they will have a nice affordable version.
    I won't splurge on a cape because it is typically a trend that lasts one season and will feel too 2010next year (even if it seems to be a cyclical fashionable item).
    Thanks for the post!

  2. I have always loved a cape! I would buy an affordable one in an instant!

  3. didn't Ann Taylor show a cape in their fall preview? Or was it Talbots? Love them!!!!

  4. I think it was Talbots? I'd better go look.

    Where I live, I think a cape would be so unusual that it wouldn't be seen as a trend attached to any particular year--it would be more of a charming eccentricity. And the weather here is perfect for a trim, tailored black cape. Of course, it's not on my "need" list right now.

  5. I love a nice cap. I own several made out of various fabrics from chunky knit to soft wool and all in various colors.

  6. I love the style of a cape. I am like you, looking for a cute one in a more affordable price range.

  7. I adore capes. I wish more people around here would wear them. I love to wear them to football games ~ very cozy.

  8. I had a cozy brown plaid cape years ago... I wore it once on a ski holiday with my in-laws and my MIL told me I looked like a nut! I laughed it off but I haven't worn it since. Might have to take it out of the cedar chest for Fall.
    I also love the Stella McCartney cape, but too $$$

    Capes are very easy to sew if you are on friendly terms with a needle. ;)

    Thanks for the great post, FFM!

  9. I own several in different styles -- a DKNY winter cape (similar to those in the article), two summerweight capes (one in gray jersey -- very casual, I wear it with cuffed destroyed jeans -- and one black silk georgette), and one formal cape. I love them.

  10. I was reading Lucky this month and this SAME feature caught my attention and I can't shake it! I love the vintage double-breasted cape with pockets in front, and wish I could afford one just like it! NM and Bloomingdales both sell modern styles, but at $400+ a pop, it's just not practical!! *sigh*

  11. I've been looking for a nice cape for a couple of years - it's hard to find one that is constructed nicely. I bet there will be a lot of them offered this Fall since Lucky ran that feature - i'm betting even Old Navy will have a version :)

  12. @DaniBP: did you give MIL the wide eyed stare and said "why thank you, that was exactly the effect I was going for"? :P

    I saw capes in some of the more avant garde stores last year and tried a couple on, but couldn't make them work on my stubby frame. Would be good on someone leggy. Ladies, check ebay, there are probably a bunch from last year kicking around.

  13. Hi Ladies! Thank you all so much for stopping by to share your thoughts! I'm thrilled to see so many others who also love capes! :)

    Ema: Thanks for mentioning Zara...what a great idea to check them out, and I agree that they will probably have an affordable version. :)

    Kathy: Please let me know if you find one! :)

    Chic Chauffeur: Talbots and J.Crew have both shown capes for fall, so I'll definitely be looking to try them on. :)

    Hexicon: I think a cape would be fantastic on you!

    Genny: Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Mikaela: I'd also love to hear if you find an inexpensive version. :)

    Dani: What a horrible thing for your MIL to say! I think you should give your cape another try.

    Teri: I don't envision many ladies wearing capes here in Florida, either, but I plan on it if I find one in my price range. :) I am hoping the weather will be on the colder side this year like it was last year, too.

  14. Anon@3:55pm: All of your capes sound divine, and I love that you wear one with cuffed jeans, too. What a casually chic look!

    Megan: You know what they say about great minds and all! ;) Hopefully we can find an affordable version. :)

    McShoppy: I think you are spot on! Since capes are being featured all over the magazines and various runway shows, there will surely be inexpensive versions out there. Old Navy is a definite contender, too.

    Closet Crisis: Ebay is an excellent idea! Thanks for mentioning it! :)

  15. I have a gorgeous cape in a medium shade of rose pink wool with toggle closure that I got from Victoria Secret around 2007. I love it...I waited for it to go on sale I remember b/c it wasd $$$